Meka X NFT Mint Price, Rarity, RoadMap & Everything To Know !

Meka X NFT Mint Price, Rarity, RoadMap & More

Meka X NFT is a collection of 2,222 NFTs based on the Solana Blockchain. Meka X was created in January 2022, by a collective of NFT holders. The sole purpose to bring Meka X NFT unto reality was to spread positivity, make this world a better place, and grant the holders a position prone to airdrops, events, and future projects!

This article takes you through Meka X NFT rarity, launch date, roadmap, Metaversal plans, sales, and more! Stay tuned to know how you can join this community!

Meka X NFT Overview

Meka X NFT items 2222
Owners 2000
Meka X NFT Floor price 0.05 SOL 
Volume Traded 192.49 SOL (Magic Eden)

What Are Meka X NFTs? Purpose Explained.

Meka X NFT Mint Price, Rarity, RoadMap & More

According to their official website, the Meka X NFTs carry an adequate amount of utility, and more so shall be added throughout the year. Apart from granting access to the exclusive community of Meka X, the NFTs relay invites for events, airdrops, and future projects under the header of Meka X. The Meka X NFT project comes with a $MKX token too. This token facilitates the majority of the functions of the Meka X community. 

The token grants access to the purchase of merchandise from the store and allow holders to mint the next set of NFTs that are to be released in the future. The total supply of the tokens is 1.3 million.

Out of which, 50% of all $MKX tokens are reserved for the staking pool, and that’s what the project is going for. If you’re impressed with the idea of NFT staking, this might just be the right project for you, as a huge chunk of their roadmap focuses on the staking mechanism. 

Meka X NFT Launch/ Public Sale Date: 

The Meka X NFT launch date was 30th March 2022. After the public sale, once all the NFTs were minted, the Meka X NFTs made their way to secondary NFT marketplaces. As of 4th April 2022, the team prepares for launching their MKX bot which would help determine the rarity of any Meka X NFT.

The Dapper Roadmap For The Meka X NFT

The Meka X NFT roadmap gets better with every quarter. Their first quarter begins at the end of March, which sees the launch of their first set of NFTs: the Meka X NFTs. After they were sold out, the Meka X NFTs took form on the secondary marketplaces. This is followed by the launch of the MKX bot, which helps determine the rarity of a particular Meka X NFT.

Eventually, quarter two would feature the staking engine on their website and the airdrop of the $MKX tokens to the Meka X NFT holders.  

The third quarter allows the holders to buy merchandise from the store using the $MKX token. And this helps in the solidification of the MKXDAO. 

Lastly, the Meka X NFT team makes it to the Metaverse with the integration of the 3D NFTs in games like VR Chat. And the promising launch of the second set of NFTs. The Meka X V2.

The Meka X NFT rarity

The Meka X NFT rarity exists in 100+ 3D traits, colors, and characteristics. The rarity rank can be validated at SolRarity, a platform, or using the much-needed MKX BOT which shall be available on their website, and would help segregate the rank for all the NFTs.

The Sales Volume For Meka X NFT

Meka X NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price

The total volume traded: As of Magic Eden activity, the total traded volume has been 142 SOL. This is set to increase once more of the Meka X NFTs are traded on the platform.

Meka X NFT Mint Price

The public mint took place on 30th March 2022. As of April 4th, the Meka X NFTs are sold out. Hence, the Meka X NFT mint price could not be determined. Since the floor price is around 0.24 SOL, the Meka X NFT mint price is assumed to be lesser.

The Meka X NFT Floor Price

Since the Meka X NFT rarity is still being explored deeply, only a few of the NFTs are listed on secondary Marketplaces, hence the Meka X NFT floor price is different on all. It ranges from 0.05 SOL to 0.25 SOL.

The Price Prediction For Meka X NFT

The Meka X NFT price prediction states that it shall take a steady rise, since the MKX bot, the token, the merch store, and even more announcements are to be made in the coming time, from 4th April 2022.

Where To Buy Meka X NFT

The mint took place on their website, and most features will be housed there itself. But, where to buy Meka X NFTs now? As of April, the Meka X NFT team has officially announced on Twitter that the NFTs shall be traded on Magic Eden and Solsea. Steadily, more of the Meka X NFTs are being listed on both these places.

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Closing Words

The Meka X NFT is made by a group of passionate individuals who understand the NFT culture, and thus have created this project. The roadmap seems very promising, and hence this is a hit in our books!

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