As Apple’s new ATT update has bought changes to the data tracking system, Meta has taken a significant step. It has launched new B2B Advertising Audiences to make things easier for marketers.

Connect With Key Decision-Makers Using Meta’s New B2B Targeting Audience Segments

Meta has come up with the above small sheet to make marketers understand the different B2B audience segments it has started providing. Meta has introduced four specific segments: “IT decision-makers, Business decision-maker titles, and interests, Business decision-makers, New active business.” Meta wants marketers to reach the right B2B audience. This is the reason for coming up with these new audience segments.

Connect With Key Decision-Makers Using New B2B Targeting Audience Segments

As per Meta: With a mission to give people the power to build community, Meta is uniquely positioned to support B2B marketers in today’s world seeking to forge meaningful connections between people and businesses. With more than 200M businesses and 2.9 billion1 people using our apps daily, Meta is a destination for B2B marketers looking to drive business-to-business engagement and establish a connection with their customers.

Reason For Launching New B2B Advertising Audiences

Apple’s ATT update caused a loss in ad effectiveness, which proved inadequate for marketers. As B2B marketing has become very important for companies, Apple has decided to bring in new targeting segments.

By launching a new set of B2B targeting audience segments, Meta is making things easier for marketers. Reaching the right audience while working in the proper positions is very important for B2B marketers involved in advertising.

The new audience groups will be useful for marketers who cannot utilize the data insights to reach the right B2B audience.

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LinkedIn Still The “King” Of B2B Marketing

Even if Facebook has bought in new B2B target audience segments, the interesting fact is that LinkedIn is still the “King” for B2B marketing. It will be interesting to see if some B2B marketers would start using META more for B2B marketing.

Reaching the right B2B audience using the audience segments can help save time and reduce the efforts spent in getting the right B2B audience.

Trying out the new B2B segments would give more ideas to the B2B marketers if they can now run B2B campaigns more successfully. As B2B marketing is gaining more momentum worldwide, we can expect other social networking platforms to make massive announcements related to B2B marketing on their forum.

Launching B2B audience segments will create a new business opportunity for many marketers. Meta is looking forward to competing with LinkedIn by developing new features for B2B marketers. We will have to wait and see if Meta will come with more special options for marketers who’re specifically into B2B marketing.

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