Moonbirds NFT Mint Price Vs Floor Price Updated 2022 !

Moonbirds NFT » Rarity, Mint Price & Floor Price Updated

Searching for Moonbird NFTs? What is Moonbirds all about? Backed by the PROOF team and investors like Gary Vaynerchuk, Moonbirds NFTs are surging through the roof. Hosting 10000 PFP collectives, Moonbirds NFT offers an exclusive opportunity for users to be a part of the PROOF team and make a future-binding decision collectively. 

Avoid missing out on any nooks with the help of this guide. This article is a walkthrough as it guides one about Moonbird’s rarity, Moonbirds NFT mint price, price prediction, and other related questions.  

Moonbirds NFT Overview:

Moonbirds NFT Total items  10,000
Moonbirds NFT Floor Price  35.90 ETH
Moonbirds NFT Volume Traded  100.7K ETH
Moonbirds NFT Owners  6.5K


What Are Moonbirds NFTs: Unlocking A World Of Rewards 

What Are Moonbirds NFTs Unlocking A World Of Rewards 

The PROOF team is all-set to enter the metaverse with its powerful collection of 10000 PFPs. Unleashing an amazing opportunity, these PFPs will be a medium to churn rewards and gain access to PROOF’s private club and other benefits. 

Nesting the avatars, the Moonbirds NFT won’t leave your wallet and see potential growth as the nest grows with time. Higher tier levels bring better value to your NFT, and the nesting rewards will depend on the nesting period’s length and cumulative nesting time.

Being the second project by PROOF, Moonbirds NFT is receiving tremendous enthusiasm as the floor price rises with time. Focusing on developing the Web3 application, holders can participate in the decision-making process and guide the project in the right direction. 

Moonbirds NFT Launch OR Public Sale Date

Launched on 16th April 2022, Moonbirds NFT was a favored project as it received huge participation. Even though the nests were only visible after minting the NFT, the project sold out within a few hours. 

Moonbirds NFT: Roadmap to a New Universe 

While nesting rewards seemed like the only benefit of the project, the PROOF team has revealed their plan to launch Project Highrise. Featuring their metaverse, the team plans on differentiating the project from ordinary metaverses, which feels like a ‘digital ghost town.’ 

Fostering growth for the community, Ryan Carson and Kevin Rose plan on building futuristic products and an impeccable brand value providing added benefits to community members. Similarly, all the Moonbirds NFT holders will get first-hand access to Project Highrise and, thus, a chance to purchase virtual lands. 

Providing a walkthrough, the PROOF team will introduce a thorough research report for the distinctive discord members explaining the future ahead. A Proof Academy will be set up to educate individuals on effective tax strategies in the Defi industry to acknowledge the potential. 

IRL Meetup and conferences are some of the added perks for Moonbirds NFT members. 

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Moonbirds NFT Rarity Explained 

Moonbirds NFT » Rarity, Mint Price & Floor Price Updated

Moonbirds NFT is a smart collection of uniquely generated 10000 NFTs. Offering various features, the project is based on 9 Traits with 126 subcategories.

Different rarity features like beak, feather, and eyeglasses promote higher rarity as limited options are associated with them. As a holder nests the avatars for a longer duration, the avatar’s tier level goes up, providing a notch in Moonbird’s rarity. 

Similarly, a set of 125 Moonbirds NFT is secured for unique collaborations to honor the determination involved in the project. With a total of 6600 owners, 2000 NFTs were distributed among the old PROOF community member. 

Moonbirds NFT Sales Volume, Mint Price & Floor Price Updated 

Moonbirds NFT Sales Volume, Mint Price & Floor Price Updated

With vast interest from the public, the Moonbirds NFT total trade volume has risen to 78.7K ETH. This NFT project has made a debut with more than $250mn in sales within four days of launch. The secondary sales volume was highest on 17th April 2022, standing at 3610. As more users plan to be a part of the community, the daily sales volume is on a slow decline. However, the trade volume depicts the true potential of the Moonbirds NFT project. 

Moonbirds NFT Mint Price 

Offered at a minimum rate of 2.5 ETH + Gas Fee per NFT, the Moonbirds NFT mint price was too low compared to the current floor price. The public sale went live with 7875 Moonbirds NFTs, keeping 2000 for the previous PROOF collective members. Apart from that, 125 Moonbirds NFTs are secured for special occasions like marketing and collaboration. 

Moonbirds NFT Floor price 

As of 22nd April 2022, the Moonbirds NFT floor price stands at 35.90 ETH, roughly equating to 100.7K ETH With great fluctuations in the last four days, the floor price saw an all-time high value of 35.90 ETH. Compared to the Moonbirds mint price, the floor price opened at a 750% increase providing huge returns to the investor. 

Moonbirds NFT Price Prediction 

With strong ambitions like building a uniquely-crafted metaverse, the PROOF team is all-set to unlock their true potential with the Moonbirds NFT collection. As new holders will participate in the growth process, the brand value will foster a stronger community for users to be a part of. Apart from that, this project from the PROOF team is backed by smart investors like Ryan Carson and Gary Vee. Thus the prices are predicted to go high in the coming days. 

Where To Buy The Moonbird NFT Collection From? 

While the minting was launched on the official website, the Moonbirds NFT collection has been sold out. Currently, the collection is exclusively available on a secondary marketplace called OpenSea. While listing the NFT collection is free, users can anticipate a high gas fee during purchase and sales as it is based on the Ethereum blockchain.  

5% of every secondary sale goes to the community, empowering them to foster growth. Therefore, one can visit the website and connect their wallet to purchase the Moonbirds NFT collection. 

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Developing a Web3 application for smoother communication will always be encouraged as the metaverse is bombarded with huge growth. With accomplishing several goals, the PROOF team is the one everyone can bet on! 

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