OOZ NFT : OOZ & mates By IPX, IP 3.0, Creator Economy & More

OOZ NFT OOZ & Mates By IPX, IP 3.0, Creator Economy & More

OOZ & mates NFT collection depicts cute 3D Super Deformation characters. There are a total of 9,999 PFP NFTs in the collection that resemble animals with vibrant colors.

OOZ & mates is a unique NFT project that contains characters based on the narration of characters in the FRENZ world but cannot be replicated through FRENZ. FRENZ is IPX’s new IP generator platform for individuals to make character IPs based on their personality or requirements.

Today’s OOZ & mates NFT review will take a deep dive into its roadmap, discord, whitelist roles, how to buy, OOZ & mates NFT rarity, mint date plus price, and much more. Furthermore, after reading today’s topic, you will know why OOZ & mates is a unique project that has profitable potential.

OOZ NFTs: OOZ & mates NFT By IPX Overview

OOZ & mates NFT Items 9,999
Blockchain ETH
OOZ & mates NFT mint price TBD
OOZ NFT’s Twitter + Discord Followers (Approx) 14,000

(The above details stand valid as of May 04, 2022)

What Is The OOZ NFT Project By IPX?

OOZ NFT OOZ & Mates By IPX, IP 3.0, Creator Economy & MoreThe OOZ & mates (@ooz_official) is a new NFT-based IP brand established by IPX (formerly known as @_LINEFRIENDS). LINE FRIENDS brand started with attractive and cute sticker characters for a well-known smartphone messenger app with over 200 million active users called LINE.

After the popularity of the stickers, LINE FRIENDS transformed into a creative studio with exclusive IPs (Intellectual Property) such as BT21 (collaborated with BTS) and Brawl Stars (Supercell’s hit game). Also, LINE FRIENDS is constantly developing in the NFT and metaverse domain and even rebranded itself as IPX.

Furthermore, OOZ & mates are the first official IPX NFT Project. As of April 30, 2022, the official OOZ & mates Twitter handle has 6,317 Followers, and the original IPX(@_LINEFRIENDS) contains over 136.6K followers.

Also, their discord (discord.gg/ooz) has 8.6K members with 145 whitelist spots already given. Moreover, the website is still yet to be updated, and interested NFT enthusiasts can explore the official discord servers to follow each and every step of the project.

The discord also includes different roles a community member can obtain and take part in the development of the OOZ & mates NFT by IPX. They include

  1. Admin (Red): Management team member
  2. Ops (Orange): Community members invited earlier
  3. Mods (yellow): Moderators
  4. Engineer (green): Other IPX teams
  5. Whitelist (white): Early Mint
  6. Super Mates (pink): Server Booster
  7. OMG: Original Mate Gang
  8. Power Mates: Boost User
  9. Members: General User

RoadMap of OOZ NFT Project (OOZ & mates NFT)

The detailed roadmap of OOZ & mates NFT has not been launched yet. After the official website of OOZ & mates called ooz.io is finished, the complete roadmap will be updated. Currently, there is some hint on the discord to what the project aims to accomplish.

IPX (LINE FRIENDS) has been in the IP business for quite some time. The IPX team excels in web 2.0 and web 3.0 technology and has the resources plus manpower to perform well in the digital space.  IPX’s OOZ & mates NFT Project aims to promote OOZ & mates IPs in the digital space plus the offline world.

The commercialization of the OOZ & mates will help every holder get access to lucrative rewards and have a major part in the community. Furthermore, OOZ & mates NFTs aims to add much greater values to the IPX and help the holders benefit in the web 2.0 plus web 3.0 domain.

What is IP 3.0 By OOZ NFT Project?

The transformation from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 space has introduced new ideas to IPX in the IP(Intellectual Property) sector. Integrating decentralized governance into IP business can help in the transition of IP 1.0 to IP 3.0 using the OOZ & mates NFT.

IP 1.0: A person can use his expenses to use the stories plus mediums of the creator.

