Hape Girls NFT Price, Rarity And How To Buy Guide For Beginners

Hape Girls NFT Price, Rarity And How To Buy Guide For Beginners

What is fashion without the fun, stylish, and trendy Hape Girls NFTs? These fashion-forward, quirky, and hip 1,000 3D fashion model NFTs are bridging the gap between real-world fashion and the Metaverse thanks to its Fashion Bridge. It is the first project to introduce franchising opportunities in the Metaverse, so its future is full of surprises!

 So what do the Hape Girls NFTs offer to its ultra-modern investors? Can you utilize them to earn a profitable income? Let us jump right in and check out what these NFTs have in store, their ambitious Hape Girls NFT roadmap, current sales stats, and more!

Hape Girls NFT Overview


Hape Girls NFT items 1,000
Number of Owners 121
Hape Girls NFT Floor price 0.12 ETH
Volume Traded Mint price 0.1 ETH
Volume Traded 3,200 ETH

(The above details stand valid as of 12th April 2022)

Hape Girls NFT: The Boss-Girls Of Metaverse Fashion


Hape Girls NFT The Boss-Girls Of Metaverse Fashion

If you love the ever-changing fashion industry, ambitious styles, and NFTs, Hape Girls NFTs are for you! These 3D girls come with 200 unique traits such as hair, glasses, necklace, earrings, clothing, tattoo, piercings, skin tone, background, etc. They are available on the Ethereum blockchain and came out to strut on 11th April 2022!

 So what do the Hape Girls NFT bring to the game? The team has the best fashion accessories for giving your chic 3D models the ultimate makeovers. Show off your creative flairs and earn from them, thanks to the franchising system!

 Hape Girls is the first Metaverse project to help investors earn an income from their fashion-forward NFTs with bubbly and dapper personas!

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Important Calendar Dates For Hape Girls NFTs

The snazzy Hape Girls NFTs launched for minting on 11th April at 3 PM EST. It was available for 300 Whitelist members ready to own their stylish tokens! 30 minutes after that, at 3:30 PM EST, the public sale went live for everyone else!

The Bling-Studded Hape Girls NFT Roadmap

The Hape Girls NFT roadmap is a jazzy path to behold. What new trends are the Hape Girls team setting through its growth roadmap? Let’s take a peek!

Phase 1:

Based on the DAO decisions, the team will begin to invest in cryptocurrencies 72 hours after the minting process. Only the exclusive HG investors channel will know about it. There will also be a $50.000 giveaway to a lucky NFT owner through a transparent and live raffle system on random.org!

Phase 2:

Ready to sell your stylish creations? The team will contact the project’s fashion industry partners and activate online shopping on the NFT site! 

Here, investors can sell HG accessories in the real world! The HG team will utilize this sales income and a 5% royalty fee for the staking system and community growth.

Phase 3:

The team will grant free access to all Hape Girls NFT holders to the HG Villa that will be in the Metaverse! You can also play in the Pay-to-Play game available to all NFT investors.

Hape Girls NFT Rarity

We are yet to learn more about the Hape Girls NFT rarity. The Hape Girls staking system will be active in Q2, where the holders can stake their NFTs to earn APY%! The best part, the rewards from your staking will depend on an NFTs rarity.

NFT Hape Girls Sales Stats: Volume, Mint Price, Floor Price Details

Hape Girls NFTs Mint Price

Hape Girls NFTs Mint Price

Hape Girls NFT mint price was set at 0.1 ETH. Each of the 300 Whitelist members minted up to 5 Hape NFTs per wallet. As a token of appreciation, the team had also set the WL’s multiple token minting price the same as minting a single one.

Hape Girls NFT Floor Price: 12th April

The current Hape Girls NFT floor price on 12th April is 0.12 ETH. That is equal to $361.74. It began selling at 0.1 ETH floor price during the initial minting session and is now showing a potential rise in price. 

According to the Hape Girls NFT OpenSea date on 12th April, the average price might fall to 0.10 ETH as the number of holders increases. 

The volume Of Sales: 12th April

On 12th April 2022, the Hape Girls NFT’s volume of sales stands at 3,200 ETH according to the project’s official OpenSea page. 

Hape Girls NFT Price Prediction

There are loads of exciting plans in store for the Hape Girls NFT project! As their NFT holder and member of the community, you can take part in their fashion franchising opportunities, pay-to-play games, Metaverse madness, and many other exciting events! 

Moreover, people with more NFTs can earn more from their staking events. Keeping these in mind, the Hape Girls NFT prices are predicted to soar toward profit.

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How To Buy Hape Girls NFT?

Are you wondering about how to buy Hape Girls NFT? Then let us go through the step-by-step guide below and find out today!

Step 1: Exchange Account

For the first step, set up your exchange account with either Gemini exchange or coin smart exchange. If this is your first time investing in NFTs, then the coinsmart exchange can be a helpful pick as it offers a $20 signing bonus. You can use this for your investment purposes and start with this as your savings. 

And if you are an experienced investor, Gemine exchange can be super helpful!

Step 2: Buy Ethereum

After you opt for one exchange of your choice, share your KYC details for approval. Once you receive the approval for the exchange, you can now buy Ethereum with Fiat currency.

The Hape Girls NFTs will be launched on the Ethereum Blockchain as Ethereum 721 tokens. 

Step 3: Setup Your Metamask Wallet

In this step, all you need to do is to set up your Metamask wallet, write down the seed phrase and be careful not to share it with anyone else.

Step 4: Transfer Ethereum To Wallet

After setting up your Metamask wallet, transfer your stored Ethereum from the chosen exchange.

Step 5: Connect With The Marketplace Using Your Metamask

Visit OpenSea, and you will find the “Connect Wallet” on the top right of the page. Now, you can scan your wallet or type out the wallet address to connect it physically. 

Step 6: Buy Your Hape Girls NFT

You can search out one Hape Girls NFT and click on Purchase or submit an offer. The platform will then send the chosen NFT to your wallet, making you its rightful owner. 

Where To Buy Hape Girls NFTs

The Hape Girls NFTs are available on their official OpenSea marketplace. You can connect your Metamask wallet, add in Ethereum and use it to mint your very own Hape Girls NFT! The team will reveal the NFTs on 15th April 2022 so get yours today!

Join Hape Girls NFTs Here

Enter The World Of Fashion With Hape Girls NFTs

Are you ready to enter the high-class society of groovy ad stylish 3D Hape Girls NFTs? These models know their unique looks. From real-world art shops, and fashion industry collaborations, to staking and P2P games, this Metaverse project has loads in store!

So are you ready to dive into the world of fashion and monetize your fashion passion? Join today!

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