NFT Projects : What Are The Different Types Of NFT Projects ? Find Here !

10 Best Upcoming NFT Projects To Watch In 2022

An NFT Project Drop refers to the time, date, and method a project releases its digital art. Moreover, the NFT Projects gets generally divided into presale and public sales. Buying an NFT in the pre-sale project drop is offered only to the whitelist members. Whitelist gets only offered to selected people who either win it in giveaways or by staying active on discord channels.

The benefit of the Whitelist is that the users can mint early and at a low gas fee. On the other hand, the public sale can have high gas fees, and if the NFT project is big, then it becomes difficult to mint as most of them will sell out immediately. Also, a public sale gets generally conducted within 1 or 2 days after the presale mint. An NFT Project’s public sale can have different methods of releasing the NFTs such as:

  • Standard Nft Projects: These are the most common types of NFT Projects in which there is a fixed price for minting. For instance, a collection gets launched of 7,777 NFTs, and the mint price is set to 0.1 ETH.


  • Open Editions NFT Project: In this sale, the number of NFTs is decided by the amount of NFTs minted within a specific time limit. For instance, if 6,000 NFTs get minted from an NFT Project collection of 10,000 in a 5-minute window, then the remaining 4,000 will be burned, and 6,000 will be the final amount of the collection.


  • English Auctions NFT Project: In an English auction, the buyer who bids the highest price within the time limit gets the NFT project. This type of auction is common for a single NFT rather than a whole collection.


  • Dutch Auctions NFT Project: In a dutch auction the maximum price limit of an NFT is set by the creators. Moreover, the NFT project’s price will continue to drop until the NFT is purchased. For example, an NFT with a dutch auction format is initially priced at 2 ETH and will continue to drop, until at 1 ETH someone purchases it.

How To Find Good NFT Projects ? Right Methods For Finding Upcoming NFTs

How To Find Good NFT Projects ? Right Methods For Finding Upcoming NFTs

NFT collectors and traders strive to find NFT upcoming NFTs early so that they can follow them closely to predict their success. Joining a project early can also help you win a Whitelist spot (opportunity to mint in presale). NFT projects use a wide range of social media channels to disclose information about their collection as well as to build a community. 

You can follow the project’s social pages and keep up with its progress such as website launches, trailers, giveaways, collaborations, etc. Moreover, a high amount of followers on social media accounts helps the project succeed. 

How To Find A Profitable Upcoming NFT Project

Finding the right NFT Projects can be difficult from the huge assortment of Newest NFT projects released nowadays. You can follow an upcoming well-established project and look at its new collaborations or explore Twitter to look for high-quality artwork.

Explore Upcoming NFT Projects On Social Media

There are tons of social media accounts, but Twitter and Discord are the primary platforms for NFT projects. Twitter is mainly used for disclosing Upcoming NFT information and giveaways, and discord is where users can connect with the community plus with the team of the project. Also, the NFT project Owners host a ton of activities for their community on discord such as games and quizzes to offer whitelist spots. Instagram and Facebook are the secondary platforms where projects commonly share their NFT pictures and sneak-peeks. Nowadays, Instagram is also used for giving away whitelist spots.

Find NFT Projects Upcoming On NFT Marketplaces

NFT Marketplaces are platforms for projects to showcase all the NFTs in their collection. Most NFTs projects verify on the marketplace which ensures legitimacy and fewer chances of buying from a scam account.

Moreover, NFT marketplaces provide a platform for users to buy and sell NFTs. Each NFT project has an account in a marketplace that will allow users to view all the NFTs in the collection, along with their details such as price, transaction history, traits, bid offers, and more. Also, some projects have their own marketplace on their official website, but most Upcoming NFT projects use third-party marketplaces such as Opensea, Crypto.Com, Rarible, etc

Opensea  – The Largest NFT Marketplace For Finding Newest NFT Projects

OpenSea is the biggest NFT marketplace with digital assets ranging from art to music and domain names. Moreover, OpenSea currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn blockchains, along with crypto wallets such as Metamask, Coinbase, WalletConnect, and Fortmatic.

OpenSea also has a stats section where users can see the ranking and sales activity. Users can click on the explore section and find NFT collections as well as works of individual artists. Also, OpenSea has a one-time fee to be paid by users just for the first time to grant transaction permissions. The marketplace takes a 2.5% fee at each and every transaction that takes place on OpenSea. Best Marketplace To Find The Top Upcoming NFTs In 2022 is a marketplace that contains a range of top upcoming NFTs collectibles. Moreover, holds collections of highly-curated NFTs created by popular brands and artists such as Aston Martin F1, Travis Ragsdale, and Snoop Dogg.

NFTs on come with different levels of rarity based upon how many editions get minted (Less number = rarer). The marketplace supports the Ethereum blockchain and has two-factor authentication. Also on, there is an Upcoming NFT Projects section that displays the ended, ongoing, and upcoming NFT projects. Furthermore, the platform supports payment via credit/debit card and wallets such as Metamask or App.

