Samsung has recently launched the One UI 5 Open Beta Program that will initially be available in the US, Germany, plus South Korea on the Galaxy S22 series phones. This new program offers multiple ways to customize smartphones and introduces new accessibility options and safety features.

Janghyun Yoon, the EXVP of Samsung Quoted “We know our users crave the ability to create their own individual mobile experience, and we’re constantly looking to improve One UI to give people greater control and more options.”

What’s New With Samsung One UI 5 Open Beta Program?

Samsung’s One UI 5 Open Beta Program Now Available For Galaxy S22 Series!

The new Samsung update offers a range of functions and features that helps smooth the overall performance of the smartphone in different criteria. In terms of customization, users will now obtain about 16 preset themes depending on the wallpaper, along with over ten options for the phone’s home screens, icons, and quick panels.

Samsung users can also customize the home screen with the help of widget stacking and obtain a clear plus organized look. The new program even presents new methods for tailoring the notifications and includes new controls for making it easier to block notifications and to see only the relevant ones.

The One UI 5 Open Beta Program offers much better language and sound settings besides custom features. The new, reorganized menus allow users to streamline the steps of altering sound plus vibration settings.

Moreover, it offers hassle-free access to the ringtone volumes and a vibration intensity option. Another new feature is the ability of Samsung users to set a unique preferred language for different apps.

The update contains other features for optimizing camera performance and security purposes. A new feature in the Pro, along with Pro Video mode, lets users take high-quality photographs plus videos.

The camera now offers tips and tricks regarding different lenses, controls, and features. The all-new zoom bar enables fast close-ups shots and lets users zoom in on any subject easily with just one hand.

Regarding security, the new One UI 5’s dashboard allows users to see any security issues and offers ways to repair them. With various kinds of spoken assistance and the Magnifier feature, users can better interact with the device and navigate seamlessly.

Moreover, the update’s visual characteristics present better accessibility options by making it easier for the eyes to spot every element on the page. Their arranged colors plus text promote an intuitive understanding of all the information. Furthermore, the simplified color system and readjusted font size plus thickness make it easier for users to operate their smartphones.

Samsung will also introduce more features in Samsung’s One UI 5 Open Beta Program to facilitate the best user experience. The app will be released in other locations in a few months.

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