Taciturn-robot NFT & Talismans NFT From Talin Star Space & More

Taciturn-robot NFT & Talismans NFT

Taciturn-robot NFT depicts high-quality 3D artwork of little robots. Also, the project currently has 46.2K Followers on Talin Star Space Twitter and about 9000 members on the Discord channel. This Talismans NFT collection strives to bridge the gap between good artwork, culture, and WEB2 plus Web3 applications to offer its holders new and lucrative opportunities.

In today’s Taciturn-robot NFT review, we will have a much closer look at what it is, the roadmap, minting process and price, and how to buy Taciturn-robot NFT, and much more.

What Is Taciturn-Robot NFT?  Everything About Talismans NFT From Talin Star Space 

Taciturn-robot NFT & Talismans NFT

Taciturn is a world-first collection of 8,248 NFTs based on fortune talismans and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, the holders’ NFTs will act as a membership token for the web3 Taciturn-robot NFT Club. Moreover, every Taciturn NFT will grant access to different perks for the holders in the future. There are 4 categories of Taciturn NFTs called: 

  1. Talisman Collection: 89.913% rarity and contains 7416 NFTs
  2. Joint Collection: 7.274% rarity and includes 600 NFTs
  3. Original Taciturn-robot: 1.939% rarity and contains 160 NFTs.
  4. Tao Collection: 0.873% rarity and includes 72 NFTs

Also, the “Joint Collection”, is owned by the company that started the project for presentation purposes and is not available to purchase.

Taciturn-robot, nicknamed Talin NFT, is a quiet, strong, and compassionate robot from an unknown galaxy. His story starts 1,500 years ago when a capsule landed on Earth in China’s Maoshan Mountains. After more than a century, a Taoist monk purchased the sleeping robot from an old scavenger and gave it to his grandson who activated it by pressing the T button on the chest.

The Talin NFT character woke up sad and confused, plus was unable to speak. Thinking the Robot is broken, they placed it at the temple’s entrance. One day little Talin saw the talismans on the sutra and the screen on his face kept flashing them.

Simultaneously, an alien devil who destroyed the Talin mothership landed near the mountains to capture the Taciturn robot which stores the last history along with the culture of his home planet. In a fierce battle, the Talin NFT character won and the devil got defeated with the help of the “True Fire Light Thing” talisman he saw. 

Later, he displayed more Talismans on his screen that were known as well as unknown to the monks. Afterward, Talin was accepted by the monks but only uses his face/screen to communicate with everyone who came to the Maosan mountain to see him.

Talin’s Taciturn-Robot Traits & Rarities

Talin's Taciturn-Robot Traits & Rarities

The overall traits define the Taciturn-robot NFT price and are based on three prime categories:

  1. 100 General collections
  2. 3 Transparent collections 
  3. 1 Tao collection. 

Also, rare items contain collections of 72 Talisman, receivers plus transparent boots, and 60 joint collections.

The Rarity Of The Talisman Collection 

There are 72 Tao Taciturn robots as well as 216 Transparent Taciturn-robot NFTs with different characteristics. Some of them include 10 types of the Background color (Yellow, Green Red, and more) 24 types of Materials ( Neat, Glass, Tile, etc), and a wide range of rune types. Furthermore, there are also single rare items like Receiver and boots, or a combination of the two.

Joint Collection Rarity

The background, skin plus rare items traits are similar to the talisman collection. Moreover, there are also 6 characteristics of the Taciturn-robot NFT joint collection such as ‘Full of Gold’ or ‘Fortune’ along with a single blue color background. 

The team of Taciturn-robot NFT utilizes the SHA-256 algorithm to hash all the NFTs that are generated randomly during Talin minting. There will also be unreleased 600 NFTs and about 300 will be reserved for whitelist, drawing, marketing, and promotion as well as the project vault. Also, out of the other 300, 100 will be for initial contributors and 200 for project future needs.

Taciturn-Robot NFT RoadMap

Taciturn-Robot NFT RoadMap

Currently, there is a 13-step roadmap, and about half has already been completed. It included the minting phase, rewards to the whitelist, whitelist recruitment, lottery winners perks for community contributors, and more.

The future Talin NFT’s roadmap shows OpenSea Listing on May 16, 2022, to initiate the P2P trading progress. By the end of May, NFT holders will obtain Airdrops of Liquid drug plus new Taciturn robots. The second season will also start when the Taciturn-robot will transform into an alien. By June 30, 2022, open public participation project called Taegeuk Block NFT will be set for launch as well as the product release of the Taciturn robot. 

Till December of 2022, the team of Taciturn will introduce a project plan for Metatao Metaverse that contains digital art pieces, hosting galleries, auctions, plus art schools. The governance coin of the Metaverse called the Tao coin will be launched, and the holders will obtain 100,000,000 coins airdropped in their wallets. Furthermore, multiple events will be organized in Seoul, South Korea for holders, plus a new Roadmap for the future will be launched at the event. 

Taciturn-Robot NFT Mint Price And Floor Price

  1. The Taciturn-robit NFT mint price is 0.15ETH. 20% revenue is offered to whitelist members plus community contributors. 
  2. The next phase of minting includes a Taciturn-robot NFT mint price of 0.2ETH. 

Also, currently, there are 1.1K items listed on OpenSea, and the Taciturn-robot NFT floor price is 0.14 ETH with 350 owners.

How To Buy Taciturn-Robot NFT & Taciturn Whitelist Procedure 

Note:  People who get listed on the WL by May 16, will be distributed some portion of the whole minting revenue. 

  1. Whitelist/OG – Combined into Whitelist
  2. Recruitment period: ~ May 15, 12:00AM KST 
  3. Result Announcement: May 17, 5 PM KST
  4. Whitelist Details: 

How To Buy Taciturn-Robot NFT & Taciturn Whitelist Procedure 

  1. Profit distribution: 20% of the total minting amount for all whitelisted members. 
  1. When the number of people who achieve the upper level is exceeded, the lower level is applied
  2. Restrictions and Regulations

Example of Revenue distribution Reward (based on total reward of 200 ETH)

Example of Revenue distribution Reward (based on total reward of 200 ETH)

Below You, Will Find Information On How To Buy Talin NFT From Opensea

  1. To buy the Taciturn-robot you will need a Metamask wallet with ETH. The current Taciturn-robot NFT floor price (12 May 2022) is 0.14, therefore you must add about half ETH more to ensure the transaction covers any fluctuating gas fee.
  2. Connect your wallet with the Taciturn NFT OpenSea official page and use the side filters to narrow your search down based on the traits, blockchain, Taciturn-robot NFT price, or rarity.
  3. Click on the Taciturn-robot NFT you want and click the Buy Now button. A popup will appear in the Metamask with all the pricing details and ask you to verify the transaction.
  4. Upon verifying, the NFT will be sent to your Metamask wallet and visible in the OpenSea account in about 10 minutes. Finally, you will be a member of the Taciturn-robot NFT Club.

Time To Join The Taciturn-Robot NFT Club

The Taciturn-robot NFT has a staunch community on Talin Star Space Twitter and Discord that trusts the process and is loyal to the artist and the collection. Is important to create a community to avoid regular NFT flips and improve the value further.

Apart from the community, the project also has good artwork, along with a practical roadmap that will benefit the holders. High-quality Talin NFT artwork, tokenomics, community airdrops, cultural values, and IRL events will help the Taciturn-robot community to increase traction in the next bull run.

To know more about this revolutionary and exciting Talin Star Space project, check out the Taciturn-robot NFT official website. Join the official Taciturn-robot discord server for regular updates on the project.

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