Akutar Mint Pass NFT Mint Price, Rarity & Everything To Know

Akutar Mint Pass NFT Mint Price, Rarity & Everything To Know

Unleashing the true potential of Akutars NFT, the Akutar Mint Pass NFT is a step towards growing the community and fostering the idea of a black astronaut throughout the world. With 9300 items in hand, the Akutar Mint Pass grants an effective solution to grab Free Akutar NFT via an airdrop. 

With major collaborations with Billionaire Boys, Paper Planes, PUMA, NYC streetwear, and Upscale Vandal, the project has different stories to share. This article brings all the major details related to Akutar Mint Pass NFT rarity, mint price, and where to buy Akutar Mint Pass NFT from? Let’s dive into the Akuverse together! 

Akutar Mint Pass NFT Overview 

Total Item – 9300 Mint Pass 

 Akutar Mint Pass NFT Floor Price – 0.018 ETH

 Akutar Mint Pass Owners – 3959 

 Volume Traded – 7200 ETH 

What Is Akutar Mint Pass NFT? 

Akutar Mint Pass NFT Mint Price, Rarity & Everything To Know

Presented by a former MLB player Micah Johnson, the Akutar is a community representing a message to empower the present African Americans. With access to free Akutars via airdrop, having the Akutar Mint Pass NFT will also add up 0.5 ETH discount in your wallet for every Akutar NFT purchased during the public sales. 

The Akutar Mint Pass NFT are available in 3 categories as followed –

  • 6305 Random Akutar Mint Pass NFT
  • 2503 OG Akutar Mint Pass NFT
  • 529 Mega OG Akutar Mint Pass NFT

Rewarding the OG community, individuals owning the genesis tokens will also be offered free airdrops. Currently, Micah and his team are focused on unleashing the 15000 3D avatars, promoting the message that no dream is too big. 

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Akutar Mint Pass NFT Drop Date 

Driven by a young boy’s question, the Akutar Mint Pass NFT unveils an animated story of a black boy with an astronaut’s helmet presenting huge possibilities in the world out there. The project was first introduced on 21st February 2021 and presented its last genesis on 21st February 2022. Similarly, the modified dutch auction for the upcoming Akutars NFT is set for 22nd April 2022, 2:00 pm ET. 

Akutar Mint Pass NFT Roadmap To Akuverse

By revolutionizing mottos to create an impact on the African Americans, Micah Johnson started the project when he overheard his nephew asking, ‘Can astronauts be black?’ The Akutars NFT acts as a gateway to the Akuverse, which enacts a platform offering culture-defining experiences and products. 

On the other hand, Aku is optioned to become a major studio feature film, and extensive collaboration with Hollywood can also take place. With Akuverse in play, a major film will be set under production to travel Aku to the international space station and rank Akutars NFT as one of the most innovative media companies.    

Extensive collaboration with reputed brands like PUMA and Upscale Vandal offers higher authenticity and power to the project.

Akutar Mint Pass NFT Rarity 

Unleashing 3 different categories of mint pass for holders, the Akuverse will open the possibility of numerous traits in hand. The random mint pass provides a similar Akutar NFT as that of the person holding any previous eligible NFT. Similarly, if a person owns four unique chapters, they will be eligible for an OG Traits. 

On the other hand, Moon Gods (individuals owning all the ten chapters) will be rewarded with two randomly generated Akutars NFT, 2 OG Traits, and 1 Mega OG Trait. However, no traits-related information has been unveiled regarding the upcoming 15000 3D NFTs. 

Akutar Mint Pass NFT Sales Statistics

Akutar Mint Pass NFT Sales Mint Price Floor Price

With more than 7K ETH in volume traded, the Akutar Mint Pass is on the verge of unveiling the true craze for the project. The average Floor price for Akutar Mint Pass NFT stood at 1.54 ETH. A total supply of 9337 tokens is in the hands of 3959 Akutar Mint Pass owners. 

Combining the entire project by Aku World, we see a huge upsurge in popularity and demand for the previous chapters and the upcoming Akutars NFT. 

Akutar Mint Pass NFT Mint Price 

While the Akutar Mint Pass NFT mint price carries a sentimental value, the minting process has stopped as all the mint passes are sold out. Available on the secondary market, every mint pass has a different Aku NFT price associated. The mint pass saw huge transactions in recent times as the launch of Akutar NFT is coming closer. 

Akutar Mint Pass NFT Floor Price

Currently, the Akutar Mint Pass NFT Floor price stands at 0.018 ETH and has seen a downtrend in the past week. A total of 4680 out of 9337 Akutars NFT were sold depicting how users are holding the pass for the airdrop. (Source Mintalytics)

Akutar Mint Pass NFT Price Prediction 

With positive movement in the previous projects by Aku World, the current scenario for Akutars NFT seems viable for investment. With massive initiatives like being the best innovative media company, the upsurge in Aku NFT price is commendable. Micah Johnson has also emphasized the project being utilized for creating a culture-rich metaverse that will act as the true digital world. 

Where To Buy Akutar Mint Pass NFT from? 

While the Akutar Mint Pass NFT is available strictly till 22nd April 2022 at 2:00 PM ET, users can look out for the same on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea and Nifty Gateway. Once the auction is live, all the mint passes will be converted into Akutars NFT, available at varying Aku NFT prices. 

Similarly, Aku NFT OpenSea will also fetch you the older collection, and people enthusiastic about the project can purchase the same. Both OpenSea and Nifty Gateway offer a reliable platform to purchase the NFTs at the mentioned Aku NFT price. Therefore, connect your wallet and enter the Akuverse in style! 


The Akutars NFT project is backed by some top designers who have worked on movies like Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 2. Similarly, Micah Johnson is the first person to decentralize the media industry using the NFT culture. 

With such a smart vision, the project is destined to see huge applause in the future! 

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