Searching for the Best NFT Course Online for Beginners in 2022?. Since NFTs are expected to grow, it is imperative that there are learning avenues for the absolute beginners in the world. NFTs are primarily art, collectibles, properties, and games over the web 3.0.

NFTs are a great entry space for enthusiasts, artists (photographers/painters/digital artists, etc.), traders, and collectors. Since the Non-Fungible Tokens are going to be a part of our lives, it is worth investing in the education of the same. Let’s learn more about the Best NFT courses for beginners in 2022 which you can attend online.  

The Best Online NFT Course For Beginners Overview

Best NFT Courses Online For Beginners 2022


NFTs may sound simple, but it is a complicated world. The market is very volatile. There’s risk involved, and without proper education, it isn’t a risk worth taking. Since the world is web 3.0, there are a variety of different courses, certifications, and even diplomas on the subject across the web. The NFT courses are grouped by the level of the learner. 

Online NFT courses for beginners are available across several websites. The list includes specialized NFT websites like NFT Ninja, as well as common learning and content platforms like Udemy and YouTube. While YouTube mostly provides free NFT learning, the NFT courses on NFT Ninja and Udemy carry a nominal charge. As is the case, specialized websites offer more in-depth education with several more benefits than common learning apps and websites.

To help you make an informed choice while deep-diving into the world of NFTs, we are presenting a blog on the best NFT courses for beginners in 2022. These courses are well-curated, and rated in the order of their value, from top to bottom. Let’s learn about What are NFTs and their basics, with these five great NFT courses catering at the grassroots level, in terms of knowledge at the beginning of the course. 

Top 5 NFT Courses For Complete Beginners In 2022

As you browse through the world of online NFT courses, it’s easy to get confused. You can decide easier for yourself by identifying key aspects of education. These are the website reliability and trust score, the educator/s professional background and qualifications, the quality of the curriculum, and the future benefits. Let’s evaluate the best NFT courses for beginners in 2022 to help you get started in the search for the best NFT course.

1) NFT Ninja Module: Best Beginner Level NFT Course Modules

NFT Ninja Module Best Beginner Level NFT Course Modules

The NFTNinja’s NFT Quick Start Course comes at a steal deal of $7. Although buy soon, as the prices can shoot skyward anytime, especially considering the quality and popularity of the course. This NFT course is designed and developed by serial entrepreneur Nick DeStefano, who has pioneered the use of the internet for making money since the late 1990s.  

The course contains:

  1. 11 Beginner Level Learning Modules on NFTs: It covers the fundamental lessons of NFTs.
  2. 11 Advanced Level Learning Modules: It provides insights into getting the best deals, free NFTs, and the application of metaverse in everyday life.
  3. NFT Flipping Strategies: This module covers profit-making strategies in a short duration, including flipping NFTs.
  4. Bonus: NFT Tools, Top NFT Marketplaces, etc. are covered in this module.

NFT Ninja isn’t only among the best NFT courses for beginners, but also offers its VIP subscription, which comes with a variety of benefits for flipping money from NFTs. The VIP Subscription is available for $49/month for a limited time, with the regular price being $99/month. Some benefits include: 

  1. NFT Buy List Recommendation with Recommended Target Price.
  2. Monthly Calendar of Big and Profitable NFT Releases.
  3. Tips to Buy NFTs at Low Price and Sell Immediately for Profit to Soar.

The course is popular among the best NFT courses for beginners and advanced users alike. 

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2) NFT Fundamentals By George Levy: Best NFT Course on Udemy For Beginners. 

NFT Fundamentals By George Levy Best NFT Course on Udemy For Beginners

The Udemy NFT course is a proper beginner-level introduction to the world of NFTs. The course syllabus includes the technical knowledge about NFTs, while understanding them and getting introduced to buying, selling, and creating NFTs. The course also talks about the NFT vocabulary and concepts unique to the domain. It is an entry ticket to the world of NFTs. It covers fundamentals and basics comprehensively. 

This course, unlike the NFT Ninja course, doesn’t take you to the money flipping methods. The course will cost you $12.99 at a discounted price, and $84.99 at full price, once the discount period is over. The course is created by George Levy, who masters training in blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency.

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3) The Complete NFT Course By Henrique Centieiro: Best NFT Course For Digital Artists. 

