Best Solana NFT Marketplaces To Buy SOL NFTs October 2022

Best Solana NFT Marketplaces -Top Solana NFT Buying Websites

Are you searching for the best Solana NFT marketplace or Desiring to purchase Solana NFTs? Browse our review guide to know the top Solana NFT websites.

Solana NFT marketplaces are platforms facilitating the buying, selling, transferring, auctioning, and trading of Solana based non fungibles. Since August 2021, owing to Solana’s superior speed and gas efficiency relative to Ethereum, the trading volumes of SOL currency and Solana NFTs have witnessed a massive spurt. As of April 2022, approximately Solana NFT sales equal a staggering $2B.

Our guide will acquaint you with popular Solana NFT platforms, their distinguishing features, positives & negatives, and marketplace evaluation parameters.

The Best Solana NFT Marketplace 2022 -A Detailed Review

As NFT buffs drifted towards Solana due to its higher throughput, interoperability, composability, scalability, and liquidity, many exclusive Solana NFT websites sprung up. However, are all marketplaces on an equal footing? No.

Before we review the Solana NFT marketplaces, let’s understand their common features. Every marketplace offers a royalty program allowing creators to fix the royalty percentage. They provide NFT drops information and mint calendars too. Lastly, none charges listing charges. Continue scrolling down to get deeper insights into each marketplace.

Based on important parameters like transaction volumes, user-friendliness, service fees, and the number of collection listings, we have identified the top Solana NFT marketplaces below.

1) Magic Eden (ME) – The Leading Portal For Solana NFTs

Magic Eden (ME) The Leading NFT Emporium Atop Solana

Magic Eden is the king of Solana marketplaces, holding the majority market share in the Solana NFT realm. The skyrocketing NFT sales volumes on ME can be attributed to its active flourishing community, web3 ethos, seamless trading experience, and relentless focus on value creation

Moreover, Magic Ticket holders automatically become MagicDAO members and enjoy exclusive perks like voting & governance rights, a chance to be appointed as the Magic Eden team’s advisor, VIP experiences, de-rugging services, etc. Depending on your first transaction date on ME, you can buy/receive the OG, Degen, or Normie magic ticket.


  • 2% platform fee.
  • Eden games.
  • A promising DAO roadmap with free merch, NFT airdrops, hacker challenges, periodic AMAs, Magic Ticket physical events, feedback sessions, launchpad whitelisting, etc
  • Collection verification within 24-48 hours.
  • No exclusivity agreements.
  • White-label minting.
  • Backend support for minting, auto-listing, and outbound marketing
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure for designing strategic gameplays and in-game items
  • Dutch and English real-time auctions.
  • Magic Eden playbook guide for amateurs.
  • Supports Metaplex Certified Collection standards
  • Special tags and a 7-day toggle feature for derivative collections
  • Featured launchpad for project creators with zero technical knowledge
  • NFT watchlist.
  • Art contests with blockbuster rewards.
  • Collaborations with world-famous digital artists.
  • Collection of upvoting and in-app notifications
  • Eden hour Podcast


  • Android app in the beta-testing phase.
  • The offer price cannot be lower than 50% of the listed price.
  • Stringent project approval system for listing

Magic Eden Website:

2) Solanart – The First Full-Fledged Premier Solana Marketplace

Solanart The First Full-Fledged Premier Solana Marketplace

Solanart is a trustless premier SOL NFTs marketplace featuring 1350+ Solana NFT collections. It uses off-chain data stored in a database to display NFTs for sale on the main page. Conversely, it harnesses on-chain metrics to exhibit singular NFTs or the“My NFTs for sale” section to foster a secured and decentralized UX.

A distinctive feature of Solanart is “Global Offer,” providing liquidity to sellers without affecting a collection’s floor price. Moreover, this offer enables you to place bids on any NFT in a series. Furthermore, Solanart will soon welcome global offers on NFT traits.


