Impostors NFT Price & Genesis Aliens NFT Game Explained.

Imposters NFT Price & Everything About Genesis Aliens NFTs

Searching for Impostors NFT Collectibles? The Genesis Aliens NFT has created a well-furnished platform for social games and NFT collectors. The Impostors NFT project promises to be the bridge between the WEB2 Gaming and WEB 3.0 Technology.

The Project consists of 10,420 cute little alien characters with a good sense of style. Apart from an interactive social gaming environment, Impostors Genesis Aliens NFT promises to offer an incentive system with continuous earning opportunities.

The Impostors Metaverse Game NFT is being played by 500 Million players all over the globe.

Seems quite interesting! So here in this article, we will cover some of the finest features of the Impostors Genesis NFT and will talk about the gameplay, Impostors NFT rarity. We will also talk about the mint price and floor price and then will tell you where to buy Impostors NFT.

Impostors Genesis Aliens NFT: A Quick Overview

Imposters NFT Price & Everything About Genesis Aliens NFTs

Number of NFTs: 10.4K

Impostors NFT Floor Price: 1.99 ETH

Number of Owners: 5.3K

Volume Traded: 18.1K ETH

Impostors Genesis Aliens NFT: A Fun way to earn money

The Impostors NFT project is the brainchild of Ellio Trades, who is a YouTuber and WEB 3 Influencer with more than 1.2 Million Followers on YouTube and Twitter.

The Impostors Metaverse Game project has more than 30 talented staff who has worked on famous gaming projects like Gears of War, Roblox, and Far Cry. They have also worked with market giants, like Amazon, Pixer, and Enjin.

The Gameplay And Game Economy

The Impostors NFT project offers a social deduction-type murder mystery game with a decentralized in-game economy and staking rewards.

A social deduction game is extremely engaging where the players from different teams will have to uncover the truth about the other team members.

In the Impostors Game, there are two parties – the Imposters and the Innocents.

The goal of the Impostors here would be to kill all the Innocents without getting caught. While on the other hand, the goal of Innocents is to vote out the Impostors before being killed.

The Impostors Metaverse Play And Earn game will have not one, but two tokens – The Super Token and The Blood Token.

Impostors SUPER Token:

The Super token is going to steer the Impostors game economy. The Super token holders will be able to participate in the vote to decide the future of the game.

Apart from that, the Super Tokens can also be used to gain access to the Impostors NFT airdrops and the other game modes.

Impostors Blood Token:

The Blood token is the utility token that the players can earn by winning the games or spending time in the games. The Blood token will be required to do almost everything in the Impostors games – from NFT character minting to in-game upgrades, from PET breeding to LAND minting, the Blood Token will be the key.

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Impostors Genesis Aliens Roadmap Explained. 

Imposters Genesis Aliens Roadmap Explained.

The Entire Impostors NFT Roadmap is thoroughly designed to ensure community engagement. The best part about their roadmap is that they have planned something after every two weeks. So, if you want something new to happen to the project, the minimum waiting time is 2 weeks.

Soon, the Impostors NFT project will offer the Beta Access pass and organize the Genesis Land mint.

During the 2nd and 3rd Phases of their roadmap, the project will launch a Map Maker section where the owner can create personalized in-game maps.

Later, they will also allow you to create mini-games within the games, which is quite impressive.

These are some of the features that any NFT community will be waiting for, and they will attract other NFT investors as well.

Impostors NFT Rarity

As with any NFT project, rarity will be a big factor in this project too. Each Imposter Aliens are made with 200 different attributes, so make sure to check the Impostors NFT rarity score before making the purchase.

The Impostors NFT Mint Price And Other Important Dates

The project was launched on 29th March 2022, and during that time, the Impostors NFT Mint Price was 1 ETH+ Gas Fees.

The first launch was restricted only to the Whitelisted members, and to be on the list, you need to be a holder of EllioTrades NFT or SuperFarm NFT.

Impostors NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price 

Imposters NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price 

As of May 03, 2022, the Impostors NFT Floor price is 1.99ETH, while the mint price was only 1ETH. If we are to assess the price activity, since the launch on 29th March 2022, the total traded volume is more than 18.1 K ETH. 

Impostors NFT Price Prediction

We can clearly see that since the launch date, the price of Impostors Genesis Aliens NFT has doubled (from 1ETH to 2.4ETH). Only in the last 3 months has the project had a market cap of 181K ETH. As the new add-ons are coming as promised on the roadmap, we can witness a surge in price in a couple of months and thus the price predictions are to the higher end.

Where To Buy The Genesis Aliens Impostors NFT?

Much like the other NFT project, after the Primary sales, the Impostors Genesis NFTs are now available at the OpenSea marketplace.  

While OpenSea is home to some of the top NFT projects, you may face certain limitations as well. The gas fee for making the transactions is much higher in OpenSea and sometimes exceeds USD 300.

However, other NFT marketplaces offer some good NFT collections (not as good as OpenSea though) with cheaper gas fees, like SolSea or Binance, and much more.

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Should I Buy Impostors NFT?

With features like fun and engaging gameplay and calculated in-game economics, the Impostors Genesis Aliens NFT project has all the prospects to offer better ROI. Their community is huge, the market price is trading volume is constantly getting better. Their roadmap is quite promising and as soon as the “map maker” and “game maker” are launched, the NFT collectors will go gaga over this project.

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