Shinsei Galverse NFT Mint Price Rarity & Everything To Know

Shinsei Galverse NFT Mint Price, Rarity & Everything to Know

Shinsei Galverse NFT is a collection of 8,888 Gals sent out to bring peace to the galaxy, one planet at a time. Their tale is full of ancient magic, technology, duty, defiance, love, and heartache. And it’s a story that will be told through blockchain and one that holders can take part in.

The Shinsei Galverse NFTs vision is to inspire people to fulfill their own dreams and make them a reality. It also encourages people to fight as a collective for a common cause. It takes a community of people who believe in the power of their visions to make them a reality. This article will introduce Shinsei Galaverse NFT to you. We will also discuss statistics, Shinsei Galaverse NFT mint price, price prediction, NFT floor price, and where to buy Shinsei Galverse NFT.

Shinsei Galverse NFT Overview

Shinsei Galverse NFT items 8.9K
Shinsei Galverse NFT FLOOR PRICE  0.218 ETH
Shinsei Galverse NFT Owners 4.2K
LAUNCH DATE 14th April 2022

What Is Shinsei Galverse NFT?

Shinsei Galverse NFT Mint Price, Rarity & Everything to Know

Shinsei Galverse is an anime-themed NFT project co-created by Japanese artists Ayaka Ohira and Eimi Kusano. Shinsei Galverse uses a combination of anime-style art, blockchain, and non-fungible tokens (NFT) to create an immersive experience for users. The project enables users to purchase digital works of art representing anime characters and items. 

The importance of the Shinsei Galverse NFT project is in its potential to fundamentally change how NFTs are viewed and used and to bring the power of NFTs and blockchain to a much wider community. 

The Roadmap To Galverse

The Shinsei Galverse Roadmap is gamified. Each new level of the roadmap is unlocked after crossing a certain threshold. After a quarter of the total sales, holders can download the NFT art assets and customize them for their social media profile pictures.

With 50% sales, the team unlocks a background story for each Gal. Thus making them more connected to their holders. Additionally, holders will receive regular airdrops. Next comes the title track for the Galverse heroes, which will be created by Emi Satellite.

After unlocking the 75% sales threshold, the team will release one-shot mange for its loyal holders. The Galverse manga will be illustrated by the famous mangaka Ayaka-San. 

Finally comes the anime project. The Shinsei Galverse universe will collaborate with renowned anime studios. However, the name of the studios is still under the wraps. But, this is something everyone is keeping a keen eye on.

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How Is Shinsei Galverse NFT Different?

Shinsei Galverse will be turned into an anime thanks to a successful Kickstarter. The team behind the anime will be the same team that created and developed the NFTs. They will be the committee in charge of producing the anime. 

Shinsei Galverse NFT gives its holders the creative rights to be a part of anime production and maybe run it. By joining the team, holders get the opportunity to have their say in the story, art, and anime production. This makes Shinsei Galverse NFT unique due to the wide involvement of users in the project.

Shinsei Galverse NFT Floor Price

Shinsei Galverse NFT Floor Price And Mint Price

Shinsei Galaverse NFT is currently trading for 0.218 ETH with a 30-day average price of 0.41 ETH according to the Mintalytics website. When it was first launched, the Shinsei Galaversel NFT floor price hit highs of almost 0.64 ETH on average and is constantly trending upwards. (details as of May 01, 2022)

Shinsei Galverse NFT Mint Price

The Shinsei Galverse NFT Mint Price is 0.07 ETH, plus a very efficient gas fee. The contract will use the latest gas-minimization techniques to keep transaction prices as low as possible. This ensures that the Shinsei Galverse NFT mint price does not form a barrier for creative individuals. This creates an almost equal playground for everybody without worrying about high transaction costs.

Shinsei Galverse NFT Price Prediction

The Shinsei Galverse NFT, with its anime-like art, targets worldwide anime fans. Each NFT has its own story and can be collected, traded, and enjoyed by fans. This caused the project to have massive interest from fans, and the project has a trading volume of 5100 ETH. The Roadmap reveals several airdrops and anime productions to help the project attract more eyeballs. It is easy to say that Shinsei Galverse NFT Price Prediction will soon explode due to its popularity.

Shinsei Galverse NFT Rarity

The Shinsei Galverse NFTs are not similar to one another. The team has established a Shinsei Galverse NFT Rarity with 14 different categories. According to Raritysnipper, Rank 1 is possessed by NFT #3451, which is a romantic, ambitious character with a shining Nova and a cold energy source.

#2924 ranks 2 in the rarity with a moonlight energy source and double rider clothes. Rank 3 is awarded to #7089, which has a sunshine energy source and possesses the characteristics of a warrior princess. 

Where To Buy Shinsei Galverse NFT?

Are you wondering where to buy Shinsei Galverse NFTs? OpenSea, one of the largest decentralized marketplaces, is used by top blockchain developers and companies to sell their NFTs. You can buy these amazing NFTs from the Shinsei Galaverse official OpenSea platform.

They have spent the past year working on their platform and have since become one of the most reliable and well-trusted options. It has made it possible for ordinary people to create their digital assets and sell them on its platform. It is a great place for crypto enthusiasts to buy, sell, trade, and collect digital goods.


Shinsei Galverse NFT is a great investment, and it will be a very valuable asset in the future. The storyline appeals to ever-growing anime fans worldwide. Additionally, perks like manga and making your anime is something that will keep the holders engaged inside the Galverse.

Moreover, the team will collaborate with big anime studios to make the gals from Galverse regular characters in the world’s first Web3 anime characters. The Shinsei Galverse NFT is going to the moon due to its high commitment and rewards to its holders.

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