Netflix, the most popular streaming platform, recently revealed its cloud gaming plans to the world. The current job listings suggest that it is targeting cloud gaming. The job listings are available on its website and on LinkedIn. By targeting cloud gaming, Netflix must be planning to utilize its huge subscriber base.

Netflix’s Latest Job Listings

Netflix's Is Taking Steps Toward Cloud Gaming, Recent Hiring Hints

Netflix is hiring for multiple positions, most of which indicate it is focusing on building a team for its cloud gaming platform. As per a recent LinkedIn job post, Netflix is looking for a security product manager with expertise in “cloud gaming challenges. Also, the recent job posting on Netflix’s website gives a clear idea of its cloud gaming plans. As per a post on Netflix’s website, it is hiring a rendering engineer with experience in “cloud gaming service”.

Netflix Isn’t Revealing Its Cloud Gaming Plans

Many subscribers and tech enthusiasts want to know about Netflix’s cloud gaming plans. Even if people are eager to learn about its plans, Netflix hasn’t revealed anything specifically.

We are always looking for great talent to join our teams and are constantly exploring new product opportunities to enhance our member experience. We have nothing else to share at this time,” This is the answer by the Netflix team to the question asked by TechCrunch.

Netflix Has Been Releasing Mobile Games

Netflix hasn’t got massive success by launching two mobile games every month. “Stranger Things’- theme-based games have bought Netflix some success. Netflix’s in-house team has been planning continuously to develop the best games and new projects in the future. Moving to Cloud gaming would allow Netflix to have its games on TVs and PCs. Netflix won’t rely on gaming consoles if it uses a cloud gaming service.

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Netflix Is Constantly Taking Steps Toward Cloud Gaming

This is not the first time Netflix made us know about its cloud gaming plans. Netflix has already shut down its data center in 2016 and decided to shift its infrastructure to the cloud. Netflix has been a very early mover in moving towards cloud technology.

Cloud Gaming is Gaining Popularity Worldwide

Cloud gaming is what gamers love the most, and many are waiting for Netflix’s games built using cloud gaming technology. Gamers don’t need to spend on gaming consoles, which saves their money. The cloud gaming market is witnessing a whooping increase in revenue. The global cloud gaming market revenue will soon cross $2 Billion.

Netflix’s cloud gaming plans is going to make gamers happy. When Netflix makes official announcements about its cloud gaming plans, things will get clear in the future. Building its own gaming technology would be useful for Netflix to utilize its massive subscriber base. Sony PlayStation, Apple Arcade, and Amazon Luna will soon have a big competitor if Netflix starts focusing a lot on Cloud gaming. (c).

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