IP 2.0: The Institutionalization of IP allows creators to monetize their creative works. Also, Mega-IPs were formed due to the corporatization of eminent creators that was enabled by a good outpour of capital liquidity

IP 3.0 by IPX:

The blockchain and Non-fungible tokens have offered a method for anyone to obtain plus monetize the IPs they own to promote the creator economy. The conventional method of a centralized authority leaves no room for flexibility and how the IPs are useful. In a community, each holder can receive rewards as well as generate the IP value.

IPX’s OOZ & mates provide a decentralized approach to the NFT holder’s character IP. Moreover, IPX aims to utilize branding and IP business to increase the IP’s popularity plus the overall values to benefit the holders for growth in the creator economy.

When Is OOZ NFT Project Minting? OOZ & mates NFT Mint Date

The exact OOZ pre-launch or OOZ NFT mint/drop as well as the public sale date is still to be announced but is rumored to be in the Q2 of 2022. Users can follow the official Twitter account @ooz_official along with the Discord channel (discord.gg/ooz) to obtain the latest mint details.

OOZ mates NFT Mint Price And Blockchain Type

The OOZ NFT by IPX is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, and the OOZ & mates NFT mint price for whitelist as well as the public sale is still to be announced. Furthermore, all the winners of the whitelist will have the ability to mint for almost half the price of the public sale.

How To Obtain OOZ & mates NFT Project Whitelist

The team of the OOZ & mates collection is not offering WL to NFT alpha groups as well as influence plus does not support grinding in the chat. Moreover, the number of WL sports will be less than 2000, and there are a few ways to obtain them:

  1. Stay active on Twitter: Participate in OOZ NFT Twitter giveaways and raffles.

2) Engage on discord: The team of the OOZ mates hosts a raffle on the OOZ discord server in the giveaway section.

    • Competition: The best work by a member wins. For example, Workout Competition and Emoji Art Contest.
    • Casual: Just to enjoy not competing
    • Etc: Unique events

Some WL sports will also be Raffled to Holders of Blue Chip NFTs.

OOZ NFT Rarity (OOZ & mates Rarity)

The OOZ mates NFT rarity is still not defined, but there will be nine unique anime and manga-inspired animal characters.

OOZ NFT Rarity (OOZ & Mates Rarity)

How To Participate in OOZ NFT From Whitelist & OOZ Public Sales (OOZ & mates NFT)

Below are the steps for Buying OOZ & mates NFT For Whitelist Spot Holders

  1. Create a Metamask wallet: As the project is Eth-based, therefore you will require a wallet like Metamask. Download it and create a new wallet in it.
  2. Adding the funds: Always add more funds than the proposed mint price. For example, if the NFT is 0.1, then add 0.15 to ensure the gas fee is also payable.
  3. Register the wallet: Whitelist holders will have to add the address of their Metamask wallet for the mint. The team of the OOZ & Mates will inform WL holders about the right time and place to register. Also, it is vital to only use the official links on the discord or website.
  4. Mint at the drop date: Finally, connect the wallet with the mint website and simply purchase the NFT.

How To Buy OOZ & mates NFT During The Public Sale

  1. Connect the wallet to the OOZ NFT public mint site: The public mint will last shortly, works on a first come first serve basis, and the gas fee can be high if the transaction on the blockchain increases.
  2. Or Purchase the NFT off the secondary market: Wait for the NFT holders to list their NFTs on a secondary market like OpenSea, and PlayDapp. Then purchase them based on the OOZ & mates NFT floor price.

IPX’s OOZ Project: Bridging NFTs And IP 3.0

IPX aims to execute strategic partnerships along with constant investment in blockchain-based gaming, NFT, plus the Metaverses. Pursuing the vision of IP 3.0 by IPX, the OOZ & mates is bringing something new to the NFT space. This unique OOZ NFT project aims to bridge the gap between NFTs and IP plus provide the holders with lucrative rewards for the growth of the creator economy.

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