The Complete NFT Course By Henrique Centieiro Best NFT Course For Digital Artists

The Complete NFT Course covers the entire foundations needed in the world of NFT. The course talks about NFTs, their technology, history, and scams. There’s also considerable emphasis on the use-cases, security, investment, minting, smart contracts, and token standard ERC-721. The course then talks about cryptocurrency, blockchain, crypto wallets, Metamask, and other parts detailing the base of NFTs. 

The course is primarily aimed at digital artists, however, the blockchain enthusiasts, NFT buyers, NFT sellers, NFT creators, and NFT collectors may also find the course useful. The course costs $12.99 at a discounted price, and after the offer period, at $84.99. 

Henrique Centieiro is a blockchain project manager who is also an author. 

This is an Udemy NFT Course.

The Complete NFT Course

4) NFT Investing Masterclass By Henrique Centieiro

NFT Investing Masterclass By Henrique Centieiro

NFT Investing Masterclass focuses primarily on NFT Portfolio Management. It includes topics such as portfolio construction, money management, risk management, investment, art NFTs and marketplaces. The course also covers cybersecurity and NFTs, avoiding scams while identifying the profitable NFTs. The legality, copyrights, and ownership are also explained, while also talking about staking.

The course is priced nominally at $12.99 for the discount period before it shoots back up to $84.99. The course is designed by Henrique Centierio, who is not only a blockchain author but is also working as a blockchain project manager.

The course is available on Udemy.  

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5) The Ultimate NFT Course 2022 By Joshua George

The Ultimate NFT Course 2022 By Joshua George

The Ultimate NFT Course 2022 helps you to kick-start the journey of buying, selling, and minting NFTs. The first imprints the course leaves are on the foundations of Blockchain and NFT. It explains everything, from gas fees and buying the first NFT to discovering the big NFT projects. Selling NFTs, getting whitelisted, and avoiding scams are some of the other parts this course takes you through. This course will allow you to create NFTs from scratch, while also helping you trade NFTs on the secondary market.

Joshua George runs ClickSlice, an award-winning SEO agency from the UK. The course by Joshua is an Udemy NFT Course.

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How To Choose The Best NFT Courses For Beginners 2022?


To choose the best NFT courses online, you need to first know the reason you are undertaking a course. Once you identify, you will know which course offers the same. For example, NFT Fundamentals provides a great fundamental base, and NFT Investing Masterclass opens you up to the world of investing in depth.

The Complete NFT Course offers a great fundamental base for everything in NFT. The Ultimate NFT Course focuses on earning through NFTs via flipping and NFT creation, while also brushing through the fundamentals.

NFT Ninja course, however, has both these features, and an advanced module for learning, in case your interest develops after a beginner course. There’s also consideration of price, and whether you are looking for a certificate of completion or a diploma, etc. 

There are way too many courses on NFTs. Just like the NFTs on the metaverse. You can also research your trainer for the course. Testimonials form a large part of the online learning curriculum. The NFT courses that have better reviews, especially the video reviews, are often better. You can also learn from detailed reviews whether you will like the course. 

The Final Verdict On Best NFT Courses Online For Beginners 2022


Choosing the best online NFT courses depends on the learner’s requirements and the need for an online course. The courses listed in this blog are the cake of the courses on NFT fundamentals and investing. NFT Ninja course is the cherry on top of the cake. With lifetime access, regular updates, and a money-back guarantee, it isn’t only the cheapest but also the most valuable course you’ll ever find. The beginner, advanced, bonus, and NFT Flipping Strategies Modules help you learn more than a beginner course can offer.

Looking for Upcoming NFT Projects? Check out the Upcoming Solana NFT Projects here. 

FAQs On Choosing Your NFT Course Online 


Where Can I Learn About Nfts For Free?

To learn about NFTs for free, you can look towards the resource base of NFT websites, including their how-to’s and white papers. The fundamental lessons can be found on YouTube by searching through the videos and finding the right trainer for your need. Plenty of NFT learning and research can happen through the news, google, and Twitter. 

Why Do I Need An Nft Course Online?

You can find plenty of information about NFTs on open sources on the web. A Non-Fungigle Tokens course, however, brings you the information in the right structure and helps you build fundamental knowledge on the subject. An NFT course online will make your understanding of NFTs, the news regarding NFTs, and further research on investing and creating NFTs.

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