Rarible: NFT Marketplace For Latest NFT Projects On Ethereum

Rarible is a popular marketplace that has an Explore section to find upcoming NFTs and an activity section to examine the sales statistics. Rarible currently supports Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow.

Also, Rarible offers different features such as multiple editions NFTs, as well as timed auctions, and personalized activity feed. Moreover, the marketplace charges a 2.5% fee per transaction and supports wallets like RainbowWallet, Trust Wallet, MetaMask, and more.

Others NFT Marketplaces For Finding NFT Projects Upcoming


SuperRare: This marketplace contains some of the rarest 1/1 NFTs. All the Upcoming NFTs in the SuperRare marketplace are submitted by curated artists.

Nifty Gateway: Nifty Gateway is notorious for its high-priced and valued NFTS. Users can purchase using crypto as well as Fiat currency.

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Minting NFT Projects From A Drop: What To Avoid?

Below are the important points to note before buying an NFT Project on its public sale/drop.

Never Buy A Upcoming NFT Project Without Proper Research.

Research is important if you are about to mint an NFT. Nowadays, most recent NFT projects have the same pattern of NFT drop that users can follow and research on their own. It starts with

Twitter: Most NFT projects first create their Twitter account. Here you can research the artwork, if the team is doxed, look at the sneak peeks, collaborations, etc.

Discord: Discord gets generally opened after the Twitter account, and users can find information such as the number of NFTs, number of whitelists, or official links. Moreover, you can also ask questions about the project directly from the moderators or admins.
Website: The website contains information such as a detailed roadmap, utility, artwork, mint details, and mint options.

Don’t Fall For Scammers Selling Fake NFT Projects


Phishing/Fake Sites Scam: This is a common type of scam in which fake websites are made that look identical to a project’s official page. If a user clicks on these fake websites and mints an NFT, their money’s gone. The main difference is that the URL or domain name of the fake website will not be identical to the official one. Therefore, it is necessary to always check the link of the page and ensure it is the official page of a project.

Direct Messages: NFT projects use discord to offer a platform to their community to engage with each other. Sometimes, users get direct messages (DM) about a special offer or exclusive sale. An NFT project will never send direct messages to its members, and it is advised to close discord DM before entering a project. Moreover, this type of scam is also increasing in social media channels.

Fake Brand:– In this, scammers create a fake/counterfeit NFT of a famous brand. The NFTs will look similar to an official brand and are listed on different marketplaces. Therefore, it is advised to check the brand name before buying an NFT.

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NFT Project Out Of Your Budget? Let It Go!

Sometimes, if you are about to mint an NFT or even if you get a presale opportunity, then investing all your savings is not an advisable option. This is because the NFT market is volatile, and you should only invest an amount that you are prepared to lose.

There are a ton of Upcoming NFT drops launched every week, and even if you lose one opportunity to buy, others will come. Rushing into the NFT space with all the savings may lead to losing money. 

Found An Affordable NFT Project? Don’t hurry!

After the success of Bored Ape Yacht Club, there were many similar-looking NFT projects introduced for a cheaper value that did not sell well. Moreover, there are many low-cost NFT projects introduced that may not be able to keep their promise. A low-priced NFT project should be avoided if you have not done proper research.

Most New NFT projects that seem affordable will not see an increase in value in the future because they will be unable to market their NFTs. Consequently, the NFT projects will not see a rise in demand and will be of no value to the holder. But you can get a low-cost NFT if you have done your research and feel the project has potential. 


Free NFT Projects : How To Find Free Upcoming NFT Projects Explained !


Free NFT Projects How To Find Free Upcoming NFT Projects ExplainedThere are free NFT Projects users can win from Twitter, Discord, and other social media channels. Upcoming projects collaborate with other projects to give away free NFTs or whitelist sports. Their usual requirements are to follow, like, retweet, and tag 3 friends in a post for a chance to win a drop.

Instagram and Facebook are also being used for giving away free NFT drops. Furthermore, free airdrops are even given to random NFT holders of a collection by the project team members. It is always advised to take part in a giveaway by the official Twitter, Discord account of the NFT Projects.

Preparing For An Upcoming NFT Project? Always do your research!

The number of NFT projects are constantly rising over the past few months, and now new collections are dropping every day. Minting the first NFT may seem exciting, but there are certain things to check in order to ensure your money is safe. It is important to research all about a project on different social media, the type of drop, mint details, and more. Also, newcomers are advised to set up their crypto wallet a week before the mint date and transfer funds for the mint plus some gas fee to avoid any delays while buying.

Moreover, Twitter, NFT marketplaces, and podcasts are efficient methods for finding good upcoming NFT projects. After finding the project, it is necessary to analyze its details to ensure it is not a rug-pull or a brand scam. Being prudent with your savings and only choosing the right NFT project is vital to ensure you don’t lose money and make a profit. 

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