Popular social media platform Snapchat has announced a new addition to its main camera features: a Dual Camera.

Snapchat Users can now simultaneously capture photos and videos with both primary and front cameras. The new upgrade, Snapchat states, will enhance the camera features of the application so that “everyone can be part of the moment, as it happens.” 

Snapchat BeReal Moment Dual Camera Features

Snapchat's Introduced BeReal Moment Dual Camera Feature For Users

Image credits: Snapchat

Users can find the newly introduced feature icon in the camera toolbar. The dual camera will double the perspective, adding more room for creativity.

The users can create Snaps and stories and record Spotlight videos to capture exciting and memorable moments with their raw originality. 

The Dual Camera will come with four layouts: vertical, horizontal, picture-in-picture, and cutout. Furthermore, Snapchat Creative tools are available, and it will also allow users to add music, Stickers, Lenses, etc. 

Additionally, Snapchat has announced hefty prizes under the reward program for creative users. 

The new feature is ready for download on iOS devices, and Snapchat says it will roll out the Android version soon. 

The Novelty of The Feature

Although the feature is nothing sort of groundbreaking, it had already existed for nearly half a decade. Frontback shut down in 2015, used to capture media by both front and back cameras, and merged them into a single frame. 

The BeReal Effect

Behind Snapchat’s eagerness to introduce an old and time-tested feature, there is the competitive pressure of BeReal.  

BeReal, founded in 2020 by the French programmer Alexis Barreyat did not manage overnight success. But lately, Gen Z TikTokers have started using the app, giving it much-needed traction.

Also, some Instagram users tired of the highly-cosmetic, production-heavy, intricate network of photographs have joined the trend. 

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BeReal’s Unique Approach

Unlike Instagram and Snapchat, which provide a wide range of tools for a sophisticated production of photos and media, BeReal appears to have taken the opposite approach. Feature-wise, BeReal is a primitive and minimalist application. It only offers a handful of tools. And it seems to be working. At least, for now. 

This week, it topped the chart of the free apps in the iOS App Store, and it has garnered an estimated 29 Million downloads to this date. According to the company, BeReal is “a candid and fun place for people to share their lives with friends” that seeks to provide an “alternative to addictive social networks fueling social comparison.”  

The Appeal of The App

The focus on mundanity has resonated with many teenagers. The platform that encourages capturing unsophisticated and unfiltered life has given them a way to move from the rat race of being an influencer. 

The app frequently sends a push notification that says: ⚠️ Time to BeReal. And gives users 2 minutes window to take their pictures. A user cannot view others’ photos unless posting first himself.

Other platforms have also started piggybacking BeReal’s approach. Recently, Instagram is rumored to be testing IG Candid, which prompts users to capture photos similarly. 

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