At Geekbench 5, Intel’s fourth-gen Xeon server processor, called Xeon Platinum 8468 (Sapphire Rapids), was tested, and the results showcased that the performance matches the AMD EPYC 7763 processor.

The upcoming Sapphire Rapids processor will provide 48 cores along with 96 threads, plus will be available in two variants. The first version is 300W, which offers a 2.1 GHz base plus 3.0 GHz boost clocks. The second variant is 330W and provides an all-core boost of 3.1 GHz.

Intel’s Sapphire Rapids

The Sapphire Rapids are being introduced to replace the existing Cascade Lake Xeon processor series. Consequently, the new chips will come with major upgrades and contain the Golden Cove cores.

According to Tomshardware, the upcoming Sapphire Rapids chips will be able to support a max of 56 cores but can be increased to 112 or more if using multi-socket motherboards. Furthermore, the Sapphire Rapids chips will also support extra features such as Intel DSA plus AMX.

Intel Xeon Platinum 8468 Sapphire Rapids CPU Benchmark Leak

Image credits: Geekbench 5

Xeon Platinum 8468 (Sapphire Rapids) Test

The test was carried out using the Linux Operating System, having 512 GB DDR5 memory and a Nettrix 60EB32 motherboard. Also, the results might vary a little if testing on a Windows OS. Moreover, a dual-socket config was utilized that helped double the core/thread count to 96 cores, along with 192 threads.

Apart from this, the cache count results were also excellent, with a total of about 201 MB cache/chip in which the L3 cache is about 105 MB, plus the L2 cache is 96 MB. Also, the 300W version of the CPU only comes with an L3 cache of 90 MB/chip. The chip single core score was 1253, along with a multi-core score of 74853 points.

Comparing with AMD EPYC 7763 Milan Chips

Comparing with AMD EPYC 7763 Milan Chips

Image credits: Geekbench 5

The test revealed that the Xeon Platinum 8468 was similar in performance if compared to the AMD EPYC 7763 chips that have 128 cores along with 256 threads. Keep in mind, that the AMD EPYC 7763 chips come with about 33% higher core plus thread count, as well as functions at a much higher frequency. But, comparing the AMD chip with Xeon Platinum 8468, the latter is a bit faster in terms of single-core performance.

Also, the multi-core test score of Xeon Platinum 8468 was 74,586 points, which is slightly less than the AMD Milan Chip’s 75,539 points.

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Launch Of Sapphire Rapids

There have been several bugs detected in the Sapphire Rapids chip that ultimately lead Intel to push back the launch for next year. On the other hand, AMD’s Milan Genoa is set to launch around the end of this year. (c)

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