Google has updated its Maps App with an improved location sharing feature that issues an alert when someone reaches or leaves a particular place.

In 2018, the company introduced live location sharing to let users tell their friends and family where they are for a specified period. The feature was similar to that on WhatsApp and is now being expanded with the introduction of notifications for arrival and departure.

As part of this, if a person is sharing their live location with you, there will be an option in your Maps app to get notified when they reach or leave a particular place. You have to turn it on and select the location to start getting notified about their whereabouts.

The capability, as Google explains, can let people meeting a particular place know when others from their group arrive or leave (in case they split up in the crowd). We can also use this app for safety purposes, where you can set the location to be notified when a friend or family member reaches their home. Hence, no need for them to call or text manually to notify.

The feature has been built with privacy to ensure it is not abused. According to Google, as soon as notifications are enabled, the maps app will notify the person sharing their location about the whole thing through multiple reminders, including a push notification in the Maps app and an email.

In addition, the company will also provide an option to block someone from setting notifications altogether – along with the already-existing option to stop location sharing.

How To Enable Google Maps Sharing Notifications?

Enable Google Maps Sharing Notifications

Once a person has started sharing their location, head to the profile icon in the Google Maps app and select ‘Location Sharing.’ You will find a list of everyone sharing their location with you and an ‘add’ button against their names to enable notifications.

Now, scroll to the name of the person who just shared their location, hit ‘add,’ select the destination you want to be notified, and mention when you want to be notified (arrival or departure). Then, click the save button.

Now rolling out to Android and iOS users, the feature has been introduced as part of a broader update that also brings capabilities such as aerial views of popular landmarks (Empire State Building and 99 more) and detailed cycling routes. Google has confirmed that aerial views will be available right away while cycling routes will be coming over the next few weeks in cities where cycling directions are available. (c).

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