Intel’s upcoming Raptor Lake-S flagship processor, called Core i9-13900K, has been tested for its optimal output with the help of an overclocker. The results displayed that the overclocker allowed the CPU to reach speeds of around 6.5GHz with a single core plus at a low voltage.

Overclocking: Raptor Lake-S Flagship Processor

Overclocking helps users run their processor at much higher clock speeds than what it was initially meant for. Roberto Sampaio, an active member of online overclocking forums, revealed interesting details about the new processor on Online posts, such as Roberto’s, may be incorrect, but Roberto is famous for the overclocking space and presents images, as well as a detailed thread.

Also, Roberto’s online thread and post have now been deleted. However, many online users were able to access Roberto’s findings and spread the word.

motherboard called ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 ExtremeASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Extreme, Source: Roberto Sampaio

According to Roberto Sampaio, his tests suggest that the new Core i9-13900K will not take up about 300 or 400W while overclocking. He used a motherboard called ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Extreme, along with a standard air cooler. The setup claimed to have boosted the Core i9-13900K up to 6.5 GHz and registered a voltage of about 1.45V. Furthermore, the cheap $20 air-cooling system used by Roberto even kept the CPU below 90 °C.

Apart from this, Roberto even posted the AIDA64 findings of Core i9-13900K featuring a DDR5-6000 CL40 memory kit. In the final result, the memory read reached 98012 MB/s, memory write speed was 94182 MB/s, memory copy speed 93174 MB/s, and a 65.6ns latency.

INTEL CORE 13900K Z790

Core i9-13900K & DDR6-6000 CL40 memory test, Source: Roberto Sampaio

13900K VS 12900KS

Currently, the 12900KS is the fastest 12th generation Intel Core processor. However, Roberto quotes “ 12900KS is a kid compared to the 13900k”. In another leak, the Raptor Lake functions a lot better than the Alder Lake processor if the voltage is cranked up for overclocking. As a result, it is clear that the next-gen processors from Intel will be excellent for completing resource-intensive tasks much faster and more smoothly. Tasks such as editing videos as well as photos or high-res gaming will be much more comfortable.

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The Launch Of Intel’s Raptor Lake-S Processor

Intel is set to launch its flagship 13th Gen Core CPU series in the month of September. Also, the official announcement of the processor launch and the pricing plus other information will be released at the Intel Innovation event on September 27th, 2022. (c).

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