  • 3% marketplace fee.
  • High-profile or premium collections like Degenerate Ape Academy, Aurory, and Solpunks.
  • Affable customer support team on Discord.
  • First marketplace with a launchpad on Solana
  • Straightforward and hassle-free trade cancellation procedures.


  • Only a handful of projects are selected for listing.
  • Request limitations on the Solana chain hinder a 100% decentralized experience.

Solanart Website:

3) Solsea – An Open Solana Marketplace For Creating NFTs With Embedded Licenses.

Solsea An Open Marketplace For Creating NFTs With Embedded Licenses

Solsea is the first open Solana NFT marketplace, enabling creators to embed copyright licenses while designing tokenized artworks. It is powered by ALL.ART protocol, facilitating integrated minting of NFTs following the SPL metadata standards. Affordable minting & listing fees payable in SOL, USDC, & USDT, rarity stats for verified collections, and public & private listings are its standout features.

Recently, Solsea introduced the Volcano launchpad for multi-stage drops, whitelisting, pre-sales, raffle mint, post-mint reveals, pool launches, multi-currency support, and credit-card-enabled minting. Moreover, Volcano ensures rug-pull prevention, copyright violations, and bot-free releases.


  • 3% transaction fee.
  • “The First 100” VR-based NFT art trading fair.
  • 11K+ listed items, including 3K+ verified NFTs.
  • NFT purchases using Fiat currencies via Moonpay or FTX Pay.
  • Fee discounts and gold listings through AART staking
  • Strategic partnership with DarkBlock for unlockable content
  • Pre-market collections for price-discovery.
  • All.ART protocol merger with Chainlink price feeds for fair pricing.
  • 3D NFT Visualizer.
  • ALL.ART decentralized swap pool for liquidity mining and creation of customized licenses based on NFT PRO standards.
  • Solsea Reborn launch.


  • The strict and time-consuming collection verification process
  • Disallows purchases of unverified collections developed outside Solsea

Solsea Website:

4) Metaplex – An Excellent Solana Platform For Constructing And Deploying Customized NFT Storefronts

Metaplex An Excellent Solana Platform For Constructing And Deploying Customized NFT Storefronts

Metaplex is an ultra-fast and nominally-priced NFT ecosystem on Solana for games, secondary marketplaces with offline merchandise, collectibles, and crypto art. Online communities opting for Metaplex thrive as it ensures tools, apps, and services work together and do not negate each other.

Supporting 95+ Solana NFT projects and 9.5M+ NFT creations, the Metaplex protocol Solana Marketplace helps Web3 creators design their own codeless storefronts sans extra charges or intermediaries. Moreover, it is an environment-friendly NFT standard powered by the Solana Labs-Metaplex strategic alliance.

Besides, Metaplex helps users mint 1/1 generative artworks, adopt blockchain art as in-game utilities, and preset royalties to create real-life value and expand the creator economy. 


  • 0% trading fee.
  • Gumdrop feature, leveraging Solana and Merkle trees for NFT airdrops to multiple whitelisted wallets without burning creators’ pockets.
  • Suitable for artists, startups, brands, influencers, non-profit organizations, and students.
  • Facilitates the creation of cross-functional virtual items.
  • Developer toolkit comprising auction house, verified collections, and Candy machine for quick project launches
  • Robust security architecture to prevent bots from manipulating sales volumes.
  • RPC infrastructure for effortless minting.
  • Street Dreams Cafe is a full-service studio.
  • Metaplex program library.


  • One-time fee for backing up minted NFTs using ArWeave.

Metaplex Website:

5) DigitalEyes – A Revolutionary Solana NFT Marketplace Platform Scrutinizing Each NFT Against Its Mint ID

DigitalEyes A Revolutionary Solana Platform Scrutinizing Each NFT Against Its Mint ID

DigitalEyes is the earliest Solana NFT marketplace, holding the record for clocking $21M in sales within four days of launch. The outstanding feature of DigitalEyes is that it has a dedicated team working 18+ hours daily to inspect NFTs against their official mint hash lists. Every authenticated token is labeled “Verifeyed,” emphasizing the double checks or “eyeing” carried out by validators.

