Sepaton Takes Aim at Big Data Backup with VirtuoSO

By Pedro Hernandez

Virtualization, cloud computing and mobile device use have revolutionized IT and breathed new life into the digital economy. As a consequence, data center operators are hanging onto more data than ever.

Sepaton, a Marlborough, Mass.-based backup and recovery specialist, is addressing the data protection challenges faced by today's big businesses with a new grid-scalable, multi-protocol solution with built-in intelligence. The company today unveiled VirtuoSO, a product that "is built on our heritage of very large scale data protection for data center environments," said Amy Lipton, senior vice president of marketing for Sepaton.

VirtuoSO was "built to address the exponential growth of data in the market," Lipton told InfoStor. "More and more data is coming from new data sources and data types," including a flood of machine-generated and location-based data.

"Traditional data protection systems aren't robust enough or flexible enough to handle that," she asserted.

Sepaton's answer is the "industry's highest-performing scale-out NAS-based data protection solution with five times the capacity of competitive solutions at initial release with up to 22 times the capacity planned for future releases," claims the company.

To achieve those results, VirtuoSO features an scale-out architecture based on the company's OptiScale technology. Developed to handle large sequential I/O workloads, and with extensibility in mind, the backup platform promises support for new and emerging protocols, backup applications and data types.

The combination of grid scalability and automated workload rebalancing features enables VirtuoSO to provide throughput rates of 7.9 TB per hour with a single node and up to 126 TB per hour in a 16-node system. To maximize both network and storage utilization, new VirtuoSO Smart Hybrid Deduplication software can "adjust the deduplication methodology based on the content that is ingested," explained Peter Quirk, Sepaton's director of product management.

VirtuoSO intelligently invokes inline and post-processing deduplication, depending on data type and change rate, according to the company. Alternately, administrators can use the solution's policy engine to tailor their dedupe requirements or bypass it when they encounter encrypted or compressed data. VirtuoSO's flexible deduplication capabilities are particularly suited for enterprise databases, which are known for employing optimizations that defeat efforts at inline deduplication, added Quirk.

VirtuoSO Intelligent Data Mover software enables multi-source and multi-target replication and serves as "the basis for replication, source dedupe, data migration, and data tiering," stated the company. Finally, in a nod to growing demand for mobile IT management, VirtuoSO features new capabilities and an interface that enables "easy management with powerful dashboards from anywhere on any device."

Mike Thompson, Sepaton president and CEO, argued in company remarks that the enterprise data backup market is "poised for disruption" and in desperate need of a break from tradition.

"Big Data and other key initiatives have challenged customers with unabated data growth, both structured and unstructured. Meanwhile, data protection vendors continue to offer point product backup solutions that create data center sprawl and result in ever-increasing cost and complexity," he stated. Taking "data protection to a new level," Thompson boasted that VirtuoSO delivers "the market's most efficient deduplication in a market leading solution that scales to greater levels of capacity and performance than any other product in the world."

VirtuoSO will be generally available during the first quarter of 2014 (currently in limited release). Prices start at $344,500 for a single node system with 36 TB of raw capacity.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at InfoStor. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

This article was originally published on October 15, 2013