With real estate booming in the States, it’s time to take things to virtual reality. Decentraland Map opens a world of possibilities with its 90,601 land parcels for purchase. Based on Ethereum Smart Chain, NFT holders have full access to their digital items offering the freedom to edit and customize the land into something unique.

With so much to discuss, this article will cover the different types of Decentraland Land maps and all the other aspects related to the same.

How To Find Land: Explore The Decentraland Maps With Us!

Decentraland Map Different Realms To Catch Up

While virtual reality was a gaming proposal for most of us, Decentraland has become a major attraction for business owners to cash out on it. This platform is not just another NFT in your crypto wallet; from creating an avatar to exploring the livelihood of the new society, a user can engage in activities available in different realms.

Being in the limelight, Decentraland is currently free for users to explore. However, any participation would require $MANA. With numerous games to participate in, Decentraland map works as an attractive platform for users to keep themselves engaged in the platform. Apart from that, the metaverse provides a potential source of income as the cryptocurrency can be cashed out for dollars.

Participating in the Decentraland metaverse opens up numerous options for users as a completely new economy is awaiting. From purchasing NFTs to gambling in virtual casinos, users can find a profitable business idea and cash out money in the long run. To keep the experience alive, holders can interact with each other using the optimized features. Apart from that, creators promote live auctions of digital artwork giving everyone an equal opportunity.

NFT holders can also engage in the new world by being creators in the same. This gives an exciting opportunity to earn MANA and explore a completely new stream of income. Currently, the world is available in 2D perspective exclusively. Creators are working to introduce virtual reality in the same.

The Decentraland map introduces NFTs, which act as parcels of land comprising unique characteristics. Currently, Genesis City has 90601 land parcels to offer. With different features like roads, plazas, lands, and districts, NFT holders are free to buy and customize the same as per their wishes.

Just like any real estate project, Genesis City represents different estates, and as the engagement grows, the prices will shoot up.

Decentraland Map – Different Realms To Catch Up

Decentraland Map How To Find Available Land MAP Must Know

The 90601 NFTs provide different options to choose from. While buying land seems like a viable plan, there are other options to avail from to be a part of the metaverse. The Genesis comprises roads, plaza, land purchased, land available for purchase, and different districts.

Covering all of these, the city provides road connectivity to every plot of land, maximizing the output for all. Each NFT can be identified by a different color on the Decentraland map. Check out the colors below –

  • Road – Light Grey
  • Plazas – Green
  • Land already purchased – Dark Grey
  • Available Land – Bright Blue
  • Districts – Purple


With a total of 9 genesis plazas on the Decentraland map, this will act as a spawn location for players and optimize the new world’s gaming perspective. Users can also expect new updates on the plaza as the project keeps growing in the future.

The land price is based on the coordinates and different spawn locations. With land closer to a spawn place, holders can expect the price to be high. However, this can change in the future as new developments take place and become the center of attraction.

While it seems no big news, these lands can be used to build estate. These estates can be used for different activities like content curation, advertisement, digital collectibles, and every other possible idea that come to your mind.

Currently, the layout is based on a 2D structure with coordinates ranging from -150 to +150. As the Decentraland map progresses in time, holders will enter a VR world, completely revolutionising the picture in hand.

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Decentraland Land map has several new plots which can unleash creative plans in the future. With new estate production in progress, the scarcity of land will capture user’s attention promoting smart incentives simultaneously. Therefore, unleash your idea by being a part of this metaverse!

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