SolPunks NFT Mint Price, Floor Price & Everything To Know

What Are SolPunks NFT

SolPunks NFT is one of few top-tier projects that has managed to gain the traction of people consistently. It has been a roller coaster ride for Solpunks. From being mocked by critics as a copy of Cryptopunks to aggressive social media campaigning and significant collaborations, SolPunks NFT has survived numerous FUDs. This has paved its path for acquiring the status of the most legitimate and unique NFT project on the Solana blockchain. 

SolPunks is a PFP-based, community-driven NFT project built on the Solana blockchain. It is a collection of 10k digital characters of aliens, apes, zombies, men, and women. Each digital character is unique and created algorithmically. The NFT collection is divided into different categories based on its rarity.

Keep reading the article to learn everything about the SolPunks NFT project and how it managed to bag success despite much criticism?

SolPunks Overview

SolPunks NFT  Solana Items 10K
Owners 4600
SolPunks NFT Solana Floor Price 9.25 SOL
Volume Traded 433.49k SOL


NFT space has grown exponentially since 2021. Numerous NFTs drop each day, but only the projects with a great future vision, utility, and hardworking team survive.  Despite constant criticism, FUDs, and legal troubles, the team backing up SolPunks has consistently focused on building the project further by adding value to it. 

What is Unique With SolPunks NFTs? 

What is Unique With SolPunks NFTs

Here are some key factors that played a significant role in the success of the SolPunks NFT Solana.

  • Skilled and hardworking team.
  • Aggressive social media campaigning.
  • Consistent efforts to build a strong community.
  • Active social media presence.
  • Great future Vision.
  • Unique Art.
  • Collaborations with big firms.

SolPunks NFT Roadmap

  • The team, backed up by the SolPunks, focuses on further development in the web 3.0 domain on the Solana ecosystem. Through action, collaborations, and policies, SolPunks will focus on laying solid foundations for the long sustainability of the project.
  • The SolPunks NFT’s decision to invest in upcoming metaverse projects in the Solana ecosystem has added utility to its project. It has created numerous opportunities for its holders to earn passive income by participating in different events in metaverses like Desolates, Down under, Solpunk city, and a few more.
  • More focus has been laid on increasing the utility of the SolPunks NFTs. Recent deals with numerous marketplaces for wallet growth, investments in bluechip NFT projects, and partnerships with promising upcoming projects on the Solana blockchain will eventually increase the value and utility of SolPunks.
  • SolPunks also plans to collaborate with artists and celebrities to expand its presence in the real world.

SolPunks NFT Rarity

10k SolPunks NFTs have been divided into different types and categories. The most common type is Male. Out of 10k NFTs, the rarest type is Alien and ape. Follow the table to get clear information regarding SolPunks NFT Rarity.

  • Alien – 9 (0.09%)
  • Ape – 24 (0.24%)
  • Zombie – 88 (0.88%)
  • Female – 3840 (32.40%)
  • Male – 6039 (60.39%)

Attribute Count 

The rarity of NFT is also based on the number of attributes present in an NFT.

Each NFT is created algorithmically from a combination of 87 attributes in total. The number of attributes present in an NFT varies from 0 to 7. The SolPunk that tops the NFT rarity list has 7 attributes.

SolPunks Mint Price

SolPunks NFT Mint Price, Floor Price

The public launch of the SolPunks NFT project took place on 21 May 2021. At the launch, SolPunks mint price was 3 Sol. The value of 1 Sol in terms of USD on 21 May was $34.   As of 16 May 2022, roughly one year later, the value of 1 Sol is $58. The value of the SolPunks price has grown over time and is continuing to do so. Furthermore, the SolPunks deal with Solanaart has confirmed a 3% royalty deposit to SolPunksDAO.

SolPunks NFT Floor Price.

Buyers were able to mint SolPunks NFT on public launch at the mint price of 3 sol. The value of Sol and the SolPunks NFT floor price has been on an uptrend for a year. 

As we can see in the chart, the past three months have been a roller coaster ride for SolPunks NFTs. The floor prices on most NFT projects declined due to bad market sentiment toward NFT space. The supply in April grew, resulting in the floor price fall. 

As said, only fundamentally strong projects survive the bear market. In May, the floor price started to go up again. The first steps towards recovery were observed in the chart.  As of 17th May 2022, the SolPunks NFT Floor price currently holds the value of 9.25 Sol at the marketplace. 

SolPunks NFT Price Prediction For 2022

The cup and handle pattern in the chart confirms the rising floor price trend and the declining supply trend. In the past few days, the listings for sale decreased. As per the fundamental and technical analysis, we predict the SolPunks price prediction, therefore, is to rise in the upcoming month.

For long-term price prediction, the value of SolPunks NFT will continue to grow.

Where To Buy SolPunks NFT

SolPunks NFT is available at many marketplaces. To avoid scams, we recommend you to follow our list of the most trustable and reliable platforms to buy, sell and trade SolPunks NFTs.

You can follow the Official Twitter Page of SolPunks here

  • OpenSea
  • Solanart
  • Magic Eden 
  • SolPunks Trading
  • SolSea


The SolPunks NFT project has a bright future. The Community is growing stronger each day, and the consistent efforts of the team to build the project further have gained the traction of reputed investors in the NFT space. The SolPunks NFT project has collaborated with Pixel invaders in the past few months. Furthermore, the launch of a new SolPunks website and complete roadmap will add more value to the project.

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