LinkedIn has recently added some advanced features to improve user engagement and user experience. LinkedIn’s new ‘Discover’ option helps to discover the ideas that best suit you.

Know About The LinkedIn’s New ‘Discover’ Option

The LinkedIn's New 'Discover' Option To Discover The Ideas That Best Suit You


According to Tomer Cohen, COO of LinkedIn, this option will help users to uncover people, newsletters, and conversations, among others, that are most relevant to them. The motive behind the step is to ensure that people engage more and more in LinkedIn to benefit in terms of exposure for employment and learning skills. LinkedIn has deployed this update for the users to get feedback and narratives now.

Besides this update, LinkedIn has now also included the Ukrainian language on their desktop as well as in the application version. This would be indeed a significant step for around 3.5M Ukrainian members.

Concocting Translucency In Hirings

It would be indeed engrossing to see how users reciprocate to the latest update “Meet The Team”. This new feature would help users to get familiar with the hiring team. Now, users will have a better idea of who they are getting interviewed for and what they can expect in terms of employment and culture.

An additional upper hand would be the display of secondary connections users have with their hiring teams. This will promote more bespoke conversations to analyze the best possible options for both sides.

Making LinkedIn Fun To Groupify

LinkedIn has constructed the strongest learning bridge with the help of groups. These groups are the soundest way to learn and grow along with a community having the same goal. No matter which technology you want to work with, no matter which language you want to learn, there is always a wide network of people working and learning together in a digital space towards a particular goal.

Making LinkedIn Fun To Groupify

LinkedIn has also improved options to make groups more focused and efficient in communication. The two options include Automated Welcome Message where people will receive an automated message as soon as they join the group. It will make them feel valued and will increase their willingness to interact. The second, Criteria Based Acceptance would help filter from people who can benefit a lot from the group and help to decide if the group is worth investing time in.

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Share What You Know With The Best Possible Creativity With LinkedIn Carousels

Be it an individual or a business, everyone feels that it’s pivotal to share their ideas or skills with others. This perspective is best-taken care of with another new update called “Carousels”.

Share What You Know With The Best Possible Creativity With LinkedIn Carousels
Carousels are the blend of all text, audio, and video formats. To take sharing to another level where it becomes extraordinary, LinkedIn has created Carousels where people can share skills, knowledge, and ideas, among others. A blend of all three formats will make the content fun and creative. It will also make it more digestible compared to that in a single format.

Celebrate More To Connect More

The new package also comprises an update in the notification section. The new “Celebrations” display keeps the track of all the milestones one has achieved in his/her personal or professional life. On top of that, it becomes even more content when users will have more and more occasions to interact with each other.
The feedback from the end users is much awaited and will be the deciding factor if the updates are proving their motives.

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