HP laptops have three main identification numbers; model number, product number, and serial number. There are multiple ways to find these. You can either check the sticker on the box or the laptop itself. You can use various applications such as the HP System Information Tool or the HP Support Assistant.

Or you can check the system information in the BIOS. Each method has its purpose. No matter what kind of situation you are stuck in, you are sure to find your product ID numbers if you follow these methods. Today we will be discussing these methods in detail, starting from the simplest and moving up in complexity.

Key Takeaways

  • The easiest method to know your model number: check your laptop or its box
  • The second easiest method: Open the HP Support Assistant > Check the details on the home screen
  • The third easiest method: Open the HP System Information Tool > Find and note the details
  • The last-ditch method (hardest): Boot into the system BIOS > check the system information page
  • When do you need the model number and serial number

Why You Should Know The Model Number of Your HP Laptop

The importance of the model number of your HP laptop is right in its name. It identifies which model you have purchased. Just the brand or series name will not always cut it.

As manufacturers usually have multiple variants of the same laptop with differing chipsets (Intel or AMD), GPU (AMD, Intel, or Nvidia), RAM size, storage capacity, display size and resolution, and more.

The precise specification you have will have a unique model number, and that can be important for the following reasons:

  • Purchasing the correct accessories (Chargers, storage drives, expansion RAM sticks).
  • Getting the correct spare parts in case servicing or repair is required.
  • Knowing which software programs (GPU drivers, antivirus software, etc.) are best suited to your laptop.
  • Downloading the correct firmware updates manually.

Understanding the Different Identification Numbers on an HP Laptop

One of the main reasons you might be confused while trying to figure out your HP laptop’s model number is due to the other two identification numbers. Namely, product ID and serial number. The following explanations will clear up your confusion.

Model Number:

As mentioned earlier, this is the broadest identification number for your HP laptop.
It always starts with a number, such as 14, 15, or 16. This denotes the screen size.

Followed by a string of upper and lowercase letters and numbers, which provides more information to identify the exact spec of your model.

This is the number that is required when you want to shop for accessories and spare parts or get the most relevant software updates.

Product ID:

This number identifies the laptop’s manufacturing information. As an end user, you will not require this ID for anything.

This alphanumeric code is used by the service centres to determine which factory in which country this product came from.

Serial Number:

The third ID for your HP laptop is the most important and personal. While the model number denotes the specification of your laptop model (of which there could be thousands of units), the serial number is unique to your laptop.

No other HP laptop in the world will have this number. This number is required when you are validating your warranty or to prove the authenticity of your product.

The Various Ways to Find Out Your Laptop’s Model Number

Let’s learn how to find out your HP laptop model number. The methods are listed in order from the simplest to slightly more complex alternatives (all of them are generally very easy).

Check the Laptop’s Body, Box, or Battery Slot

Every HP laptop has its most important identity numbers printed directly on the laptop case or else has a sticker stuck on the case which contains this information.

Check the HP Laptops Body For Model Number
Pic Credit: HP

A sticker with the same information is also stuck on the laptop’s original box.

Check the HP Laptops Box For Model Number
Pic Credit: HP

If you have an older model with a removable battery, you can remove the battery and find this information printed inside the battery compartment.

Check the HP Laptops Battery Slot For Model Number
Pic Credit: HP

Once you locate the sticker, all you have to do is find “HP Laptop XXXXX” written on it. Here XXXXX denotes the actual model number. It is always written after “HP Laptop” and is an alphanumeric ID (contains letters and numbers both).

The model number always starts with a number such as 14 (denoting the display size), followed by a hyphen, and then has a string of letters and numbers denoting other details.
An example of an HP model number is 14-ck0119TU.

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Use the HP Support Assistant

Every HP Windows Laptop comes with the HP Support Assistant application pre-installed. If you do not have it, you can download it. This is a viable option in case the sticker or print below your laptop has faded.

The steps to view your model number are as follows:

1. Open Support Assistant.

HP Support Assistant

2. Check above the picture of your laptop; the model number is mentioned there.

3. You can also find your product number and serial number under the picture of the laptop.

Check the HP System Event Utility

The HP System Event Utility (a.k.a System Information Tool)should be pre-installed on all laptops running Windows 10 and up. It can also be downloaded from the Microsoft app store.

Check the HP System Event Utility System Information Tool
Pic Credit: HP

To open it:

1. Use the shortcut fn+esc.

2. If the shortcut is disabled, simply search “System Event Utility” in the start menu.

3. On the default screen, the model number and all other laptop IDs will be mentioned right at the top.

4. You can tick the “Allow Shortcut” option to enable the fn+esc shortcut in the future.

Check the System BIOS

If the sticker has faded and the laptop cannot fully boot up due to a hardware issue. Try booting into the system BIOS.

Check the HP System BIOS For Model Number
Pic Credit: HP

The steps to do this are:

1. Press the power button to turn on the laptop.

2. Immediately start pressing the F1 key repeatedly.

3. The laptop will boot into the BIOS.

4. The default screen will display the system information.

5. The laptop’s model number and other IDs will be the first details mentioned.

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When Do I Need the Serial Number?

HP laptops use the model number to denote the specs of your particular model. All laptops of the same spec have the same model number. The serial number is a fully unique ID. No other HP laptop ever produced has the same serial number.

While the model number helps you identify the correct accessories and spares to buy and software to download. The Serial number helps to authenticate your laptop as a genuine HP laptop.

When you need to register your warranty online or request a service from an official HP centre, they will use the serial number to authenticate your device.


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