Chimpers NFT Price & Everything About Chimpers Genesis

What Are Chimpers NFTs?

The Chimpers Genesis NFT collection is gaining a lot of traction on social media. A PFP-based project with a thrilling story, jaw-dropping art, admirable artist, and solid roadmap has quickly led to its rapid rise in demand. The team plans to build a metaverse and provide numerous opportunities to the holders to earn passive income through reward, mystery, and surprise. There is much more to look into the Chimpers NFT project and its plans for long-term sustainability. 

Keep reading the article to know what’s unique about the Chimpers NFTs and the reasons behind the increased demand for the limited supply of 5555 chimpers. 

Before we dive deep into details regarding Chimpers NFT mint price, floor price, volume & sales, roadmap, and price prediction, let us first give you a basic overview of the Chimpers NFT project.

Chimpers Genesis NFT Overview 

Chimpers NFT items  5555
Owners 2.7k
Chimers NFT Floor Price 2.89 Eth
Volume Traded 9.0k Eth

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What Are Chimpers NFTs?

What Are Chimpers NFTs?

Chimpers NFT Project is a community-driven, PFP-based project built on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFT collection consists of a limited supply of 5555 unique digital characters representing different types of Chimpers.

As per the story portrayed in the 6 episodes of the quest to diamond fleece: Genesis collection of The Bored Ape Chronicles, Humans created Chimpers DNA in a lab experiment. Apes and humans were in a continuous war with control and power at stake.  However, apes emerged victorious in a long battle.

Before leaving the territory, humans decided to destroy the chimpers DNA by putting it on fire and leaving it in space. Destiny took a U-turn, and Chimpers expanded to various planets of multiple galaxies in space over time. The last episode ended up with chimpers discovering a portal that brings them to Chimpverse.

A Brief History About The Artist Of Chimpers Nft Collection.

Timpers is a renowned graphic designer and an established YouTuber with over 40k subscribers. He started his journey playing around with Adobe Photoshop in 2014 to create art and designs for social media.

Over time, he worked on many different projects and finally found his love for pixelated art. He has worked with RTFKT, KOLLECTIVE, and NOUNS DAO, and his artwork has been featured on big platforms like BAYC X Rolling stone.

Chimpers NFT Public Sale Dates

The public launch of Chimpers NFT collection will take place on 20th May 2022. The holders of the Chimpers genesis collection and the quest to fleece NFT ebooks will secure a guaranteed whitelist spot to mint Chimpers NFT. The remaining whitelist spots will be distributed in the public raffle.

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Chimpers NFT Roadmap 

  • The first phase of The Bored Ape Chronicles project is to launch the 100 Genesis Chimper NFT collection and six episodes of the quest to diamond fleece. After the launch of these assets, TBAC will announce the public launch dates of the Chimpers NFT collection.
  • The holders of the TBAC previous assets will be eligible to mint Chimpers NFT at the mint price of 0.07 Eth. Furthermore, The team will conduct various raffles and giveaways on its social media platforms to distribute whitelist spots to the lucky winners.
  • After the launch, the next phase of the roadmap will be fully dedicated to collaborations and aggressive social media campaigns. The team will focus on building a solid community and providing the airdrops and rewards to holders.
  • In the fourth phase of the roadmap, Chimpers will enter the Chimpverse. By exploring the Chimpverse, holders will be offered various opportunities to earn passive income. Chimpers NFT Series 2 will be launched.
  • The long-term goal of TBAC is to build a multimedia brand.

Chimpers NFT Rarity

Chimpers’ NFT rarity is based on the category and trait count of your Chimper. The Total collection of 5555 Chimpers is divided into different types, from legendary to common, depending on the following trait counts-

  • Background
  • Back
  • Outfit
  • Mouth
  • Eyes
  • Face Extra
  • Eyewear
  • Head

Chimpers NFT Mint Price.

All the people on Chimplist are eligible to mint Chimpers NFT. People who do not own any previous assets from the bored ape chronicles collection can follow Twitter and Discord to participate in giveaway and raffle competitions to make it to the Chimp list. Chimpers NFT mint price is fixed at 0.07ETH.

Chimpers NFT Floor Price.

Chimpers NFT Floor Price.

The Chimpers NFT collection got sold out just a few minutes after the public launch. The high demand eventually skyrocketed the floor price to an all-time high of 5 Eth. The sales slowed down after a few days due to bad market sentiment, which led to the fall of floor price to 1.89 ETH. The sales have paced up again. As of 30 May 2022, the Chimpers NFT Floor price is 2.8 Eth.

Chimpers NFT Price Prediction

Chimpers NFT ticks all the essential factors that take an NFT project to be successful. The Bored Ape Chronicles is a well-structured project with a tremendous future vision and an excellent team that is consistently working on building the project further.

With the announcement of the launch of Chimpers NFT series 2, the hype around the NFT space is building up each day. Considering all these factors, we predict that Chimpers NFT will be an excellent investment because the value of the NFTs will increase over time.

Where To Buy Chimpers NFT?

Chimpers NFTs are available at numerous NFT marketplaces. To avoid scams, follow our list of trustworthy sources to buy/sell or trade your favorite Chimpers NFTs.

  • Chimpers. XYZ 
  • LooksRare
  • Rarible   


Chimpers’ NFT collection is a valuable asset of the bored ape chronicles project. The entry into Chimpverse will open the doors for numerous opportunities for the holders to explore and earn rewards. Furthermore, the team’s reputation for always keeping up to its promises has earned investors’ trust to a great extent. To experience thrill, excitement, and good investment returns, Chimpers NFTs are a great asset to add to your NFT Collection. 

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