Moar NFT By Joan Cornella Mint Price & Everything To Know

Moar NFT By Joan Cornella Price & Everything To Know

Creative collaborations on the blockchain are always a hit, and that is why Moar By Joan Cornella NFT has taken the world by storm! 

Fun yet dark punchlines showcased through cheerful and vibrant color pallets are what make these artworks famous. And Joan Cornellà has launched 5,555 hand-drawn Moar NFT on the ERC721 blockchain for this mansion as a creative collab project with the FWENCLUB team. 

So what do these Moar NFTs do at the Moar By Joan Cornella Metaverse mansion? Let us take a quick look at the Moar By Joan Cornella NFTs, their ambitious roadmap, Moar NFT mint price, price predictions, and more!

Moar By Joan Cornella NFT Overview

Number of Moar NFTs 5,555
Owners 3,600
Moar NFT Floor price 1.267 ETH
Moar NFT Mint Price 0.75 ETH
Volume Traded 11,300 ETH

(The above details stand valid as of May 09, 2022)

What Are The Moar By Joan Cornella NFTs?

Moar NFT By Joan Cornella Price & Everything To Know

The Moar By Joan Cornella NFTs comes with gripping lore. As we have unearthed, Joan Cornellà has created “MOAR”, a mansion in the Metaverse. In this mansion, he has added 5,555 hand-drawn Moar NFT creatures, with over 180 unique and fascinating traits. 

Currently, there is an alien invasion that has put the world on a lockdown. And the Moar By Joan Cornella NFTs, who are humans, cyborgs, and zombies, are “peacefully living together” as guests in the MOAR mansion to survive.

Inside the MOAR mansion, you will find virtual exhibitions, shops, and fun video games as part of this crazy, virtual art project!

Moar NFT By Joan Cornella: Public Sale/ Drop Date

The Moar NFT mint price was set at 0.5 ETH, and the sales went live on 7th April 2022. The initial sales took place in 4 different formats, all within one day. The team distributed 5% of the Moar NFTs among themselves for the FWENCLUB and Joan Cornella.

Next, they allocated 21% for the Whitelist comprised of the FWENCLUB discord members, the project’s social boosters, Hanai’s NFT holders, and NFT communities. Lastly, the team allotted the remaining 74% of the NFT for public sales via Dutch auction. 

Moar By Joan Cornella NFT Roadmap

The Moar By Joan Cornella NFT roadmap began with the launch of the Moar NFTs on 10th April. On the same day, MOAR #1 NFT was up for a Legendary Auction and was sold for 46.305 ETH. 

This auction winner will also receive some jaw-dropping rewards during Phase 2, such as the MOAR #1’s Legendary 3D avatar and a canvas painted artwork of his NFT.

Next, in May 2022, the project team has planned to launch its mini-game for the Moar NFT community.

After this, every member can enjoy community rewards in June 2022. 

Finally, in November 2022, the Moar NFT will have its Grand Opening and Virtual Exhibition. Here, the holders will have full access to Joan Cornella’s virtual and physical exhibitions and the purchasing rights to his artworks.

Moar NFT Rarity 

According to rarity. tools, MOAR #5 holds the first spot among Moar NFT rarity rates. The second rare is MOAR #1893, and on the 3rd spot, MOAR #3 holds a sweet spot. 

Moar NFT Mint Price+Gas Fees

The Moar NFT mint price was at 0.5 ETH as the minting process began on 7th April, 8 AM EDT. 

On 7th April, 8 AM EDT, the Diamond Heart Period was live for 45 minutes with a 0.5 ETH fixed mint price. 40% of the collections (1644 NFTs) were up for public minting with the permission to mint 2 NFTs per wallet. This offer was for registered wallets only. All the NFTs were up for reveal on 10th April at 8 AM EDT.

At 8:45 AM EDT, the public sales Dutch auction took place with 2466 NFTs (the remaining 60% of the public distribution.) The auction sale began at 0.5 ETH and dropped by 0.1 ETH after every 45 minutes. Dutch auction members could also mint 2 NFTs per registered wallet.

The Dutch auction was live for about 3 hours, after which the exclusive Whitelist members-only NFT sales took place at 30% of the lowest DA price. It stayed successfully active for 2 hours, after which the Honorable Mint went live. 

The Honorable Mint price was the same as the WL price and was active for all Honorable Fwends. It took place for 30 minutes.

On 10th April, the Moar By Joan Cornella NFT launch took place at 8 AM EDT.

Moar NFT Floor Price 

Moar NFT Mint Price+ Gas Fees

According to OpenSea, the current Moar NFT floor price is 1.267 ETH. The NFT on 8th April touched 1.8 ETH floor price while the sales were live for all the buyers. On the reveal date (10th April), the floor price reached 1.75 ETH as per OpenSea’s stats on Moar NFT’s official transactions. 

Sales Volume

The sales volume for Moar By Joan Cornella NFT on 19th April is 10,300 ETH. 

Moar NFT Price Prediction

The Moar By Joan Cornella NFT project has loads to offer throughout the year. From community-friendly mini-games and access to the Metaverse MOAR mansion to exclusive buying rights to Cornella’s artworks, the project loves to spoil its holders. 

The community will also receive plenty of rewards from the project team, as well as various benefits as a MOAR NFT holder. Thanks to the purchasing rights, every holder can buy Cornella’s physical and digital artworks which will include collectible toys, paintings, sculptures, and his NFTs.

 And for this reason, The Moar NFT has fairer chances to boost its prices in the coming weeks and months. 

Where To Buy Moar By Joan Cornella NFT?

If you are wondering Where to buy Moar By Joan Cornella NFTs, simply connect your Metamask wallet to the MOAR NFT’s official OpenSea platform. 

Get More With Moar By Joan Cornella NFTs!

Joan’s Cornella’s Moar NFTs are a riot! Thanks to satirical art styles, and colorful characters with vaguely dark comical undertones, these NFTs have become popular among many NFT enthusiasts.

As a Moar By Joan Cornella NFT holder, you can soon participate in the project’s mini-games, art-piece purchases, and full access to roam through the Moar Mansion in the Metaverse! So check out this vivid NFT project by Cornella today!

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