Otherside NFT Price & Everything About Otherdeed NFTs

BAYC Otherside NFT Price & Everything About Otherdeed

Are you ready to open up and explore more possibilities in the Metaverse with Otherdeed for Otherside NFTs? These ethereal digital plots of land are ready for their inhabitants to build on and enrich. As an Otherside NFT-holder, you can help with the Otherside NFT game prototype build, test the design, and utilize elements and resources on these digitized dream-like plains.

So what is Otherdeed NFT, and how do Otherside NFT lands hold for NFT owners? Is there any holder-criteria to mint these beautiful NFTs? Let us check out what these Otherdeed for Otherside NFTs have in store, their price points, roadmaps, buying guide, Otherdeed NFT rarity, and more!

Otherside NFT Overview

Otherdeed NFT items 87K
Otherside FLOOR PRICE 3.25
Otherside Owners 34.3K
Otherside Volume Traded 280.2K

(As of 23rd May 2022)

OthersideNFTs: The First Step To A Strangely-Lovely World

BAYC Otherside NFT Price & Everything About Otherdeed

If you love to indulge in world-building games and love dynamic in-game resources, then the Otherdeed for Otherside NFTs are for you. Otherdeed NFTs are keys for holders to access the Otherside NFT world, a galactic archipelago.

Here, you shall find infinite galactic islands sprawling with sediments like Infinite Expanse, Rainbow Atoms, Biogenic Swamps, Chemical Goo, and Cosmic Dream. The Otherdeed NFT is your access to these sediments and resources filled with unique and powerful artifacts and rare roaming Kodas on the Otherside NFT land.

You can use your NFT to test out the Otherside NFT game design, experience the team’s prototype builds, and help evolve Kodas and unique resources within your digital plot.

Otherside NFT Mint Date

The Otherdeed for Otherside NFT mint began on 30th April at 9 PM ET. 55,000 Otherdeed NFTs were available for minting by KYC’s wallets. In total, there were 100,000 Otherdeed for Otherside NFTs.

The Powerlist (Whitelist) Mint took place on 6th May at 11 AM ET. Right after that, the public sale will start on 7th May at 11 AM ET. 24 hours post-public sale, all holders were able to access the Otherside map with their Otherdeed NFTs.

Otherdeed For Otherside NFT Roadmap Explained

As a voyager in the Otherside NFT world, your token will take you on a wondrous journey helping you create and build the Otherside, shaping it to evolve within the metaverse.

First Trip:

All Otherdeed for Otherside NFT holders will experience the first tech demo of the digital archipelago. As an NFT owner, you can explore, discover, and ideate how you wish to design your plot of land on the Metaverse!

The Codex

There is a co-written document in the Otherside Codex that many voyagers helped create. You can use it to learn to link your land plots.

The Decoupling

As the lore proceeds, you, as a voyager, will be able to separate your Otherdeed’s basic components. Here, all holders will be introduced to the Kodas and their artifacts.

The Agora

All Otherdeed NFT holders will be able to sell, buy, and trade various artifacts, tools, treasures, and materials. You can also create new items, improve something, or build on your plot.

The Choice

New land plots will be available on the Otherside.

The Toolkit

The team will introduce you to SDK (Software Development Kit) program. the team will use SDK to create character skin, build new characters, add in-game items, and develop the Otherside NFT game.

The Rift

The game begins! You will be able to choose your skills and stats.

Otherdeed for Otherside NFT Rarity

According to Rarity Sniper, Otherside NFT #7906 holds the 1st rank for rarity. Rank 2 belongs to Otherdeed NFT #23332. Finally, as for Rank 3, #17164 holds the 3rd rank.

These ranks portray how popular the Otherdeed for Otherside NFT has become among NFT enthusiasts. Their ambitious and extensive roadmap has promising ventures, helping holders collaborate with the NFT team to diversify their identity within the metaverse!

Thanks to the interactive metaverse platforms, evolving features, elements, magical artifacts, and NFT gaming prospects, these tokens are raging among digital investors and NFT gaming enthusiasts.

Otherdeed for Otherside NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price & Sales Statistics

Otherdeed for Otherside NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price & Sales Statistics 

Otherdeed NFT Mint Price + Gas Fees

Each Otherdeed for Otherside NFTs is worth 305 ApeCoin. Holders needed the following for minting:

  • Ape Coin
  • Ethereum for Gas
  • KYC approval for wallets
  • on-site wallet pre-approval

Holders during Wave 1 will be able to mint 2 NFTs per wallet. During Wave 2, all KYC’s wallets could mint additional 4 NFTs per wallet at a more affordable gas fee. The next waves will come forth when the gas fees stabilize further, giving buyers access to an additional mint/per wallet.

Current Selling Price

The Otherdeed NFT floor price is 2.988 ETH on 13th May 2022. The Otherdeed NFT mint price on 13th May is 305 ApeCoin per NFT. According to the NFT project’s official OpenSea page, the 14-day average floor price stands at 8.72 ETH.

With the prices rising, this is the best time to invest in Otherdeed NFT and indulge in its continuous progress!

Volume Of Sales

The volume of sales on 13th May 2022 is 259.4k ETH according to Otherdeed NFT’s OpenSea page.

Otherdeed For Otherside NFT Price Prediction

According to Otherdeed for Otherside NFT’s OpenSea page, the price and the volume of sales have been steadily rising, reflecting how quickly a good NFT project can popularize and help the community participate in its journey.

After the successful public mint, the team will head towards SDK toolkit usage, game development, online and in-person events, and more. With such promising prospects, we can only see a bright and profitable future ahead for Otherdeed for Otherside NFT! So start minting today!

Where To Buy Otherdeed For Otherside NFT

If you wish to know where to buy Otherdeed for Otherside NFT, you can head on to OpenSea and mint your desired NFT. You have to use Apecoin for minting and use CoinBase, Metamask, or WalletConnect-compatible wallet.

Follow Otherside NFT on Twitter here.

Build A Beautiful World With Otherdeed NFT

So are you ready to be part of the Otherdeed NFT project? From building your plot on the Metaverse to taking part in the future NFT gaming, this NFT project is the hotpot of successful development and diverse worldbuilding.

So check out this project today and take your leap to the Otherside!

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