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AquaHeads NFT Deep Meaning And Hype Collection

The Aqua Heads NFT collection comes up with new financing means in the CSR industry. With the 3D cool AquaHeads NFT avatar, founders step up the game by sending 100% of royalty to important movements to save the ecosystem.

With funding to companies like WWF, GreenPeace, FSC, and Coral Reef Alliance, one can distinguish the different movements AquaHeads NFT is looking forward to. This article will guide one through AquaHeads NFT rarity, roadmap, and different features which make this NFT special.

AquaHeads NFT Quick Overview

AquaHeads NFT Mint price  2.31 SOL
Aqua Heads NFT Floor Price  TBD
AquaHeads NFT Total items  3333 3D models
AquaHeads NFT Launch Date  30th April 2022

AquaHeads NFT Brief Analysis

The AquaHeads NFT collection of 3333 NFTs is based on Solana Crypto Blockchain. With the aim to protect mother Earth and save humanity, this project unveils two collections (Deep Meaning and Hype Collection). Apart from that, the project utilizes Cryptocurrency as a medium to finance healthy dynamics in the industry.

Catering to NFT holders, the Deep Meaning collection unleashes the hidden issues which are difficult to deal with. With proper categorization, the collection is an attempt to address different realms. From animals to ecology, every minute detail has been portrayed in this movement.

On the other hand, the Hype collection brings different personalities and outfits to showcase art. However, these personalities and outfits are yet to be out!

AquaHeads NFT Launch / Minting/ Drop Date 


AquaHeads NFT Mint Price And DateImage credits:

With ambitious goals to revolutionize the CSR industry, the project is set to feature its 3333 3D models. The AquaHeads NFT launch date is 30th April 2022, with varying times for Pre-sale and Official Mint. While the Pre-sale mint is set at 16:00 UTC, the Official mint is set for 18:00 UTC.

On the other hand, the AquaHeads NFT mint price is 2.31 $SOL.

Aqua Heads NFT Roadmap To Green Movement!

With a dedicated team of engineers and artists, the Aqua Heads project is an initiative to educate and encourage humankind to adore nature. The rise in global warming and plastic pollution has caused irreversible damage to the ecosystem. In Phase 1 (i.e., Pre-Drop season), the Aqua Heads project will focus on reaching out to people. With brand collaboration and giveaways, educating human beings will be easier.

The Drop season or Phase 2 aims to grow the community to outweigh the different issues in and around us. Collaboration with Meta Moose, One Ape LOTT, and others will enhance the AquaHeads community and provide a better understanding of the long-run vision. Similarly, other events like merch giveaways will take place.

With NFT holders in charge of the collection, Phase 3 stabilizes the project towards these different causes (DAO, FUND, FUN, Education, Utility, and P2E). NFT Holders can expect an airdrop collection in this phase as it will be available at a discount.

In the end, the AquaHeads project will continue to fund different movements through the income in royalties. Also, different information will be passed to the audience to empower them with the truth.

AquaHeads NFT Rarity

AquaHeads NFT Deep Meaning And Hype Collection

The project looks forward to unveiling 3333 3D models which are uniquely created. As of 20th March 2022, the project has been divided into two groups to diversify AquaHeads NFT rarity. There’s a high chance for the NFTs to differ based on issues, animals, ecology, landscapes, and fish.

Similarly, the Hype collection will justify the NFT holders’ end by introducing celebrities and outfits. In the end, the goal to fight racial discrimination and others will be achieved with the unique AquaHeads NFT Rarity.

AquaHeads NFT Sales Statistics

The Aqua Heads NFT is yet to be launched. The model prepares the project to outreach the maximum audience before its launch on 30th April 2022. The collection will be available on a Solana-based secondary market once the official sale is over. Therefore, stay tuned for more information.

AquaHeads NFT Price Prediction

With a noble mission, a solid team, and a generous roadmap, this AquaHeads NFT price prediction looks positive and promising. Drawing attention to different ecological issues, this collection is something everybody should get their hands on!

How To Buy AquaHeads NFT Collection?

With the rush for the AquaHeads NFT public sale, grabbing an avatar at the mint price will be difficult. In order to secure a safe position, users must add the required fund to their crypto wallets. Follow the steps below to create a wallet and buy the AquaHeads NFT collection.

Step 1 – Set Up A Gemini Crypto Account


To purchase the AquaHeads NFT collection, creating a wallet with $SOL is important. Also, while purchasing, one needs to select an exchange that charges minimal service fees. The officials recommend using Gemini Exchange for the same.

Visit and click on Get Started. Fill up the required information and set up your new account.

Step 2 – Purchase The Crypto
The AquaHeads NFT collection will be purchased using $SOL. Therefore with KYC approval, users must purchase $SOL by adding funds to their wallet.

Step 3 – Set Up A Metamask Wallet

While the Gemini exchange provides a medium to purchase $SOL, it is necessary to own a wallet to store the same. Metamask wallet provides a smart user interface and encrypted protection to secure your NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Save the seed phrase provided during the setup as it protects the wallet from device theft and loss.


Step 4 – Transfer Crypto
The current AquaHeads NFT floor price is not available. However, once the NFT is launched, transfer a similar amount of $SOL to your Metamask wallet to purchase avatars.

Step 5 – Connect Your Wallet To The Marketplace
No clear information related to the marketplace has been shared yet. Therefore, we expect the AquaHeads NFT collection to be available on the official website. The pre-sale launch date is 16:00 UTC 30th April 2022, while the public sale is set two hours later.

Search for Connect Your Wallet tab and be a buyer in the marketplace.

Step 6 – Purchase The AquaHeads NFT Collection
Visit the collection’s page on the marketplace and search for your perfect avatar. With due diligence, select the right NFT and click on Purchase. While your wallet will be debited for the $SOL amount, the NFT will be available in your gallery within a few seconds.


Different aims to popularize the movement among communities, racial discrimination, and oppression of minorities will be some major objectives of the project.

Renaissance your belief in green peace with AquaHeads NFT collection today!

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