Established in March, Meta Advantage is for advertisers to efficiently create plus-run campaigns, as well as to give a firm understanding of all the elements and automation tools. Moreover, the program allows advertisers to enhance the performance of their campaigns by offering AI plus ad automation tools. Now, Meta has upgraded the program and introduced the “Advantage+ shopping campaigns” tools to help advertisers optimize their ad spending.

Analyzing Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns From META

The new META tools are meant for the fast analysis of campaigns, as well as to remove the need for manual ad creation. Advantage+ shopping campaigns also help automate about 150 creative variants simultaneously. As a result, advertisers can examine the top and low-performing ads, and utilize the advertising budget efficiently. Moreover, the Advantage+ shopping campaigns make use of AI, along with the latest machine learning models to automate the process of campaign development.

According to Meta’s study:

“Advantage+ shopping campaigns drove 12% lower cost per purchase conversion compared to advertisers’ Business as Usual (BAU) ads. With these savings, businesses can reinvest in their marketing strategies and drive customer acquisition and sales more efficiently.”

Automation For Small Businesses: Advantage+ Creative And Advantage Audience

Advantage+ creative and Advantage audience are the two tools that SMBs can utilize to make ads via the Facebook Page. Advantage+ creative optimizes your ad creatives for users who view the ads. An advertiser can upload their campaign’s image or video and make different versions of the ad. Consequently, the ad that gets displayed will have the most possibility for each user to respond.

On the other hand, ‘Advantage audience’ enables you to reach more relevant people by personalizing users depending on the page details.

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Advantage+ App Campaign Upgraded

Analyzing Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns From META

Image source: Facebook

The ‘Advantage+ app campaigns’ has also been upgraded, and new features are added to assist advertisers in optimizing app install ads performance. Some of the features of the latest updates include asset pairing flexibility, 7-day click attribution, enhanced stability, split testing, plus useful reporting insights.

In 2022, businesses in the US (containing checkout-enabled shops) will be able to add their shop as an Advantage+ shopping campaign destination. This step allows you to use AI and guide users to the Shop or the website with the highest possibility of a conversion.

“Meta’s Advantage+ shopping campaigns have exceeded our growth efficiency targets. After several rounds of testing, we’ve been able to achieve greater performance output at scale to acquire and re-engage with existing customers by using less manual inputs and leaning into the product’s machine learning and automation. “

As per the customer review of Cameron Aroz, Director of User Acquisition, the new AI-based ad optimization options will help eCommerce or retail businesses connect with more users and promote sales plus lower CPA. (c)

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