The artificial research company OpenAI has unveiled its new Outpainting feature that will extend the scope and creative proficiency of Artificial Intelligence-enabled artwork.

The new feature “Outpainting” will add specific AI-generated content, enabling users to augment an existing artwork’s visual elements and frame range with external components that closely match the original temperament of the artwork.

Outpainting will significantly enhance the prospects of AI art by removing the existing limitations of dimensions. It will now create more consistent, prominent, and detail-rich images.  

The feature has massive implications for promoting the present and future capabilities of DALL-E and its more modern avatar, DALL-E 2. 

What Is DALL-E?

Initially released in January 2021, DALL-E and DALL-E 2 are popular text-to-image generators available at the moment. The application’s name combines the names of the 20th-century surrealist painter Salvador Dali and Pixar’s famous animated robot character Wall-E.

DALL-E belongs to OpenAI’s machine learning (ML) models capable of understanding and processing natural language commands. The company has trained the models in 650 million images with a specific text label.

DALL-E’s Function

Simply put, DALL-E blends different elements to generate a total of nine 1,024px by 1,024px images following the user’s instructs word-by-word. The more detailed the description is, the more detailed the generated artwork shall be. The system uses ‘Diffusion’ to consistently edit the noisy image into the expected shape the user’s command prompt dictates.

Although several capabilities like Stable Diffusion are not accessible to the public, DALL-E has already established itself as one of the frontrunners of this new horizon of AI artworks.

With the new feature, the personal art creation tool now achieves the capability to build ambitious art projects and enhance photo editing capabilities.

As of now, more than a million people are using DALL-E.

How to Use Outpainting?

OpenAI Levels Up DALL-E's Capability With New Outpainting Feature

Image credits: Openai

Outpainting broadens the scope of AI-generated images by allowing different elements to go beyond the frame of an artwork.

It will exceed the current size and aspect ratio to create more significant and more extensive artwork. It is available as an extension to DALL-E 2. Users will need to select a 1024px by 1024 px square area and add the necessary prompts they wish to enter.

The AI will instantly follow the command and fill the selected area by adding generated content. 

As of now, DALL-E 2 will offer four versions of an Outpainting command. If the user is unsatisfied with the results, he may try afresh. 

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The Uniqueness of Outpainting

The unique feature of Outpainting should be its capability of minutely assessing the existing features of the painting, like color palette, texture, gradation, surrounding elements, shadows, etc.

Also, it enhances the contextualization of the added elements so that the result can be coherent and lives up to the user’s demand.

Is Outpainting Available?

Outpainting is now available to all DALL-E users on a desktop. However, new users must sign up for DALL-E 2 and wait for the final rollout. OpenAI is currently offering a waitlist for those who want to use Outpainting. (c)

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