The cloud computing and virtualization technology platform VMware has brought to light the most recent product innovations focusing on networking and security. The company claims that it will ease the overburdening challenge organizations are facing. 

The new VMware projects would help users navigate the multitude of complexity in their cloud operation. It adopts an agile cloud-smart approach that will facilitate consumers to get used to the new norms of computing and productivity.

What is Multi-Cloud Management?

It is a model of next-generation cloud computing that combines multiple cloud services, including public, edge, and private clouds.

As it offers greater ease in distributing applications and providing services, the Cloud First approach seems to be replaced by Cloud Smart.

Multi-Cloud Management safeguards the hybrid work model by extending the workforce’s endpoint security and management support.

It improves customer experience and brings more automation capabilities to logistics hurdles. 

Furthermore, multi-cloud supports enterprises in expanding their presence without depending on vendor deliverables.

The New Features

VMware Adds New Features To Multi-Cloud Management And Security

VMware specializes in anywhere workspace, providing a platform for cloud-native apps and facilitating multi-cloud operations. In the same line, its multiple innovations are listed below:

Project Northstar:

  • Focusing on the advancement of the NSX platform in terms of security and networking consumption, Project Northstar is considered a game changer in multi-cloud operation, network detection & response (NDR), advanced load balancing (ALB), etc.
  • It comprises multiple productivity features that will offer enhanced workload mobility, beef up security, sustain multi-cloud networking, and increase threat detection.
  • Northstar will serve both the private and VMware’s cloud components.

Project Trinidad:

  • Although still in tech preview, it aims to leverage business logic inference-powered machine learning (ML) and line up sensors on the Kubernetes clusters to predict and detect any anomaly in the ongoing traffic, making API nodes safe. 

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Boosted Lateral Security Capabilities: 

VMWare intends to harmonize its security efforts into reading the east-west network traffic. Also, the distributed architecture makes it more difficult for traditional threat identification methods.

Therefore VMware is adding more visibility to minimize the risk of external threats at the blind corners of the network. It will enhance network detection to Carbon Black Cloud’s endpoint protection capacities. This new addition to lateral security features is available as early access.

Project Watch:
In VMware Explore 2022, the company will announce the Project Watch. It is a modern approach to multi-cloud networking and security. This endeavor aims to ease compliance assessment procedures and provide app-to-app policy controls.

It will assist security and compliance teams in real-time assessing, locating, and minimizing risks and compliance issues, improving downtime. 

Other VMware Features

Recently, with the rise in remote workforce and distributed applications, enterprise players have changed how they develop and deploy networks.

Focusing on the security market that is expected to grow trifold by 2026, VMware ventures into this field of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions.

It will add web proxy-based connectivity and more deployment flexibility to assist businesses in solving their endpoint management and network security issues. (c)

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