Meta is teaming up with Qualcomm Technologies on their custom Snapdragon XR chips for the upcoming Quest products (VR headsets). As Meta continues to invest heavily in the development of virtual plus augmented reality, it is equally essential to create specialized technologies that will help power the upcoming VR headsets as well as other devices.

Cristiano Amon, President Of Qualcomm states “By partnering with Meta, we are bringing together two of the world’s metaverse leaders to revolutionize the future of computing for billions of people in the coming years”

The Partnership Between Meta And Qualcomm

In the 2022 IFA keynote, Mark Zuckerberg (Meta CEO) and Cristiano Amon ( Qualcomm CEO) announced their collaboration for the upcoming Quest products and other devices.

Both companies have collaborated previously to develop cutting-edge innovations in the VR industry. The Meta Quest 2 is one such example of their collaboration that used the Snapdragon XR2 Platform to offer an immersive VR experience.

Upcoming Products

Meta’s future headsets, including the recently showcased premium headset called Cambria, will not function on fully custom Meta-designed silicon. As are the press release, the new chips will be custom-made for Meta’s VR needs.

In April 2022, there was news about issues regarding Meta’s custom chips and that it will be switching to the Qualcomm chip for the 2nd-gen smart glasses rather than its own silicon.

Qualcomm chip for the 2nd-gen smart glasses

Image credit: TheVerge

However, this does not mean Meta will only be using its partners’ solutions. Meta can even utilize both partners as well as custom solutions in the same product to offer the best results.

According to Tyler Yee (Meta spokesperson) “There could be situations where we use off-the-shelf silicon or work with industry partners on customizations, while also exploring our own novel silicon solutions. There could also be scenarios where we use both partner and custom solutions in the same product,”

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Meta And Qualcomm Future Aim

The time duration, along with the financial terms, for the agreement is not yet disclosed. Meta is investing heavily in the Metaverse, and this can be a massive bet as the company is already spending billions every year. Therefore, Meta’s initiative to introduce new technology might help their VR and AR vision come to life.

The collaboration of Meta and Qualcomm might be a business move, but it can also help sustain Meta’s future metaverse projects and lower the decline in revenues. Moreover, the new agreement will even help strengthen the mutual commitment of both companies to make innovative premium devices in the future. (c).

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