BEANZ NFT By Azuki : BEANZ Mint Price Vs Updated Floor Price

BEANZ NFT By Azuki Know Mint Price Vs Updated Floor Price

After the launch of the BEANZ Official NFT, the collection got a lot of attention which led the company to a new mission: to make BEANZ NFT an icon for the Azuki brand. The BEANZ collection has a long journey before it reaches its final destination. 

Each BEANZ NFT has a unique personality, and they all have their own story to tell. If you want to get to know the BEANZ NFT azuki in more detail, this article will introduce BEANZ’s official NFT to you. It will also discuss statistics, Beanz NFT mint price, price prediction, where to buy, etc., of the BEANZ NFT.

Beanz NFT Overview

Beanz NFT items 19.9K
Owners 6.7K
LAUNCH DATE 31st March 2022


BEANZ NFT By Azuki Know Mint Price Vs Updated Floor PriceBEANZ Official has always been a part of the human community. They are the tiny, red creatures that sprouted from the ground and started to assist Azuki, making them a part of it. 

How many have you heard of beans sprouting from the ground and turning into a superhero? Well, in the case of BEANZ NFT, it’s true! BEANZ is a slimy, green, cute, and kind of smelly species that comes out of the dirt in the garden.

BEANZ might be small, but they are a force to be reckoned with. They help save the day, and if you don’t watch out, they’ll steal your heart. 

How Is BEANZ Official NFT Different?

The Azuki team has confirmed that trading your BEANZ for the original BEANZ NFT Azuki will provide you with the highest experience level. The Azuki team just made a stunning announcement that current BEANZ Azuki NFT holders will gain certain perks.

BEANZ holders can expect exclusive access to a Discord server only available to token holders, as well as special items and collectible drops every season.

Beanz NFT Rarity: What is Unique About Azuki’s Beanz Official NFTs

The NFTs are similar to one another and they do not have any Beanz NFT Rarity. But, this shows that the team is sharing something unique. 

Since they are similar, that means they are comparable to open canvases. This opens up future collaboration with artists for creating Beanz NFT rarity. 

Moreover, the Beanz NFTs are evolving, so a collaboration with major artists to create unique sidekicks to the Azuki NFTs is still on the table.

BEANZ NFT Floor Price 

BEANZ Official NFT is currently trading for a price of 5.88 ETH with a 30-day average price of 4.65 ETH. When it was first launched, the Beanz NFT floor price hit highs of almost 5.867 ETH on average and is constantly trending upwards.

BEANZ NFT Mint Price

The Beanz NFT are the partners to the Azuki NFTs. So, they were directly airdropped to the Azuki holders. That means there is no Beanz NFT Mint price. But, the NFTs are still evolving and at present, they communicate by making noises and graffiti-like gestures. 

Additionally, without Beanz NFT Mint Price, it opens up new gateways for artists to collaborate and create a bright future for Beanz NFT Azuki.

Beanz NFT Price Prediction

We know Beanz’s outstanding NFTs will blow the market away! The platform has a second-to-none use case for these NFTs and a wide-reaching roadmap integrated with the well-known Azuki NFT. 

So, with so many possible use cases and collaboration with the Azuki NFT, the Beanz NFT price prediction can be assumed to be multifold from its initial floor price.

Where To Buy Beanz NFT?

Are you wondering where to buy Beanz NFT? Then, Beanz’s official OpenSea and Looks Rare are NFT marketplaces that provide a safe space for crypto enthusiasts to buy, sell, trade, and collect digital goods. Due to their size, they have become known as an excellent option to buy and sell collectibles. 

OpenSea and Looks Rare are the world’s largest NFT vendors, and they are the only place where you can buy Beanz NFT. Being the world’s largest marketplace, both have high levels of liquidity and safety for their users. Both have a wide range of quality collectibles, and the marketplaces also provide highly liquid markets, making it feel less like a hassle when deciding what you need to do with your NFTs! 

In addition to this, contemporary projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Beanz NFT, or many other exciting games/projects are traded exclusively on these two marketplaces, making them an important partner of our project!


Beanz NFT is a sidekick to an already established NFT collection Azuki. The Beanz NFT was airdropped to Azuki holders. There are two types of Azuki. First is the Toshi Beanz NFT. They are similar to the spoiled nephew at a Christmas dinner party. They are high on energy, unruly, and will bite you if you try to control them. 

The other type of Azuki NFT is Gus or Les. They are the blue Beanz NFT, and they are no better than Toshi. Gus is constantly getting their Azuki into trouble and seems like they are a handful to their owners. By the looks of it, it looks like the Azuki and the Beanz are almost here to cause trouble in the Azuki universe. Keep an eye out for them to know more. 

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