According to the Artificial Intelligence-enabled content platform and copywriting tool Jasper AI, Google’s Helpful Content Update can promote a healthy evolution in AI-enabled content writing.

This assurance comes when Google prioritizes ‘people first’ and ‘original’ content, raising concerns in the industry about the future of AI copywriting.

What Is AI Copywriting?

Google's Helpful Content Update Can Promote A Healthy Evolution In AI-Enabled Content Writing.

Artificial Intelligence-enabled copywriting, or AI copywriting, involves using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to ideate, structure, and write copy for websites, marketing campaigns, and other collaterals.

From website texts to social media posts, AI can help content marketers and writers generate content quickly and easily.

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What Is Google’s Helpful Content Update?

On August 18, 2022, Google introduced its Helpful Content Update that deploys a new signal, enabling its search algorithm to automatically filter out irrelevant and unhelpful content.

According to the American multinational technology company, the update takes a ‘people first’ approach.

The ‘People first’ approach stands for articles and copies that constitute original, thoughtful and informative content. It is the opposite of the content doctored by excessive Search Engine Optimization practices and is generic.

Google’s Helpful Content Update Features

Google has laid down a few crucial elements listed below:

  • Less focus on word count and more concentration on what the target audience is asking for
  • Produce content that fits one or more particular niche instead of writing on trending topics that requires specific expertise
  • Intelligent and sparing use of AI content tools to avoid writing generic content
  • Add value to content pieces by researching and documenting helpful information, analysis and storytelling.

How Can The Helpful Content Update Assist AI Content Tools?

AI content platforms offer to make faster drafts and generate ideas for blogs, keyword-dense articles, and content pieces that are plagiarism-free and can be repurposed for scale.

Content writers can face multiple difficulties while writing- like transition paragraphs, content structure, and rephrasing specific sentences. It brings down productivity and impacts content quality.

AI can bridge this gap with its automation tools and optimized content generation. However, after the Google Helpful Content Update, relying solely on AI tools means more generic content. It could be detrimental to your organic reach.

As the update focuses on utility and quality instead of quantity, AI-generated copies require specialized human inputs, AI-independent in-depth research, line-byline editing, etc. Combining the capacity of the powerful AI-generation tool with human expertise is the only way forward because this way, content writers can create a copy that aligns with the demands of the algorithm.

Therefore, the helpful content update will incentivize writers to use their skills more comprehensively. It is too early to tell, but the update points to a new direction that benefits Google Search users and brands’ reliability.

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