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What Is Infinity Labs NFT The Story Unfolds

Infinity Labs NFT is a beautiful escape from the grueling realities around us. Its most ambitious project, Scenes of the Solverse, by Co-Founder Eve, stands as a testament to labor of love. The 8,888-NFT collection of “scenes” contains 1,111 unique art pieces with eight copies to reflect eight possible timelines.

Infinity Labs’ team of artists, engineers, visionaries, and the community, have come together to contribute to the life-changing possibilities of infinity through their artwork. 

So how did Infinity Labs NFT come to fruition, and what does it hold for its loyal community? Today, we will submerge into the ethereal plains and discuss its lore, the price points, and where to buy Infinity Labs NFTs. Let us begin!

Infinity Labs NFT Overview

Infinity Labs NFT items 8,888
Listed 1,621
Infinity Labs NFT Floor price 0.68 SOL
Volume Traded 107.27k SOL

(The above details stand valid as of 18th May 2022 from

What Is Infinity Labs NFT? The Story Unfolds

What Is Infinity Labs NFT The Story Unfolds

Eve, the Co-Founder of Infinity Labs NFT project, Scenes of Solverse, was diagnosed with rare cancer during the initial pandemic days. With no one to meet and frequent treatment, her dream was to escape this strange reality and submerge herself into infinite possibilities. Thus, floated the Infinity Labs NFTs. 

Currently, there are 1,111 unique 1/1 animated NFTs. You can unlock them by merging 2 NFTs or “timelines.” The team aims to connect all eight copies of each NFT scene to a final 1,111-piece timeline by the community’s determination. 

These Infinity Labs NFTs showcase gorgeous animations, stories, and dreamlike planes, gracing the ever-changing Solana blockchain marketplace.

When Was The Infinity Labs NFT Launched? 

The Scenes of Solverse project by the Infinity Labs popped up on the Solana blockchain on 28th September 2021 at 9:30 PM UTC. The team had launched 8,888 Infinity Labs NFTs on the blockchain to significant marketplaces. 

The 2-timeline NFT merging began on 2nd December 2021 to help the Solverse community uncover over 100 new animated scenes through the scenes. 

Infinity Labs NFT Roadmap

Are you ready to gaze into the infinite roadmap curated for Infinity Labs NFTs? Let us check them out!

Phase 1

The Infinity Labs team launched the NFT minting of all NFTs that held celestial beings, creatures, plant lives, etc. After the minting, the NFT team released the project on Solanart, a secondary marketplace. 

Phase 2

After creating gripping lore for the basic storytelling, the team offered the community to build on the Scenes of the Solverse universe and draw out all the possible and impossible timelines. 

The team chose the canonical lore-builders and gifted them the Lore Masters NFTs. Other participants received contributors NFTs. 

The team also created NFTs from other Solana-inspired projects like Cyber Samurai.

Phase 3

All Infinity Labs community members with two same timelines could merge both to create a rarer scene. They were also able to choose which timeline to keep and which to remove.

The aim is to finalize a single 1,111-piece unique timeline created by the community’s merging. The team has also created a tracking tool to track the merging and trading of scenes and timelines.

Infinity Labs NFT Rarity

The Infinity Labs NFT rarity depends entirely on the Scenes of Solverse mergings. According to the team, the project will progress more as the buyers collect more NFT scenes and merge all 8 of their copies. 

If you, as a community member, hold two NFTs with the same scenes from two timelines, you can merge them! You can then create a new and rarer Solverse reality by doing so.

This merging will eventually help create one 1,111-piece timeline, unique and wholly created by the Infinity Labs community. 

Infinity Labs Sales Statistics: Mint Price VS Floor Price

Infinity Labs Sales Statistics Mint Price VS Floor Price

Infinity Labs NFT Mint Price+Gas

The Infinity Labs NFT mint price on the 28th September launch was 2.5 SOL. The launch broke records, making the project rank #1 on the Solanart.

The Infinity Labs NFT Twitter and Discord communities are constantly updating their mint and floor prices to help you learn the value of your dreamy NFTs. Do check them out!

Infinity Labs NFT Floor Price

According to Solanart, the Infinity Labs NFT floor price on 18th May 2022 is 0.67 SOL. The floor price has been steadily increasing due to the project gaining traction on the Solana marketplace through its promised worldbuilding, non-generative hand-drawn art styles, and future games. 

The Infinity Labs project continuously considers the community’s feedback and expands its NFT ecosystem through exciting collaborations, thereby attracting more and more NFT enthusiasts!

Volume Of Sales

The Infinity Labs NFT’s volume of sales on 18th May 2022 is 107.27k SOL, according to the Scenes of Solverse’s official Solanart page. 

Solanart’s sales volume reflects successful daily minting by NFT enthusiasts. So if you wish to participate in creating a gorgeous, otherworldly timeline with some breathtaking scenic NFTs, your time is now!

Infinity Labs NFT Price Prediction

The Infinity Labs NFT is one of the most ambitious Solana NFT projects from the early days. Its dedication toward worldbuilding, gorgeous art styles, contributions to the Metaverse, and holder gifts has been helping the Scenes of Solverse project expand its community. 

The Infinity Labs team plans to create a diverse gaming ecosystem in Web3 where holders can experience a beautiful and infinite ecosystem. 

All holders will merged-scenes will receive the next infinity assets for free! They need to pay the Solana transaction fees. 

With such fantastic offers to look forward to, we expect the Scenes of Solverse project to reach infinite success! 

Where To Buy Infinity Labs NFT

If you want to buy the Infinity Labs NFT, you can check out secondary marketplaces like 

  • 1000+ listings on Solanart
  • 300+ listings on Magic Eden
  • Approximate 100 listings on OpenSea, FTX US, and Exchange.Art, and Alpha Art.

You have to connect your phantom wallet to these marketplaces and fill them with SOL to pay the transaction fees. 

According to the team’s FAQ, if you face any transaction error with the phantom wallet, you can use Solflare, a Solana wallet, to complete your transaction. Follow Infinity Labs on Twitter here. 

Experience Infinity With Infinity Labs NFT

The Infinity Labs NFT project has been a success from the get-go. From successful launch to infinity assets, NFT merging, and games in the works, you can only expect the best experiences from the community. 

So are you ready to participate in the Solverse?

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