Huawei Symantec brings SAN/NAS systems to U.S.

October 12, 2010 – The joint venture between China-based Huawei and Symantec has yielded a number of SAN and hybrid storage systems that the company launched this week in the U.S.

The joint venture was formed in 2008, has more than 4,000 employees, and is officially called Huawei Symantec Technologies Co. Ltd., according to an article posted on Enterprise Storage Forum.

The company introduced the Oceanspace S2600 SAN array and the Oceanspace N8300 hybrid array.

The Oceanspace S2600 RAID array supports external Fibre Channel and iSCSI connections, and up to 96 drives and 256 hosts. An 8TB configuration starts at $8,000.

The Oceanspace N8300 is a unified (hybrid) storage system that supports NAS, Fibre Channel and IP SAN (iSCSI) protocols, and has an active-active clustered NAS architecture with support for up to 16 NAS engines and a maximum capacity of 15PB. The N8300 also has Veritas NetBackup Clients on the NAS engines. Pricing starts at $50,000 for a 24TB version.

Huawei Symantec officials cited the U.S. economic rebound as the reason for the timing of the company’s move into the North American market.

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This article was originally published on October 12, 2010