Youtube has unveiled “Cut,” and expanded drafts feature for Youtube shorts for content creators. Through these updates, content creators can create engaging Shorts.

Here are those options:

1) Cut Option For Taking Tiny Short Segments (up to 5 seconds)

YouTube Adds 'Cut' And Expanded Drafts For Youtube Shorts

Cut’ Feature is now live, and with it, creatives can take a tiny segment(up to 5 seconds) of any Shorts or videos on demand(VOD) of their choice and use it as their Videos.

Tapping the three dots menu visible whenever a Short play will enable you to access this feature. Another option is to navigate to the ‘Create’ button option on the Watch pages.

However, if a creative will create a Short by using someone else’s Short, they will have to include an attribution link in their Short that takes viewers back to the original Short.

The new Cut option will benefit creatives by enabling them to create immersive Shorts that they may otherwise not be able to. It may also provide a referral advantage with exposure for creatives whose Shorts other creatives may use as a starting point. This can be especially true if the creative is more popular or has more traffic than the original one.

Imagine how much exposure this person would gain as a small-time creative if their big-time counterpart decided to use their Short! Including the source link in the new video would probably drive massive traffic to the old video. 

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2) An Update On Youtube’s Shorts Green Screen

Youtube has also updated its Shorts Green Screen feature. It has yet to roll out for Android and iOS users fully. With this update, creatives can now decide whether to use audio, video, or both from the original video they sampled as the backgrounds for their short clips.

This means they can now fully use other people’s Shorts to create a better background for their videos. Just like in the case of the Cut feature, they will need to include an attribution link back to the source in this case.

3) Youtube Expanded Shorts Draft

YouTube has also expanded the Shorts draft option, allowing content creators to save as many drafts for Shorts they are creating as they wish. Before this update, however, you could only save one Short draft at a time. This is a reasonably beneficial option like the other latest options above.

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