Samsung is introducing more content on its free TV Plus streaming platform for the Smart TVs plus and  Galaxy device lineups. The new TV Plus content includes TV shows such as Top Gear and Doctor Who, News offerings such as ABC News Live or CBS News, plus a much larger VOD Library.

Moreover, Samsung is adding marquee content such as events or concerts and exclusive premieres of new shows, including The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power sneak peek video.

According to Won-Jin Lee, from Samsung Electronics, states, “We are thrilled to recognize the massive growth we’ve achieved so far across 24 countries and over 1,600 channels globally. Samsung TV Plus’ new brand signifies our continued investment into the future of FAST.”

Samsung TV Plus History

Established in 2015, TV Plus is the prime service installed on Samsung TVs (Launched after 2016), some models of Family Hub refrigerator, and the latest Galaxy devices. In the past year, the streaming platform was made available on the web, witnessed a 100% growth in terms of viewers, and had about 3 billion hours of streaming globally. With streaming in more than 20 different countries, the platform presents 1,600+ channels and around 220 in the US.

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Tv PLus Gets Revamped

Samsung TV Plus Gets More Free Content For Smart TV & Galaxy Device Users

Image Credits: Samsung

A new upgrade of TV Plus is available on Samsung Smart TVs, mobile apps, plus the web. Led by Dixon Baxi, the new interface uses bold colors plus animation to elegantly present the wide range of content available on the platform.

According to Sang Kim ( Samsung Electronics Product and Marketing SVP)

“We are proud not only to manufacture quality devices but ones that provide additional value through instant and free access to entertainment spanning movies, music, news, art, gaming, health, and more,” said Sang Kim, SVP of Product and Marketing, Samsung Electronics.

Samsung’s Aim

Samsung is constantly trying to expand its TV Plus user base by investing more in its free ad-supported TV (FAST) category. According to Hub Entertainment Research, TV users utilizing Samsung’s FAST services in the US increased by 9 points to about 55% from Jan 2022 to June 2022.

Therefore, Samsung’s continuous partnerships with platforms such as BBC Studios, A+E Networks, Lionsgate, and Vice Media will bolster its efforts in offering the best FAST service. Moreover, the new content will help them stay ahead of its competitors such as NBC’s Peacock or Fox’s Tubi.

Samsung Smart TV or Galaxy device holders can access the streaming service by clicking on the “Samsung TV Plus” button on their screen. (c)

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