Recently, Amazon has decided to support TikTok’s Book Club, a collaborative initiative to promote the habit of reading books.

TikTok Book Club is a “wholesome” community that will serve as a “virtual space” where content creators and users come together and post content on the theme of their love for reading books.

Amazon’s support comes with the latest campaign, “That Reading Feeling Awaits,” which aims to instill the love for reading books amongst the tech-savvy young.

Under the initiative, Amazon will create several free, customizable reading emojis for its customers present on social media channels.

Users can apply these stickers to their #BookTok videos. Also, the Book Club logo and hubs will have the stamp “Presented by Amazon Books.”

Amazon seems to be nourishing its original business: bookselling.

What is Tik Tok Book Club?

Fighting Against Boycott, Amazon To Back TikTok’s Book Club

TikTok Book Club is the latest avatar of the popular #BookTok trend. TikTok user @caitsbooks started the trend, after which It found unprecedented traction among fellow creators and the social media handles of famous publishing houses.

Typically, it involves creators picking up books and making observations by posting their commentary, impression, and discussion. It aspires to be a collaborative community focused on the thrill of reading books.

Subjectwise, the books follow a broad range of selections. The choices are inclusive, and many tend to focus on Young adult fiction, fantasy, thrillers, etc.

As of now, the #Booktok has gathered 64.3 billion views plus more. Taking note of the enormous popularity of BookTok, the social media platform TikTok has seized the opportunity and announced the official Book Club.

How Does TikTok Book Club Operate?

As per the official announcement, the book club will serve as a resilient subcommunity inviting discussion on new or upcoming titles. Anyone is free to join the club, regardless of their reading habit.

A new book will be announced each month. TikTokers have to read along and join the ensuing discussion.

The #BookClub hub will facilitate readers’ discovery of the latest monthly titles. They can also follow trends and find any specific topic on the go.

Not only that, as part of the book club, TikTok also formed a small community of creators with a huge fan base. They are to be called ‘BookTok Laureates.’

The platform hopes the laureates can keep up the trend as their content emphasizes reading books.

TikTok Book Club will remain operational throughout the summer and beyond.

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Amazon’s Motive

Nowadays, bookselling forms a large chunk of Amazon’s annual revenue. It earns as much as $280 billion-plus dollars, which is almost 10% of its income.

Therefore, consolidating its brand on one of the most popular social media platforms comes to a logical conclusion.

However, there could be another possible reason why Amazon is trying to push forward the trend.

The Recent Boycotts

Not long ago, 70 prominent Gen Z TikTokers, who are part of an advocacy group, have taken a politically-charged stand against the organization. The number of their total followers goes as high as 51 million.

They are throwing their support to Amazon Labor Union, refusing Amazon’s sponsorship, and resisting monetization of their individual platform.

Their #PeopleOverPrime campaign has resonated with Twitter as well.

Therefore, Amazon’s initiative can be read as an attempt to diffuse the situation while aligning it with its goals of promoting the bookselling business among the younger generation. (c)