Los Muertos NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price & Must Know Facts

Los Muertos NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price & Must Know Facts

Los Muertos NFT project has taken social media by storm. People across the globe have shown a lot of interest in its fantastic art.  This handmade art represents the traits and attributes of an algorithmically generated collection of 10k NFTs. 

The team backing up the Los Muertos NFT project consists of highly skilled artists, developers, and Collaboration experts. The future scope of this project looks solid as the team consistently focuses on manifesting the ideas to generate passive income for its holders.

Besides Los Muertos NFT’s unique selling point of its amazing art, there’s a lot more to look into in this project. Keep reading the article to know everything about Los Muertos NFT launch dates, mint price, floor price, sales, roadmap, future scope, etc.

Los Muertos NFT Overview

Los Muertos NFT items 10,000
Owners 5.4K
Los Muertos NFT Floor Price 0.22 ETH
Total Volume Traded 6.2k Eth

What Is Los Muertos NFT?

Los Muertos NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price & Must Know Facts

Los Muertos NFT is a P2E economy-based project built on Ethereum Blockchain. The total NFT collection consists of 10k unique digital characters. Each NFT character is algorithmically created from the combination of over 100 handmade traits.

Each Los Muertos NFT holder gets access to enter the Metaverse known as the Los Muerto world.  Los Muertos world provides numerous opportunities for all NFT holders to earn passive income by playing various games like battle royale, Maze, explore, etc. Players will be rewarded with $WRLD tokens. 

The Future Vision of the Los Muertos NFT project is to build a strong community and provide benefits to its holders.

Los Muertos NFT Public Sale Date.

Los Muertos NFT whitelist sale is scheduled to begin on 5th March 2022. As per the criteria, each user is allowed to mint at most 2 NFTs. People securing whitelist spots can benefit by minting NFTs at a much lower price.

Los Muertos NFT’s public sale went live on the 6th of April 2022. Buyers can mint at most 3 NFTs directly from the official website on public sale day.

Los Muertos NFT RoadMap

  • The first phase of the Los Muertos NFT project will be to focus on social media campaigning. Many competitions to win whitelist spots will be conducted on social media platforms like Los Muertos NFT discord and Twitter.
  • After completing the first phase, the next step will be to launch the Los Muertos NFTs. The main focus of the team will be to conduct a fair launch. Considering all these points, the Los Muertos NFT team decided to limit each wallet to mint a maximum of 2 NFTs on presale and three on public sale. Los Muertos NFT mint price is set at 0.4Eth and 0.5Eth in presale and public sale respectively.
  • The third phase will focus on giving back to the community. After 90 days of the public launch, lucky holders of Los Muertos NFTs will be airdropped a unique art from the OxLosMuertos NFT collection of 1000 art pieces. The community holders can vote and suggest ideas to spend community funds to build the project further.
  • The fourth phase of the Los Muertos NFT Roadmap will open the gates for holders to enter the metaverse. By entering the Los NFT world metaverse, the team will provide holders numerous opportunities to generate passive income by playing and earning rewards.
  • Meanwhile, the team will consistently work on collaborations, and a newer version of the roadmap will be released soon.

Los Muertos NFT Rarity

Los Muertos NFT Rarity

The Los Muertos NFT rarity consists of 10k digital characters. Each art is unique and separates itself from another based on rarity. The traits of art decide the rarity index of NFT. All these traits are handmade by a Ukrainian artist Ksenia. 

Follow the table to understand the Los Muertos NFT rarity in a transparent way.

Category Colour
Common Muertos White
Uncommon Muertos Green and orange
Rare Muertos Red
Ultra Muertos Black and Gold

The category of Legendary Muertos holds the top rank in the rarity index. These are just 12 in number.

Los Muertos NFT Mint Price.

All interested buyers will be eligible to mint the Los Muertos NFT at the price of 0.4Eth on presale and 0.5Eth on public sale. You can directly mint NFTs on the launch dates from the official website by connecting your Metamask wallet.

Mint Price 1 ETH = $3025( as of 22/04/2022)
Pre-Sale 0.4 ETH + Gas Fee
Public Sale 0.5 ETH + Gas FEE

Los Muertos NFT Floor Price

As of May 04th, 2022, Los Muertos NFT floor price is set at 0.22 Eth. Since the launch, it has been a roller coaster ride as the volume traded saw big spikes on 11th April 2022, followed by the correction as seen in the chart above. The total volume traded is on a continuous uptrend and touched the all-time high of 6.2K Eth on 04 May 2022. 

Los Muertos NFT Price Prediction

After the successful launch, the Los Muertos NFT project has gathered a lot of traction on Twitter by art enthusiasts. The project’s roadmap looks solid, and the team’s consistent efforts to build the project further fundamentally sets a solid foundation for the project. As of May 2022, The Los Muertos NFT is ready to move up in a rising trend in the near future thus the price predictions are to the higher end. 

Where To Buy Los Muertos NFT?

Los Muertos NFT can be minted only at its official website. Interested buyers can directly visit the official website on presale and public launch. Visit the website and connect your Metamask wallet to buy the NFT. 

After the public launch, Los Muertos NFT can be traded on marketplaces like Opensea and LooksRare.

Visit any of these marketplaces, connect your wallet and select Ethereum chain in the filter section, and type Los Muertos NFT in the search bar to buy/sell or trade NFTs.


The future scope of the project looks good as the team is continuously working to build the project further. The recent update that includes the entry of Los Muertos NFT holders into the metaverse has opened the gates for numerous opportunities to generate passive income. As per our technical and fundamental analysis, Los Muertos NFT project has the potential to grow 3x in terms of its floor price in the future.

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