The TwitterSpaces tab was recently modified, and Twitter Blue members using iOS can now obtain early access to it. The new Spaces tab contains podcasts, live and recorded Spaces, along with themed audio stations. Moreover, Twitter Blue members using Android will also be able to access the new Spaces tab interface soon.

Twitter stated that “Integrating podcasts into Spaces, where audio conversations happen on Twitter, is another way we’re continuing to invest in audio creators,” “To do this in a simple and intuitive way that allows listeners to simply hit play and go, we started with a redesigned audio experience in the Spaces Tab.”

The New Twitter Blue Interface

Twitter has been working on integrating podcasts within the platform for months. Initially, the podcasts were set to be added in a modified Spaces tab, plus they would be only accessible to limited English-speaking users across the globe using iOS or Android. However, Twitter now offers Twitter Blue subscribers the option to test the new podcasts section.

Users can now view personalized hubs in the new Spaces tab, called “Stations.” These “Stations” display content related to various topics ranging from news to sports. Moreover, you will also be able to view the most famous podcasts worldwide and access a custom list of live plus recorded Spaces. The content displayed in your personalized hub relies on the themes along with the users you follow.

After accessing the Spaces tab, Twitter Blue members can view the different Stations. If you scroll horizontally, then you will be able to view other stations or podcasts as well. Right under the Stations, you can explore the “Spaces Spotlight.” This section contains a curated collection of the best current audio content. Moreover, a list of upcoming Spaces will appear at the end of the page.

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Twitter’s Main Focus

Meta’s Facebook shut down the podcast service after a year of its launch. However, Twitter is slightly different from other social media networks and can gain the upper hand if the platform can scale the podcasts successfully. Twitter’s new podcast section is an all-in-one destination for personalized audio content.

According to Techcrunch, about 45% of Twitter users in the US also listen to different podcast channels monthly. Hence, Twitter’s effort to offer content based on users’ preferences can help keep them engaged on the platform.

Besides the podcast; Twitter even recently rolled out a test for its Edit Tweet feature. With the help of the new Edit Tweet feature, users can correct or modify their tweets above five times within 30 minutes posting window. (c).

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