Google Workspace Updates For Google Chat And Google Meet Explained !

Google Workspace Updates For Google Chat And Google Meet Explained !

Google Workspace, the popular suite of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools and software, is all set to receive a host of new updates.

It was announced at the developer event Google Cloud Next ’22 that was broadcasted on October 11 and 12.

The updates will add multiple improvements to Google Chat, Google Meet, and other services platforms. It will also add a new software development kit (SDK) for Meet apps.

Google Workspace Recent Updates

Google consistently improved the performance of its collaboration tools bracketed under Workspace to meet the demand curve of hybrid work culture and increased reliance on remote work. Let’s take a look at the recent updates one by one.

1) Google Meet Automatic Transcription

Google Meet Automatic Transcription

Many find following what is being discussed in video conferencing challenging. Automatic transcription is being added to Google Meet to ease this particular problem.

It is hoped to make the popular team communication platform deliver more accessible conferences that benefit all participants.

2) Control Slides and In-app Jamboard Sessions

Besides automatic transcriptions, meeting presenters can control slides and embed video feeds after the new update. They can also conduct digital whiteboard sessions instantly in the Meet platform, also known as Jamboards.

3) A Reworked Google Chat

Google Chat is a communication service developed for teams and business environments. In March 2022, it replaced Google Hangouts as the default chat platform.

Drawing inspiration from the ubiquitous team collaboration and communication platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, Google chat will have multiple modern features. These include-

  • Threaded Conversation: Google Chat’s new threaded conversation feature resembles Slack’s function. It will aid in executing organized discussions around specific messages. Also, members can discuss topics in detail without creating unnecessary clutter to channels.
  • Spaces for Announcements: Admins can quickly send vital information, new guidelines, rules, etc., to employees in dedicated one-to-many communication spaces that are handy for enterprise-sized organizations.
  • Personalized emojis: For more customization in the chat, making discussions fun and lively.

4) Brand New APIs

Google Workspace will also introduce a new Application Programming Interface (API) to allow users to convene meetings and send texts across third-party apps, starting with work management applications like Asana and employee experience platforms like LumApps.

5) New SDK For Developers

New Software Development Kit specially optimized for Meet apps will empower developers to build embedded applications integrated with Google Meet.

Design platform Figma is to receive the first such SDK, letting users directly collaborate on creating new designs using FigJam digital whiteboards on Google Meet itself.

6) Google Meet Companion Mode

The new updates will allow users to utilize the companion mode across devices chosen by the presenter.

7) Webcam Tracking

Google workspace update will allow select AI-powered webcams to track presenters in a real-world setting so that remote attendees can better concentrate on the conversation.

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Why Is Google Workspace Pushing The New Updates

As of 2022, Microsoft’s Office 365 controls around 48.08 percent of the market share in office suite products. Google workspace comes second in the competition.

With the new updates, Google is trying to advance its presence in cloud-first organizations by outsmarting its competitors.

Whether the new updates would encourage more businesses to shift to Google’s cloud computing suite for their collaboration and productivity remains to be seen.

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