Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser Edge will be equipped with Wallets, a feature that aims to provide some digital asset management and money-saving benefits to the users.

Although there is no official confirmation yet, the recent Windows Latest report suggests that the Wallet feature will be soon made available on Windows 11 and Windows 10 devices. Later on, Android and iOS devices will receive the updates.

Microsoft Edge’s Wallet Features

Microsoft Edge’s Wallet Features

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The wallet function will be handy while making online purchases. It will protect valuable customer information like credit card numbers, CVV, the option to save debit cards, etc.

However, the feature is not new. Microsoft Edge always had ‘Payment info’ settings on the platform to securely save online transaction information.

The new update will upgrade the existing feature with a dedicated ‘Wallet’ page. After the final rollout, Microsoft Edge users will find a ‘Payment Method’ option comprising a visual preview of saved credit card information like the expiration date, CVV, etc. associated with the Microsoft Account.

Users can also provide preferred names to the cards. The Wallet enables them to edit the card’s information by clicking on the saved items. For first-time users without saved credit card information, Wallet offers them to manually add it later on. Of course, it remains totally voluntary.

Wallet’s Benefits for Edge Users

The primary benefit is related to improved customer experience, as users no longer need to manually type in their valuable credit card details. It will minimize the risks of keylogger attempts.

Here’s a comprehensive list of other big advantages Wallet would provide:

Increased Savings: One major benefit would be significant cost savings. Each year, Wallet would enable users to set aside as much as $50.

Automatic Coupons: Edge can process the card and its vendor to determine which coupons are available at the moment of purchase.

Auto Sync: The update’s auto synchronization capability makes Wallet platform-agnostic. You can use it on any device, from any platform, as long as you are using your personal Microsoft account.

Additional Cashback Opportunity: The browser will enable users to avail of the 10% Cash rebates via the Bing rebates program. A Microsoft Rewards user can also get to see the total points available in the balance and increase the rebate margin for different items.

Improved Personalization: Adding to the capacity to meet the demands of post-pandemic eCommerce customers, Microsoft Edge’s Wallet will enhance personalization.

Therefore, Edge users can get more customized offers and tailored suggested products based on their demand and search queries. It will undoubtedly make eShopping effortless.

More Control: The Wallet will give users more access and control over crucial financial information. With dedicated security and personalization, Edge promotes the best practice of shopping online and adds more value to the brand.

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Availability of Microsoft Edge’s Wallet

The new feature is still in an A/B testing phase. Therefore global users might have to wait a bit more to use this new feature. At the moment it has been spotted on the Canary version, and the public stable version 105.0.1343.27. (c)

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