Remarkable Women NFT : Updated Floor Price & Rarity Details !

Remarkable Women NFT Floor Price

Bold, vibrant, and artistic brilliance are terms that best describe the 6,000 Remarkable Women NFTs! It is a heartfelt tribute to powerful women whose collective strength revolutionized a cultural reset. These colourful and bold creations are by Rachel Winter, a reputed and super talented Canadian illustrator. Winter’s background in fashion and arts and experience in pattern design has inspired these NFTS, making them a perfect portrait of culture and feminism!

So how did unconventional high-spirited fashion from the streets of Dublin, France, and London influence Winter’s diversely digital artworks? Let us wade into House of First’s Remarkable Women NFT roadmap, price points, minting details, and more!

Remarkable Women NFTs Overview!

Remarkable Women NFT items 6,000
Remarkable Women NFT Owners 2.300
Remarkable Women NFT Floor price 0.063 ETH
Remarkable Women NFT mint price  0.04 ETH
Volume Traded 466 ETH

(The above details stand valid as of 11th March 2022)

Encourage A Diverse Change With Remarkable Women NFTs!

Remarkable Women NFT Floor Price

Rachel Winter’s Remarkable Women NFT, minted by the House of First, is a colourful take on female empowerment, feminism, fashion, and culture. She utilizes her vibrant and bold illustrations to uplift women and leads them towards diversity, hope, and power.

As a dedicated illustrator with a powerful aim, Winter has dedicated months to these 6,000 gorgeous NFTs, 6 unique physical poses, and 12 fun traits. There are over a trillion combinations available. The artist also created 12 ultra-rare, customized NFTs for the project.

With the blend of bright colours, head-turning hues, bold patterns, and heartfelt messages, Remarkable Women NFTs are a strong sign of inclusivity, culture, women empowerment, and fashion. Each message inscribed on these beautiful digital illustrations is available in 10 moving languages. These include Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Spanish, German, and more!

Remarkable Women NFT has received tremendous support for driving the core concept of women’s representation in art, fashion, culture, workplace, and everything else about girl power. House of First has given its platform to over 250 men, women, non-binary friends, allies, crypto enthusiasts, etc., to be the core members of this NFT project.

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Important Dates On The Remarkable Women NFT Calender

The genesis supporter pre-mint launch with 5 first supporters took place on 9th February at 9 AM EST. It ran for 12 hours at 0.03 ETH each, giving these collectors a chance to mint 10 per wallet transaction.

Remarkable Women Mint Price

On 10th February at 10 AM EST, the early mint was for all exclusive Remarkable Women NFT community members with special access through contests and giveaways through Twitter and Discord! Here, each minter had received a 10% discount as a token of thanks for their initial support!

Finally, Phase 3’s public minting and the official launch took place on 10th February at 2:00 PM EST. The remaining of these House of First’s NFTs were available to all enthusiasts for 0.04 ETH.

A Roadmap To Uphold Women Empowerment: Remarkable Women NFT

Remarkable Women NFT Floor Price

With Remarkable Women NFT project, Winter aims to build a safe and powerful community for women, encouraging boldness, unforgettable impressions, and cultural mingling.

The Remarkable event’s roadmap began with an exclusive women’s day event on 8th March 2022. It took place in Los Angeles with several well-known influencers, empowering women, celebrities, community members, and more! The team also announced more scheduled events! The SXSW event is on 13th March in Austin, Social Innovation Summit is on 7th to 8th June in Washington DC, and is from 30th June to 23rd July.

The team’s post-launch events planning includes Merchandise & Fashion’s first line release. The team aims to promote the Remarkable Women brand and make every holder look dazzling and chic in the Metaverse and real life!

The Remarkable Women NFT core team also plans to launch educational access towards NFTs, Web3, cryptocurrency, and the Metaverse curriculum. There will be full support from the community members, proper curriculum tools, and educational resources for more enthusiasts to be well-versed with digital currency.

These will include virtual classes, real-life engaging learning experiences, cross-platform educational content, mentorship opportunities, and even academic certifications for future employment access! The team has plans to collaborate with well-established NFT brands and project employers looking to hire fresh faces beaming with new ideas!

The Remarkable Women NFT project’s purpose is to uplift, include, and represent men, women, non-binary folks, and everyone from all cultures. Post-launch, 10% of the drop-proceedings were for the Fund for Women’s Equality, a dedicated partner of the project. The team also adds 10% of all secondary sales to the Remarkable Women’s Impact Fund. And you, as part of the community, can decide by vote on the cause it goes towards!

Remarkable Women NFTs Rarity

To buy a profitable Remarkable Women nft, look at its rarity. According to rarity. tools, Remarkable Women #5094 holds the first rank with the Remarkable Women NFT Rarity lists. Next, the ever-affable Remarkable Women #1761 takes the 2nd rank spot. As for the 3rd rank, it rightfully belongs to Remarkable Women #277 NFT.

Remarkable Women NFTs Sales Statistics 2022

Remarkable Women NFT Floor Price

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Remarkable Women NFT Mint Price And Current Floor Price

The Remarkable Women NFT floor price on 9th March is 0.069 ETH, and the mint price is 0.04 ETH.

Volume Of Sales

According to the official Remarkable Women NFT OpenSea, the volume of sales on 9th March is 460 ETH.

Remarkable Women NFT Price Prediction

With various charity events, cultural gatherings, Metaverse fashion-wear, educational opportunities, and employment benefits from big brands, the Remarkable Women NFT price is geared towards a profitable future! By being a part of this project, you can expect the best experience within the NFT sphere.

How To Buy Remarkable Women NFT?

Since all the 6,000 NFTs have sold out, you can check out the secondary listing on the Remarkable Women NFT OpenSea page. Connect your wallet and buy or bid on the nft you like.


Rachael Winter’s Remarkable Women NFTs is truly a much-needed inclusive experience for NFT enthusiasts. With powerful and moving portrayals of strong, unbothered women, vibrant in inspirational quotes with lasting effects, these artworks have set the bar high for NFTs for a cause. So are you ready to empower the world?

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