Samsung’s latest One UI 4.1.1 and One UI Watch4.5 update will now be available on the older generations of Galaxy foldable phones and smartwatches. The update will offer a wide range of features in the previous versions of Galaxy foldable smartphones, such as better camera functionality, a new taskbar, multitasking options, dual Preview, and more. Furthermore, the smartwatches will also obtain several new features, such as more watch faces and customization options, a QWERTY keyboard, and a health monitoring app. 

According to Samsung, “From expanded customization options to intuitive multitasking and productivity features, the latest update will allow even more users to enhance how they interact with everyday life.”

One UI 4.1.1 And One UI Watch4.5 Update

Samsung Fold Plus Flip Phones Gets One UI 4.1.1 & Smartwatches Gets One UI Watch 4.5

The One UI 4.1.1 was first introduced in the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4, which have the Android 12 version. However, the new update will also be available on Z Flip, Galaxy Z Fold2, and Z Fold. 

On the other hand, the One UI Watch4.5 update was initially released for the new Galaxy Watch5 series. But, now it will also be available on Galaxy Watch4 plus Galaxy Watch4 Classic. Moreover, people possessing Galaxy Watch3 or Galaxy Watch Active2 can also avail selected features of the One UI Watch4.5 update. 

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The New Features For Samsung’s Fold and Flip Phones

The updates start with a new Taskbar that offers a PC-like layout and allows users to access and switch among different apps easily. Also, the drag-and-drop support enables users to open a split view or pop-up view and even lets users add pairs of apps on the Taskbar to access them all simultaneously.

Furthermore, you also get to enable gestures and instantly switch from full-screen apps to other windows. Consequently, users will be able to multitask much more efficiently than before.  

The One UI 4.1.1 also offers several camera features, such as a Quick Shot update, plus the ability to switch between Quick Shot to Flex mode when clicking pictures. The Cover Screen also received updates, and users can now perform actions such as dialing back missed calls, voice-to-text, turn-on or off their Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or airplane mode, and more without even opening their phone. 

The New Features For Samsung’s Smartwatches

The New Features For Samsung’s Smartwatches

The One UI Watch4.5 update will bring more customization options and extra features to help Smartwatch users. For instance, there are six new stunning plus interactive smartwatch faces, users can now access the QWERTY keyboard, and the Samsung Health Monitor app for measuring blood pressure along with electrocardiogram is now also available in Galaxy Watch3 plus Watch Active2 series. 

The new updates will begin in the Galaxy Z Fold3 plus Galaxy Z Flip3 from September 5, 2022, plus will start to roll out slowly in other countries soon. (c).

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