Instagram users now have the ability to share their Reels, posts, locations as well as tags on the Searchable Map Experience via QR codes. Most users might prefer to use direct messages plus URLs, however, using QR codes can be helpful in developing unique marketing campaigns.

As a Meta spokesperson said to Techcrunch

“To make it easier for people and businesses to share specific content, we recently launched the ability to create QR codes for profiles, tags, locations, reels and more,”

Generating The Instagram Post QR code

Generating The Instagram Post QR code

Image credits: Techcrunch

To see the QR code option, Instagram users will have to tap on the three-dot menu above Reels, post, or location. Next, save the OR code to the camera roll to complete the process. On the other hand, users on their browsers can put “/QR” in their post’s URL and obtain the QR code.

Previous Updates

On Mar 28, 2022, Alessandro Paluzzi shared information about the company developing its QR code-sharing option and posted the image above on Twitter. However, Instagram has been offering the sharing of users’ profiles via QR code feature for a couple of years. But now, they have offered this feature for individual posts.

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Instagram QR Code Applications

The new QR code feature can be beneficial for users who generate revenue from the platform and want to promote their content. For instance, celebrities can promote their movies, or musicians can tease their upcoming tracks.

Keeping Up With The Market

Over the past few months, Instagram has been constantly developing its platform and adding new features such as filter notifications, 60 seconds reels plus auto-generated captions. With features such as these, the company aims to be better or at least keep up with its competition.

The new QR code initiative by Instagram might not please every user but will offer them an extra option to share their posts. Currently, Instagram has not released any news if the new QR code feature will be available to every user across the world or not. (c)

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