Sollamas NFT Mint Price, Floor Price & Everything To Know !

What Is Sollamas NFT? Into The Magical Realm 

Based on the Solana Blockchain, the creators have unveiled the true magical collection of llamas as the Sollamas NFT collection. This collection of 8888 uniquely generated cute llamas brings in different characteristics of llamas that were earlier unknown to the population. 

Crafting the roadmap unanticipatedly, the creators are all set to make their mark in the metaverse. This article acts as a walkthrough of the Sollamas NFT and explains every minute detail. Check out the Sollamas NFT rarity, mint price, and other vital information in this article. 

Sollamas NFT: Quick Overview 

Sollamas NFT Items – 8888 unique characters 

Sollamas NFT Total Owners – 4071 

Sollamas NFT Floor Price – 0.74 SOL 

Sollamas NFT Volume Traded – 95.85K SOL 

(as of 20th May 2022) 

What Is Sollamas NFT? Into The Magical Realm 

What Is Sollamas NFT? Into The Magical Realm 

Sollamas NFT is a cute collection of llamas as they travel in packs and herds. Unveiling the Sollamas NFT collection, creators have untold stories to share with their community. As the user purchases one of the avatars from the collection, they are introduced to the community giving a better opportunity to interpret the Sollamas NFT roadmap.  

The collection reveals 8,888 llama avatars with unique characteristics rare to find. Broadly classifying the collection into three categories, i.e., Aliens, Robots, and Zombies, the creators have selected the characteristics to plot a better storyline for the Sollamas NFT roadmap in the future. 

Sollamas NFT Public Sale And Drop Date Details 

The Sollamas NFT collection was unleashed on Aug 20, 2021, with 8888 special avatars. With allotment in whitelist and other purposes, 1012 NFTs were allotted to different holders, and 100 are saved for future airdrops and rewards. 

Sollamas NFT Roadmap: Unleashing The Hidden Secret 

Standing different from the crowd, the creators have planned a different story for the Sollamas NFT collection. Unlike other cute NFT collections, the llama dynasty is put to an end as the Tuco arrives in their world. While it portrays an unrelated story, a new wave of llamas moves into the town, unaware of the madness possessed by Tuco. 

With the story progressing on the side, creators will take good care of their community as these NFTs will be available for trade on integrated marketplaces like Every Gen2 NFT holder has an exclusive opportunity to receive the special airdrops planned by the team. These airdrops will unveil some of the rarest llamas under the Sollamas NFT collection. Other NFT merch will also be introduced with the time. 

Working on the story, the 2nd gen NFTs will be all set to turn into adults, and a new storyline will evolve. The creators haven’t revealed the selected storyline yet but have dropped some chilling hints for the community. 

Sollamas Rarity Analysed 

The NFT collection is hand-picked and the Sollamas rarity is algorithmically curated to fit in 19 different traits and 165 different sub-traits. As new NFTs are revealed with time, different traits are added to the collection. The rarest of the collection being the Alien, Robot, and Zombie, every holder with these NFTs will have a specific task assigned to the community. 

Sollamas NFT Sales Volume And Statistics: Mint Price VS Floor Price Analysis 

Sollamas NFT Sales Volume And Statistics: Mint Price VS Floor Price Analysis 

The Sollamas NFT has seen huge trading on the secondary market during the mint period. With 95.85K SOL in volume trading, the collection was a major attraction during the sale. Currently, the 8,888 Sollamas NFT collection is owned by 4271 owners, and new NFTs are introduced via airdrops. 

Sollamas NFT Mint Price 

While the collection was in-demand, the creators set a Sollamas Mint price suitable for the holders. The collected was minted at 4 SOL per avatar with different purchase options. As llamas are available in packs and herds, a special herd collection included three single avatars with rare features.  

Sollamas NFT Floor Price 

As of 16th May 2022, the Sollamas NFT floor price trends at 0.74 SOL. With huge trading during the mint period, the floor price has currently settled at 0.74 SOL. As the rarity of the collection increases, the NFT price is expected to go as high as 65K SOL. 

Sollamas NFT Price Prediction 

With huge enthusiasm during the launch of the collection, holders are eagerly waiting for the upcoming storyline. As the team reveals the secret plan, the community will be all set to address a new age of llamas which will be different from the one in graves currently.

The creators have planned to charismatically deal with Tuco and bring well-deserved justice to the llama species. 

As the plot is revealed, there can be a reasonable upsurge in the Sollamas NFT price and a fair opportunity to capitalize on the same. 

Where To Buy Sollamas NFTs? 

While it was hard to grab the Sollamas NFT during the mint period, it is now available on the secondary marketplaces. Sollamas Magic Eden is one of the secondary platforms where users can trade their Sollamas NFT avatars. Similarly, Sollamas NFT is available on Both the marketplaces are authentic and offer 100% reliability factor the holders. With the purchase completion, the NFT will be transferred to the crypto wallet within a few minutes. 

This also gives the user access to the community. Based on 20+ traits, Sollamas NFT brings in different NFT avatars for the users to choose from. Solana-based NFT drops offer lower service fees compared to Ethereum smart chain, therefore, saving on the trading cost. 

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With different topics like where to buy Sollamas NFT and Sollamas Magic Eden discussed, users would have to least worry about the technical aspect of the collection. The next-gen collection of llamas will unveil the true power they possess, introducing further traits. 

Therefore, be prepared to explore a new world with the roadmap ahead! 

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