Cyber Cosmos World NFT : Mint Price Vs Floor Price Analysis !

Cyber Cosmos World NFT

With an ambition to set a mark in the Metaverse, Cyber Cosmos World NFT is on the verge to promote women’s empowerment. This amazing collection of 10000 avatars represents cyber warriors representing the women in the tech industry. The Cyber Cosmos World NFT is based on the Ethereum blockchain and has curated all the Cyber Warriors randomly.

The co-founder’s past story shows the faith Cyber Cosmos World NFT can create in the Metaverse. With this article, let’s check Cyber Cosmos World NFT rarity, mint price, launch date, and other information.

Cyber Cosmos World NFTs Overview

Volume Traded  1.7 ETH Opensea
Cyber Cosmos World NFT Launch Date  31st March 2022
Cyber Cosmos World NFT Floor Price   TBD
Total Items  10000 (currently only Mojo Collection is available) 

(as of 18th March 2022)

Cyber Cosmos World NFTs: Everything You Need To Know About

Cyber Cosmos World NFT

Cyber Cosmos World NFT leaves stereotypes and encourages women to be a part of the new Metaverse. With women empowerment and cyber security as two main motos, Ankita Dhakar sets the benchmark for women’s representation in the tech industry.

With quests like equal opportunity, fairness, and strength in hand, Ankita Dhakar, with her team, powers the Cyber Cosmos World NFT to reserve tables for women in a male-dominant industry. Every cyber warrior in the collection is unique and incredible with their powers.

As people buy more avatars from the Cyber Cosmos World collection, they look forward to philanthropic contributions on the team’s part. While 2% of the fund is directed towards artists, 30% focuses on boot camps and workshops to introduce females to the Art and Tech world.
Similarly, the team looks forward to payback the NFT holders with the upcoming merch sales. The NFT holders will retain 50% of the merch sales’ profit.

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Cyber Cosmos World NFT Launch Date: March 31, 2022

While the Mojo collection is out there, the rest of the cyber warriors are yet to be unleashed. Mojo is a collection of special 50 hand-crafted cyber warriors, also known as the first few special women protecting the world from cybercrime.

Cyber Cosmos World NFT Mint Price/ Initial Price. 

As per the officials, the Cyber Cosmos World NFT launch date is 31st March 2022, with a mint price of 0.08 ETH + gas fee. The Cyber Cosmos World NFT mint price for VIP presale will be 0.02 ETH + gas. However, the VIP presale will depend on giveaways.

Cyber Cosmos World NFT Roadmap To Empowerment


While the Cyber Cosmos World project talks about women’s empowerment and equality in the tech industry, it focuses on giving back to society. Similarly, the founders look forward to meeting their holder’s expectations.

With community launch on social media, 100 special giveaways to engaged members at 0.02 ETH and 200 spots at 0.08 ETH showcase the founder’s true nature of providing to the community. Apart from it, the two most active and loyal community members will receive Cyber Cosmos World NFT airdrops.

50% progress in the plan brings in different merchandise stores to promote cyber warrior arts on wearables. Looking out for the NFT holders, the team has decided to distribute 50% of the sales profit.

Successful land purchase in the Metaverse allows the community to celebrate and organize events to showcase the NFTs collection. Again 50% of the profit is given back to the holders.
Before the release of Roadmap 2.0, 3D models will be introduced for NFT holders to interact in the Metaverse. The 3D avatar can be used to indulge in a play-to-earn model.

Apart from the project being stable, it encourages society to accept women and provide them equal opportunity in the market. As the Cyber Cosmos World community grows in size, different agendas like workplace harassment and equal rights can also be the focus of the project.

Cyber Cosmos World NFT Rarity

With 9 rarity attributes and 151 unique traits in hand, these 10000 Cyber warriors are randomly curated to represent anonymity in creation. A special Mojo collection introduces hand-curated 50 cyber warriors, all set to be the first ones from the project. The collection opens up special benefits and is available to a few.
Similarly, VIP Presale introduces another 300 NFTs that will be distributed as giveaways at a minimal price. The founders haven’t shown any interest in introducing new NFTs in the future. Therefore, grab the NFT as soon as possible.

Cyber Cosmos World NFT Sales Statistics


How to Buy Cyber Cosmos World NFTImage credits:

The official minting date for Cyber Cosmos World NFT is 31st March 2022, and therefore, the official sales statistics for the collection are not out. However, the Mojo collection received huge enthusiasm from NFT lovers, and only 23 NFTs are available on Opensea. With 1.1 ETH as Cyber Cosmos World NFT floor price and 1.7 ETH in Volume Traded, there are currently 19 owners in the game.

Cyber Cosmos World NFT Price Prediction 2022

Women empowerment and cyber protection are two agendas that require immediate attention. With the lack of women entrepreneurs in the Tech industry, goals like introducing Bootcamp and workshops enhances human confidence in the project. The Cyber Cosmos World NFT Mint date is 31st March 2022, which has set in the craze among NFT holders.

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How To Buy Cyber Cosmos World NFT?

With Ethereum in your crypto wallet, purchasing Cyber Cosmos World NFT will be a cakewalk. If you don’t have a crypto wallet, the officials recommend using Gemini Exchange. Follow the steps below to buy Cyber Cosmos World NFT.

Step 1 – Visit and click on Get Started. Set up an account and complete the KYC process to proceed.
Step 2 – Add a payment method to add funds to your crypto wallet.
Step 3 – Gemini Exchange will provide a private key that must be stored safely. This key can be used in case of device damage or other problems.
Step 4 – Purchase Ethereum with the fund added.
Step 5– Now, connect your wallet to using a wallet address or a QR code.
Step 6 – Using the search bar, look out for Cyber Cosmos World NFT and purchase your favorite avatar. It takes a few seconds to reflect the NFT in your crypto wallet. Currently, the mojo collection is available on the secondary market.


The Cyber Cosmos World NFT is a great initiative to encourage more women to participate in the Tech and Art industry. Most of the funds generated are used for charities, community regulation, and rewards for community members. The project’s social media platform opens up a window for all the women entrepreneurs to discuss innovative ideas and set a stepping stone for themselves.

With so many benefits in hand, the NFT collection must be in your cart already!

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