To be designated as a “Verifeyed” series, an NFT project must meet the following criteria.

  • Minimum of 50 NFTs
  • Creator or project with a Twitter follower base exceeding 1K
  • The project’s Discord channel has 100+ members.


  • 2.5% sales commission.
  • Permission-less platform.
  • Instant trades
  • Derivative badges.
  • Comprehensive creator portal guide.
  • Marketing services – collaborations, giveaways, support, listing arrangements
  • Promotional discounts


  • The majority of the listed NFTs belong to the “art” genre.

DigitalEyes Website:

6) Alpha. art – The Best Solana Platform To Make Offers On Unlisted Collections.

Alpha. art The Best Solana Platform To Make Offers On Unlisted Collections.

Compared to other marketplaces, is a fledgling platform. Powered by Piggy DAO, Alpha. art aims to integrate numerous utility projects into its marketplace and revolutionize entrepreneurship in the NFT sphere. Moreover, it is the best Solana NFT marketplace to place bids on unlisted NFT series. 


  • Piggy Sol Gang NFT staking program to earn SOL.
  • 2% seller fee
  • The customer support portal for query handling and problem-solving
  • Token update authority for modifying banners, thumbnails, and descriptions


  • No minting supported.
  • It doesn’t list collections with royalty-sharing utilities.

Alpha. art Website:

7) Exchange. art – An Innovative Solana Marketplace With Exchange Notification NFTs

Exchange. art An Innovative Solana Marketplace With Exchange Notification NFTs Solana NFT marketplace supports independent artists and 1/1 token art. It features hand-picked, certified, known, and unknown artworks, with curated pieces undergoing maximum scrutiny regarding NFT collection sources and claims.

Moreover, has been a trailblazer in introducing notification NFTs – a coveted badge, allowing top-tier users to access specific utilities, special prizes, and visual styles. Furthermore, it lets users track transaction volumes while acquiring reputation/status. 

You must mint an NFT and complete one trade to receive exclusive offers. Based on your quarterly trading volumes, you will be positioned in basic, silver, gold, platinum, black, or diamond tiers.


  • Live auctions.
  • 2.5% service fee.
  • Communication NFT and Loyalty program.
  • Brand approvals within 24 hours.
  • The structured appeal process for rejected works
  • No purchase charges.


  • Best suited for singular NFTs, not collections.

Exchange. art Website:

How Should You Spot The Best Solana NFT Marketplace?

Each Solana NFT marketplace has its unique strengths and limitations. While personal preferences largely drive marketplace choices, we recommend you assess a marketplace based on the following metrics before trading/minting.

  • User metrics – Daily & monthly active users, bounce rates, user churning/retention rates, and time spent on the site by users to detect usability/navigation issues.
  • Trading metrics – 24 hours/7-day/30-day/all-time trading volumes, average transaction value, trending collections.
  • Other metrics – Marketplace fees, value-added features, number of branded/verified collections listed, privacy policy, collection validation mechanism, scam protection measures.

Based On The Evaluation Parameters, Which Is The Best Solana NFT Website?

Marketplace fee-wise and all-time sales volume-wise, Metaplex wins. Moreover, it is the “Shopify” of the NFTverse with advanced personalized storefront development tools. DigitalEyes is top-notch for finding authentic Solana NFT collections, while Solsea is the sole option for making NFTs with built-in copyright protections. Concerning all other metrics, Magic Eden is the best Solana NFT website, followed by Solanart. However, no Solana marketplace is 100% fraud-proof. Hence, trade with caution.


1) Which Marketplaces Use Solana?

All of the above. Other well-known marketplaces using Solana are Supadrop, Solport, Artz, Milky Way, and LIQNFT.

2) Which Is The Largest Solana NFT Marketplace?

Magic Eden. However, global NFT marketplace leader OpenSea might overtake ME in the future. First Published In – Do Not Copy Our Article Without Permission.