Cets on Creck NFT » Price & Everything To Know

Cets on Creck NFT » Price & Everything To Know

If you like hanging with the coolest on the street, then Cets on Creck NFTs is your jam! These psychedelics, trippy, and fantastic madness in 6,969 unique NFTs are raging all over the Solana marketplace! If you are an NFT enthusiast looking to invest in some great digital collectibles, the Cets on Creck can be the perfect project!

So what do these badass Cets on Creck NFTs offer? Well, for starters, they are a bunch of no-shits-given hooligans who will offer you anything to get you to join the crew. Raffles/auctions, staking rights, $CRECK tokens, a black market for the $CRECK tokens, and more! When you are a crew member, the world is your digital monster. 

So let us begin with a quick trip towards understanding the Cets on Creck NFT mint price and floor price, its roadmap, rarity, Where to buy Cets on Creck NFTs, and more!

Cets on Creck NFT Overview

Cets on Creck NFT 7,000
Owners 4,000
Cets on Creck NFT Floor price 65 SOL
Cets on Creck NFT Mint price 2 SOL
Volume Traded (Opensea) 290.7k SOL

What Are Cets on Creck NFT? A Brief Intro

Cets on Creck NFT » Price & Everything To Know

As a Cets on Creck NFT holder, you will have a sneak into the future. The lore sets in 2030, where drugs and doping are within legal boundaries. All the cets can buy, sell, and consume all once-illegal substances without fear. 

But too much good can be too dull. So these Cets like to run around, stir troubles, and add a stink to their names, just for some clout. These Cets on Creck NFT Solana follow a strong drip game with fabulous hoodies, caps, and accessories! They deal in #CRECK, drink out0of-the-world milk, and rule the Solana blockchain with their paws.

Cets on Creck NFTs Public Sale Date

The Cets on Creck NFT project came to light in March 2022! These Cets came out of the bag on 10th March 2022 with 6,969 digital Cets tripping on whatever dope stuff they are on. They are now available on OpenSea and Magic Eden for public minting!

Cets on Creck NFT Roadmap

Cets on Creck NFT Roadmap

The Cets on Creck NFT roadmap is madness redefined! The Cets team has two goals in mind: short-term and long-term success. 

Short-Term Cets Ambition

The team has introduced Melk, a crazy trippy drink that can make Cets earn 1.25x more $CRECKs! The team will hold auctions and raffles to gain the $CRECKs that Cets use to trade and deal. Additionally, they are also working towards the Discord DAO for token utility.

As part of the short-term goal, the team will also launch seven legendary NFTs for auctions for all community members! There will also be the chance to breed your Cets on Creck NFTs!

Long-Term Cets Ambition

The Cets on Creck project will work towards converting the project into a lifestyle brand by collaborating with real-life fashion brand moguls like Shein. The team will also help various non-family-friendly brands with Web3 marketing channels so they can work with legalized industries.

And lastly, the project’s team has eyes on the Metaverse through 3Dmodel planning! 

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Cets on Creck NFT Rarity

According to MOONRANK, the official Cets on Creck NFT rarity channel, CET #155 holds the first rank in all of the best traits in store! Next comes CET #1569, having a second place with vivid techno style attributes. Lastly, for 3rd place, CET #1570 with psychedelic splashy art style steals the look!

Cets on Creck NFT Sales Mint Price VS Floor Price

Cets on Creck NFT Sales Mint Price VS Floor Price

Cets on Creck NFT Mint Price And Gas Fees

The Cets on Creck NFT mint price was 2 SOL. There were no gas fees required for minting on 10th March 2022. The project has since garnered an optimistic fan following, with more people joining daily!

Cets on Creck Floor Price

On 30th May, the Cets on Creck floor price is at 65 SOL according to the project’s official OpenSea account. The price has been steadily rising, mainly due to the multiple exciting and ambitious roadmap goals that are on the list! 

Not to forget, the Cets on Creck NFT project is also planning to offer marketing opportunities to various brands through Web3, making them a friend to many within the industry!

Volume of Sales

According to the Cets on Creck NFT OpenSea account, the sales volume was 290.1K SOL on 30th May 2022. In the last seven days, the volume of sales for these NFTs has stabilized.

Cets on Creck NFT Price Prediction

Our Cets on Creck NFT price prediction depends on several factors. The project is ambitious and adheres to community demands whenever possible. Its MELK launch has made it possible to earn reasonable amounts of $CRECK. 

The members can also participate in raffles, stake their NFTs, and enjoy breeding them for exciting surprises! In the future, the project will collaborate with various fashion brands, making it a diverse platform for creators and collectors alike. 

With such exhilarating goals in store, we feel that the project is sure to skyrocket!

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Where To Buy Cets on Creck NFTs?

You can mint your Cets on Creck NFTs from the OpenSea platform. These are available on the Solana blockchain, so you need to fill your wallet with SOL before minting! You can use wallets like

  • Phantom
  • Solflare
  • Sollet
  • Slope


Get Your Cets on Creck NFT Today!

If you love cats, menace, trippy experience, and the blockchain, the Cets on Creck NFTs is your jam. These tokens are your gateway towards exciting staking opportunities, fashion, fun, and cets that are too good to be true!

The Cets on Creck NFT Solana presence gradually spread everywhere on the blockchain. So are you ready to get the taste of money and chaos?

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