Teaneck, N.J.-based announced Data Dynamics, a file storage specialist, announced today that the latest edition of its file management software platform is now shipping.

StorageX 7.0 is meant to help organizations automate their file migration efforts and shift their file-based workloads from old storage architectures to today’s high-performance NAS systems. The software “speeds the transition to advanced hardware and new technologies by up to 50 percent when compared with manual processes,” claimed the company in a statement.

New features include phased migration policy creation capabilities that enable storage administrators to move data from CIFS shared folders or NFS exports in phases and during set hours to minimize the impact to business operations. Policy-based archival migration features perform schedule scans of folders, identify files that ought to be moved to secondary storage and automatically generate phased migration policies. Optionally, migration candidates “can be reviewed and validated prior to generating the phased migration policies,” informed the Data Dynamics.

Enchanced DFS namespace management options help keep users connected to their data by extending the management of CIFS user and group shared folders to the StorageX console. This allows organizations to transparently redirect users to data that has been moved without disruption. Finally, a new migration project design wizard enables storage administrators to model migration scenarios. Once a project is finalized, the software “automatically creates, or provisions, target items on destination file storage resources.”

Taken altogether, StorageX 7.0 allows businesses to move their files to newer, better performing hardware without risking downtime, according to Data Dynamics CEO Piyush Mehta.

“Past experience with prior migrations that took too long, cost too much, and worst of all, caused outages, means that many CIOs and storage teams are hesitant to migrate to advanced hardware and new technologies,” he stated in company remarks.

Mehta added that the new software “helps alleviate migration risks and control migration costs through the use of migration project automation and policy-based data movement.” In addition to a reduction in cutover windows, his company’s approach shrinks project timelines and “helps storage teams restructure and optimize their file data during tech refresh cycles,” he boasted.

Noting that “StorageX has a good history of being accepted by users applying its advanced capabilities,” StorageIO founder Greg Schulz said in a statement that the software’s enterprise-grade capabilities are a boon for multi-vendor storage environments.

“The technology is easy to use and scalable to meet data management challenges, including movement across different storage solutions in heterogeneous environments,” stated Schulz.