Meta-owned social media platform Instagram is working on enhancing its capacity to increase user experience. It has announced two new ways and a list of control and methods to help users navigate through posts they do not like to explore.

Recently, there is a recent upsurge in ‘recommended’ content on their feed. With the latest revamping, Users can mark multiple posts in their feed as ‘Not Interested’. After which Instagram will “immediately hide those posts and refrain from showing you similar content in the future”.

This upgrade is identical to the keyword-centric feature TikTok added to its platform in June.

What Are New Instagram Features – ‘Not Interested’

Instagram To Filter More Posts For You With 'Not Interested' Feature

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The new upgrades focus on improving the user’s experience. To achieve that, Instagram will be pushing new features soon. Some of them are as follows:

Batch Selection: Until now, users could only mark one post at a time. The new upgrade will give them more power to scale up the process and mark multiple Instagram posts simultaneously.

Greater Filtering: It also admits working on new features that enable users to block off specific phrases, keywords, hashtags, emojis, etc., present in the caption.

It is a welcome addition for many seeking greater control over their Instagram feed. Whether it is an old trend, offensive content, or something irrelevant to the users’ needs, Instagram will automatically filter those specific posts.

Post Prioritization: Instagram says it will also allow users to ‘prioritize’ posts they like to see often. It will add two new features, Favourites and Following, and it is available once you click on the Instagram logo.

Favorites: Adding a particular account to the ‘Favorite’ list will increase its visibility on users’ feeds. Furthermore, Instagram is to let them curate posts only from their preferred accounts on a dedicated feed.

Following: It will create a chronological order for posts from only the selected accounts. It will give users an uncluttered experience as there will be no suggested posts in their feed. Also, the following will let users go back up to 30 days of posts that they might have missed.

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Improved ‘Not Interested’ Button

Improved 'Not Interested' Button

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Besides that, Instagram is also working on enhancing the role of the ‘Not Interested‘ feature.
It will immediately remove any post that does not go by the user’s liking, and it will not be visible as suggested posts.

At the top right of a post, one can find the ‘X’ icon. Upon clicking, it will immediately remove the post from your feed. Alternatively, users may tap the three-dot menu and find the ‘Not Interested’ option.

Decrease Suggested Posts

Users will also get to snooze specific suggested posts from appearing in their feeds. It will be applicable for 30 days.

Sensitive Content Control Adjustments

Finally, Instagram users can adjust the Sensitive Content Control to add more significant restrictions on sensitive content. Available on the settings menu, this feature will help users navigate through posts on any particular topic they do not want to see. (c)

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